"Hey, so, what's up?"
Tamaki is a 13 yr old Foxbat that can control electricity.
Tamaki the Foxbat
Foxbat (part fox, part bat)
electricity powers, flight
Team Flight, friends
machinery for bad purposes, enemies
Seaside Hill

Life Story

She met Crystal while she was travelling in the Blue Ridge Zone. They found they liked a lot of the same thing. When she said that she hated her electricity powers, Crystal said "NO no no! Having electricity powers must be cool! It's okay!(I hope Threetails doesn't mind)" then they became 2 great friends.


She was born with the ability to control electricity and lightning, by an accident when she was still getting born. As a foxbat, she can also fly and hear things Crystal and the gang can't normally hear. Also, with her fox tail, she can use it as an attack. She can also ride her hoverboard, the "Purple Bolt". She can be of any formation since she is a little fast, can fly, and use her electric attacks to defend herself. She is however, of the Speed Formation the most.


She is very nice and compassionate to her friends, and never backs down from a fight. She can be nice, even though she doesn't have a team (yet). She can be a bit gullible, but only sometimes.

Board Statistics

Name: Purple Bolt

Type: Any (Bike, Air Ride AND Grind)

Description: This board is very electrifying, and is packed with a lot of secrets to help Tamaki win a race!

Attack: She hops off her board and flies along the track, paralyzing anyone she passes.

Attire: See right.


Hey, so, what's up?-when on an adventure

Wow, that's nothing!-when passing someone in a race

I'll have my power win the race!-before starting a race

YES! Electri-perfect!-when winning a race

Ohh, guess I didn't practice enough-when losing a race

Here we go! Hiiiii-yah!-When initiating Gravity Dive

Yeah! Cool!-When bouncing off something in Gravity Dive



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