Tao the Behemoth is a minor character to the plot of the Loki Chronicles, but is a major character in Loki, Ammy, and Susano's creation.


Khaos, Tao, & Vile

Tao had a lust for power. One night, he decided to takeover Khaos and rule all mobian-kind. He nearly got his wish, but Khaos managed to sling him back to Mobius, and almost killed him. Tao sat for hours, thinking himself to be dead, before he was found by Vile.

Vile the Leviathan had been wondering for a bit, and found his half dead carcass lying there. She brought him to her home. She healed him, and the two soon fell in love. They both had an ever growing hatred to Khaos. The two had thirteen children with this.

Current Era

Tao hardly appears. His children are major antagists in the second arc. Vile appears at the end as well, but Tao is only seen once before he is killed by Susano.


  • He has full powers over the earth.


  • Tao was made a behemoth because it is usually understood that the behemoth and leviathan are chaos monsters.
  • Despite the fact that his children should be half leviathan and half behemoth, most of them are Ziz, Behemoth, or Leviathan and show none of the other species except for the oldest, whom has DNA of each of the species.
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