Tangled Troubles is the sixth graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee.

Plot summary

The gang finally escapes from the village and finds an opalescent building. They meet Suzy, who is a glowing ball of energy and Zedd, who is in charge of the retreat. They agree to help Jedd for the time being. They also find a girl who has been living in the lower flat, who usually spends her time in the dark. She seems withdrawn and dosen't seem to like them.

Unfortunatley, they find that Lerich is nearby. Irrika chases Tails and Cream down, and torches the room. They all flee from the room, but find that they left Knuckles behind, and they assume he was killed.

The next day, when Zedd thinks that Sonic and Co. were responsible, they try to prove they were innocent, when Knuckles makes a surprise reappearance and the seem to be happy that he is still alive. Meanwhile, Lerich seems frustrated that none of them had gotten killed, and manipulates Doren into doing his dirty work; he convinces her by playing with her emotions.

Later that night, Doren says she wants to talk to Tails. She apologizes for being standoffish and even cold. The moonlight hits Doren, and she grows markings on her body and tentacles sprout out of her back, which she tries to strangle Tails with.

The gang hears Tails' cries for help and rush to the scene. They find Tails entangled in Doren's tentacles. They try to save him, but get entangled as well. Just as it seems it's the end, Suzy floats by and tells Doren the real reason she's strangling them; because she is insecure, which she realized, led her to be manipulated by Lerich.

Doren is subdued by Suzy's words, and she is then strangled by her own tentacles.

The gang gets news that there is another fire in the building, which Jedd immediatley accuses them of. As the building is aflame, Doren helps them escape, but afterwards, she weakens and disentigrates. Mezz is trapped in the building and killed, as the gang stowaways in Lerich's truck.


Doren: [being strangled with her own tentacle] I'm...not normal.
Tails: Do you think we're any more normal?
Doren: But I'm just a freak! I'm worthless!
Knuckles: So, then make something out of yourself.
Doren: Impossible, [coughs]... I don't have great abilities such as yours.
Amy: You shouldn't really try to copy others.

(more to come)


  • Doren is seen cutting herself multiple times throughout the book. The walls in the room she stays in also have some bloody fingerprints on it.

Chronological Info

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