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Talosium is a type of metal. It's said to be the hottest metal in the universe. Even though Talosium is a hot metal like a lava, it can't melt, not even when reaching the maximum melting point


Add your character here, if it uses Talosium (Requirement: The character must have either weapon made of metal or must have at least one body part made of metal)

Clark the Shark (used in hook arm)

Vermuda the Shark (Used in hook arm)

Yukon the robot emperor(used in the right foot of Yukonizer)


In order the talosium's effect works, it absorbs heat from it's surroundings. It's immune to any fire-type attacks. It can burn only Humans and Mobians. Regular animals gets only little burning damages and nature and other things just gets heat from the metal.


Talosium has got it's name from the Greek myth of the iron giant called Talos. It was a giant mechanical human, which protected the island of Crete from the intruders. The ability of Talosium's ability is based onTalos' armor: Any fire type attacks only made the armor hotter. This caused it's victims to burn if they touched this giant.

Talosium is nowadays used in a vehicles, which are used for example at North pole investigations to keep explorers warm and it's planned to use to make a rocket, which is targeted to go to sun. The rocket will include also another type of metal which is called Yukionium, which absorbs cold.

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