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Not much is known about Tamaru's life before she joined the Ono family. What is known, however, is that she and her twin sister Tamari were found as babies by two couples: the Onos and the Crays. The Crays decided they would take Tamari while Tamaru was given to the Onos.

Living At Home

Tamaru Ono is a 13-year-old fox who lives in the town of Anchors. As its name suggests, it's a harbour town which depends heavily on its fishing industry for income. Tamaru lives with her adopted parents and her adopted sister Hazel. She is too young to work in her parents' fishing factory however she is often caught sneaking around and playing down near the docks. Tamaru is currently in her first year of high school after graduating from Anchors Elementary School. She hopes to one day graduate and become an astronaut. Tamaru is very good friends with Matthew Litedale and is often seen hanging out with him.


Tamaru has a twin sister named Tamari. Both were abandoned by an unknown mother and father when they were small. While Tamaru lives with the Onos in Anchors, Tamari lives with the Crays in Fume. Both sisters are quite opposite of each other; Tamaru is very lighthearted and fun loving, while Tamari is quite dark and morbid. Both sisters were found with necklaces that reflect their personalities: the sun for Tamaru and the moon for Tamari. The sisters visit each other every once and a while but don't share much in common.

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And older pictures of Tamaru when she had blue eyes.


Tamaru has a light orange fur and brown eyes. She wears her hair in two pigtails tied back with familiar red hair ties. She rarely ever has it pulled back or down. Her favourite colour is red and tends to wear a lot of it. She always wears her sun necklace, the opposite of her twin sister's moon necklace. Tamaru never wears shoes because she finds them uncomfortable and unnecessary. This does become a problem in high school, however, and she begins to wear sandals.


Tamaru is lighthearted and loves to have fun. She can be immature but has a kind heart. She is much more like Hazel, and has just as bad as a temper but has a positive view of life. She is sometimes dependent on Hazel and is passive when around her. Tamaru can also be very aggressive at times, especially when it comes to wrestling in the mud. That is one of the few times where she isn't as kind as she is known as.

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