Tanya Binler was a tactician that formerly served with G.U.N., before defecting to the mysterious group known as The Fallen, which lead to her eventual execution at the hands of the leader of the group.

Tanya Binler

Biographical Information
Age35 (Deceased)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Scales: Yellow, w/ a distinct lighter patch in a "muzzle" shape, & grey detailing (horns & streaks)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
Casual Attire
  • Black jacket
  • Forest green shirt
  • Royal blue jeans
  • Forest green canvas shoes
  • Forest green bodysuit, visible in armor gaps.
  • Royal blue armor, including helmet, breastplate, weapon belt & limb plates.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry N/A
  • Moderate command of Psychic powers
  • Basic combat - Hand to hand
  • Knowledgeable on history & tactics
  • Intuitive tactician
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

As a hedgedragon, Tanya was taller than average, with yellow scales covering her body instead of fur, with her 'muzzle' being covered in a lighter tone of yellow scales. She also sported a long tail, lined with gray spikes along her spine, and a pair of broad wings, plus two grey horns on her head. However, she did have hair - a black bob-cut adorned her head, while her blue eyes had an almost hypnotic tone.


While off-duty, Tanya dressed comfortably, usually in a brown jacket with a green shirt, royal blue jeans and forest green canvas shoes. However, when in armor, she wore a forest green bodysuit, then her royal blue armor on top of that, the more modern style of G.U.N body armor, despite the fact that she was a tactician, and as such was normally desk-bound.


Early Life

Tanya was born in the heartland of G.U.N. power - Central City itself. For her parents, the birth of the young hedgedragon into the Binler family, which already had three children, was exciting, as the family always marveled at the strengths of their children in their area of expertise and elemental control. The discovery of Tanya's psychic powers was another area of surprise and happiness - it was unique amongst the children in the family. But, soon after she started preschool, her parents and teachers noticed that her power was substandard, compared to each of her siblings at her age. It wasn't strong and constant, but waxed and waned, rarely staying at peak for an extended period of time. In order to improve this, her parents started spending even more money on tuition, but to little effect - Tanya was never going to equal her siblings.

Schooling & Employment

However, not all was lost. Despite the fact that her psychic powers would refuse to stay constant, and her teachers suggesting that enhancing tattoos were the only way to boost her power, Tanya possessed a keen intellect, with a passion for history, especially military tactics. Throughout school, she kept high marks, with history being her best subject. On top of that, she focused on the Acorn Kingdom, and the tactics used by it's military. At 18 she was accepted into a university, doing a history course, where her focus on the Acorn Kingdom's tactics and strategies made her top of her class. That caught the eye of G.U.N command, who immediately hired the 21-year-old as a tactician in their home base, providing analysis and advice for battlefield commanders and tacticians, with a chance she may receive that role herself. To go with this, she was given rudimentary training in hand-to-hand combat, and so she became one of the op center analysts.

Meeting The Darkness

However, after fourteen years of desk work, with limited reprieves and no chance of getting a combat assignment, Tanya became bored. There wasn't much happening in her life, and even the analysis of other's tactics offered little excitement - after fourteen years, there was very little that she hadn't seen or analyzed. So, one night, sitting in a bar, hoping to attract the eye of a potential suitor, she caught the eye of a dark figure, a being whose powers were so widespread and intense, they seemed to burn through his presence. The figure introduced himself as The Darkness, and asked her if she was interested in becoming a battlefield tactician for his organization - he had the means to boost her powers to greater than she could imagine, and all she had to do was plan a mission for him. Intrigued, she accepted, to which the being produced a envelope, containing all the information she needed. She returned to her flat and opened it, with details about an old abandoned silver mine, and the target, codenamed "Behemoth", who was hiding within the mine and slaying the dragons who dwelled in it's lower reaches, aiming to reopen the mine for his own profit, and was guarded by a force of private security soldiers. On her side, she had four squads of trained soldiers, with nothing mentioned as to which side they were on, or who trained them. Within two days, she finished her plan, and contacted The Darkness using a number that he left her. He told her to come to a nearby military airbase, so she could brief the commander of the mission.

Unwanted Problems

As she arrived at the airbase, The Darkness revealed that the squads were on-board a plane, and that they were awaiting the battlefield tactician - her. Despite wearing her dark armor, Tanya protested, but when the being reminded her of the plight of the dragons, she agreed to lead the force. After a four hour flight, the team arrived outside the compound, and followed the plan, eliminating the targets guarding the gate, before descending into the mine. However, when she reached the floor "Behemoth" was on, she was astonished to see her father's security teams on the floor, defending something. Hanging back and letting the soldiers deal with the enemy, she was then confronted by "Behemoth". The two struggled for a while, before her target revealed himself to be her father. Stunned and sickened by that fact, she asked why he was killing dragons, only for him to point out that he was here to protect them, that this was a conservation site, and as a biologist, he had to research and protect the majestic beasts. Silently, Tanya let him escape, but one of the soldiers noticed that. When they returned to the plane, it flew to an island in the middle of the ocean, one that G.U.N. believed unoccupied. To Tanya's shock, it had a city on it.


As she disembarked the plane, The Darkness emerged, and asked her what she felt of his city. When she couldn't respond, he asked her why she failed her task. She pointed out that it was her father, but the being simply laughed and said that the test was of her loyalty to him. If a being desired power, they should be able to give up everything for it. She wanted to be stronger than her siblings, so the death of a family member to become one of his people, one of The Fallen that served him, should be a worthy sacrifice. With that, Tanya was handcuffed and lead onto an execution platform, where The Darkness himself announced her crimes to his army - a mixture of those who fell to his offers of power, and those he resurrected with the souls of those who failed his test. The crowd roared for her death, and so, The Darkness tapped into his incredible power, and incinerated Tanya's body over his 'pit of souls', transferring her essence into the deceased body of a corrupted and altered clone of Princess Elise of Soleanna.


Due to her apparent betrayal of her family, Tanya wasn't farewelled as a member of the family and as such, never had a memorial set up for her, her father claiming that by betraying him, she betrayed everything the family stood for, and essentially disowned her.


Tanya's primary strength in combat was her ability to assess and form tactics at lightning speed, due to her study of historical tactic. This served her well both in personal combat, and in tactical guidance. For her own combat abilities, aside for her ability to use Battle Meditation when close to a battlefield, her psychic powers didn't really pack a punch. As such, she used them more for breaking an enemy's attack, then countering with elementless attacks. This meant that users of Chaos Powers could easily cancel out her Psychic powers, while a good physical combatant could counter her physical strikes, then overpower her.

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Tanya was always a conflicted girl. She swallowed up propaganda and was incredibly sure in what she knew, often arguing fervently with anyone who disagreed with her. She was also completely sure that anything she researched and looked into was completely true, despite some of her sources being proven to be false. However, she was constantly dogged down by self-doubt, and the belief that she was a chronic and persistent failure. To manage that, she was on some mood-altering medication for a while, but weaned herself off regularly.

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