Tamaco 2
Fur: Dry, dull yellow

Hair: Same but with gradient browns, orange, and pink dyed in.

Eyes: Bright lemonade pink

Skin: Tanned
Pale pink tanktop

Black puff shorts with pearled chains

Neon pink ribbon around her neck with purple gem

Dark purple wrist-sleeve

Blue, orange, purple, green, pink, and black and white wrist-sleeve

Big heart earring

A pink star-flower hair ornament

Cyan kneesocks

Red heels with thick bottom
Small throwing knives/switchblades (though she rarely relies on them)
While she does not particularly enjoy it she can rely on dance fighting

Hedgehog things

Very strong legs and feet

Tamaco (or Tama by friends) is a Hedgehog girl fascinated by the Ganguro style. Ganguro is a term for girls, often popular by Asians involving deeply tanned skin, white makeup and very colorful clothing and or hair.

A lot of people missread or misenterperate how Ganguro works, which led to her being semi-teased during her younger years but Tamaco doesn't really mind it anymore! She encourages others to try it also, be it for para dancing at the clubs or just dressing up. She tries to encourage others to embrace their unique sides.

She also seems to like the japanese culture, considering Ganguro mostly comes from that.

Personal Information

  • Name: Tamaco "Tama" Chan.
  • Species: hedgehog
  • Age: 17
  • Residence: A cheap apartment
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Single, has dated though.
  • Height, Weight: She's taller then Amy Rose but similar frame
  • Birthplace: A town near Station Square
  • Family: Two younger twin siblings named Mami and Muku and an older sister she lost contact with
  • Alignment: Hero
  • Her type of love interest: Tamaco is into bad boy types, or just those who enjoy having fun but aren't totally reckless.

Weapons and items

Tamaco isn't much on fighting or violence in general, but she's learned how to small knives at best. She has admitted to finding pleasure in kicking people while wearing her heels for some reason. Tamaco also has been able to actually defend herself just by a form of dancing that helps her move around very easily.

She isn't the dance fighter type but if its the only resort...


  • Hedgehog things like spindashing or curling up
  • Strong legs/feet
  • Dance fighting
  • Small knife user


  • Tamaco does not rely heavily on appearence, but she gets very upset if someone manages to ruin something. Like her hair, which she works hard on when it comes to styling and coloring
  • Weak punches/arms
  • Her speed is slightly slowed down because of her shoes. Though over time she has managed to better this.
  • She does not particularly enjoy fighting and doesn't often use it. Passive nature, somewhat.
  • The fact she only barely knows how to use pocket knives in a fight...
  • She barely sleeps


Tamaco's exact fur color is unknown, she looks to be a yellow hedgehog he also has a lot of tan skin showing, at her chest, arms, hands, legs, and feet, and also muzzle and inside of her ears. Her eyes are bright, lemonade pink. Tamaco wears white eyeshadow, lipstick, and 3 dot spots between her eyes. Under both eyes she also has hot pink lines and an upside down purple triangle.

Tamaco has multiple spiked, messy bangs with the most middle, big one and the right sides ones being brown-orange and caramel colored, while she has a spiked messy, very short ponytail and long tail length messy hair with light orange and pink coloring.

As said, Tamaco dresses very colorfully. Her common attire consist of a loose, off the shoulders light pink top with a white etched flower on the bottom, black puff shorts with a chain on both sides, blue kneesocks with red platform-like sandles with heels that strap over her toe and ankle. On her neck is a neon purple-pink ribbon with bright purple gem in the center, on her right wrist is a bright purple armband, while on the left is a multi-colored one, a single heart earring in her right ear, and a beach flower worn by her left ear.


A fun loving girl, Tamaco is the type who only wants to have fun and party. She isn't into the dangerous aspects of this though, and does not drink or do anything illegal. Possibly due to what she likes and loves, Tamaco is unjudging and seems to generally like just about everyone! When she writes anything, she always includes cute emoticon like things ( :3 <- her favorite)

Tamaco is friendly, but the moment someone harasses her or taunts her she can quickly become harsh and nasty with her words. To the point of sounding violent.

Tamaco enjoys basically anything, bad or good. She's just living, loving, and waiting for more friends or a possible boyfriend to arrive.


  • Anything colorful (Art, scenery, cloths, a paint swatch...)
  • Rainbows
  • Loud Music
  • Dancing
  • Night clubs/Raves
  • Eating


  • Boring people/nerds
  • Reading
  • Work
  • Non colorful things
  • jerks who harass others for being different



  • When meeting someone new Tamaco is generally friendly to them. Maybe even a bit hyper.
  • If someone admitted to liking her, she'd probably latch onto them in a big hug.
  • When she knows someone better she often invites them to come have fun with her.
  • If someone dislikes her, she harshly comments on them in response.
  • When a new person joins she suggest a party!
  • Her usualy mood is always perky or smiling.


  • Favorite foods: Candy, cookies, popsicles
  • Hated foods: Meat, bland tea, coffee unless it has a LOT of sugar in it
  • Favorite Color(s): She likes all colors unless its a single solid, in which its boring.



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