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Tao Nocturnous Kovu is a light lavender fur, white muzzle colored snow fox with black oval markings, three on each side of her face and one on her forehead. Her irisis shimmers a silver color glow, and instead of white on the outter eye, it is black. Her attire consists of a religious garb of a white robe with extra long sleeves, light purple sash on the waist, light purple pants, and dons a tall black hat on her head. On the back of her robe consists of the Yin-Yang symbol to represent her clan's religion, Taoism. She wears a deep blue beaded necklace with a medium-sized fang hanging down in the middle. She is barefooted, showing also her light lavender feet with sharp, black claws extending outwards.


Tao's personality is mostly a stern and more of a serious kind due to her strict teachings from her father and clan leader, but she is mainly calm and content. She has been taught under his rule to only become strong and strive for power for herself. She's been leading into a strict path, showing no fear or any regret when it comes to eradicating demons, or anyone that is her enemy. She even shows no remorse to anyone, not even her own clansmen when they gotten killed or gets killed by her. She fears nothing of any sort, except for the sight of blood which she will never tell to anyone. She even enjoys playing her flute to the cherry blossoms whenever she is not in training to be 'one with nature'. Her expression doesn't change, showing an expressionless, and neutral facade of no emotion. Tao is known to get very irritated easily when it comes to ignorance from others, or when she sees happy people she thinks that 'kindness is a mask that shows deception to all who believes' because of a 'friend' that tried to win her trust and friendship ended up trying to kill her for the title. Ever since the siege of her clan, she fled away to prevent herself getting killed by that same 'friend', now leading into her own path to get even more stronger for her revenge.


Early Years

Tao is a Nocturnous Kovu that is born from Alastar Nocturnous Kovu, clan leader, and Gabriel Nocturnous Kovu. As a little kit, she didn't know anything about the strict laws of her clan and religion. Of course being a small child, she was a bit playful and was always being scolded from her parents and clansmen. At age 5, her father brought her over to the clan's academy to learn the teachings with both the Nocturnous and the Solaris Kovu clans. She grew to realize that they're might be any enemies who will decieve anyone who acts kind to them. She turn to her father and for advice and wanted him to teach her. At age 7, she became more knowledgeable with a high IQ of 105. She also gotten more mature than any other Kovu clan member there is, and also became more wary to those who will try to decieve her.

Strict Religion

At the age of ten, Tao is old enough to learn the Kovu Clan's religion: Taoism. Her father wanted her to become a strong and mighty Spiritualist and Exorcism of getting rid of demons. Years went by as her learning to the religion became more strict and painful, her father wanted her to find her spirit animal. The journey to the animal sprit world took her about a year in the spirit world (less than a week on earth) and Tao was searching thick and thin to locate her spirit animal. She spotted a silver wolf in front of her, almost about six feet tall and nine feet in length, telling her that the master doesn't choose the spirit, the spirit chooses the master. Teh wolf made an oath to her to never leave her side and to always protect her from any harm. After the oath was made, Tao was trained to become an Exorcist, expelling demons into their realm of which they call 'The Abhoring'. It took five harsh months to become a full fledge demon eradicator, when others trained for a year. Tao is a very gifted person as one told to someone from the Solaris.

Late Teen Years

At the age of 15, she became well-known throughout the two sides of the Kovu clan. Abruptly, a Solaris Kovu clansman came to greet her. Upon meeting the Solaris Kovu person, who is named Xathis, she became well aware of her surroundsings when she is around Tao. Tao got to know Xanthis fo rthe past month and quickly became her first friend. The two of them teamed up to get rid of demons, and exchanging spells for each others advantages. Tao felt very relieved to be able to recieve an ally to get the job and missions done in record time. One night, Tao had a dream about Xanthis attacking the Kovu clan, killing off villagers and using the elements to destroy the clan. Tao went to Xanthis to ask about the nightmare she had, but Xanthis told her that she would never do such a thing. Tao might've thought that the dream she had was telling her of the upcoming future, but she decided to let it slide and gave trust to Xanthis. Upon their 16th birthday, the leader of the Kovu clan announced for the new clan member to take the place on their 18th birthday. Tao might thought Xanthis be the one to take the title because of her hard work and steadfast attitude. But the clan leader chose Tao. After the ceremony, Xanthis went to congratulate her upon the selection to be the next Kovu clan leader, but turned away and fled with tears falling off of her face.

Clan Under Siege

Tao hasn't seen Xanthis in a few months after the Ceremony of Selection. Tao became worried if Xanthis is okay since she fled away from her after the ceremony. She went on a mission to slay a possessed creature, setting the demon spirit to 'The Abhoring' in a matter of second without harming the animal. Just seconds before she was about to head back to her village, she got hit by a kunai knive to the arm from an unknown person wearing a fox mask to coneal his/her identity. The figure fled to the right, which leads to the village. Tao braced herself as she watched in horror when she entered to her slaughtered clan. Her fear of bloodshed and blood alone caused her to panic. The figure mysteriously went in frotn of Tao with a wicked laughter that seem to spark Tao's memory. She knew that laughter from anyone: Xanthis. Xanthis unmasked herself, showing her bright ruby eyes that are staring down at her. Tao asked why she would ever kill her own clansmen. Xanthis stated that Tao took the title of Clan Leader before her, making her jealous because of her abilities and fast pacing knowledge. Tao ran off as Xanthis was about to kill her, but with Tao's super speed that passes Xanthis, she managed to escape in time. Now Tao has realized that since she bacame friends with a traitor, she grew to herself disliking the word 'friends'. She now vows to strive for more power in her endevour to eradicate Xanthis alone, shunning anyone who wants to become Tao's ally.


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Tao Noctunous Kovu has several known weaknesses:

  • Her main weakness is the sight of blood. Ever since her departure, she was scarred to see many of her clansmen being murdered in front of her.
  • Chaos: This is the only technique her clan never taught her, which is forbidden to use. In her clan, they say that Chaos will corrupt the Spiritualist's soul and become tainted.
  • If she is meditating, she can become an easy target to incomming attacks and/or foes.
  • Being separated away from her wolf spirit will leave her open to attacks, and also making her having a disadvantege. Her wolf spirit protects her from harm.
  • Darkness: Also another technique her clan never taught her. She relies on the moon when it is night time, sheilding off the darkness to create light for her to see everything around her. Darkness is also the same with Chaos being first.






  • Master (From her Wolf Spirit)
  • Your Heiress (From her clan, becoming the next leader of the Nocturnous Kovu clan)


  • "Flutter in the breeze, falling upon the tailwinds, gleefully dancing." (Her haiku, explaining how the cherry blossom petals fall from the wind)
  • "Kindness is a mask that shows deception to all who believes." (Disgusted to anyone who shows kindness to her or anybody she sees)
  • "Thine trecherous soul, I condemn thee to hell!!!"' (When getting rid of a demon)
  • "Element of thee, I summon you forth!!!" (Choosing an element to use)


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