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Statyx: Yo. It's been a while since I've been out n' about- *sneezes, knocking a layer of dust off of his body* and with all the new fellas out there, me n' the big guy decided I needed to get re-acquainted with people.

Justin: I'm not that big - -

Statyx: Not anymore at least.

Tectonic: How mean. :C Dont insult your creator...'s fursona-

W/ Lightning

(A Yellow hedgehog with White hair is seen from a distance, arguing with an oversized chicken)

Cuoleputure: Your such a brat, you know that?!

Selenia: Look who's talking!! How dare you fight with him when I tell you not to mess with my friends!!

Statyx: Umm..... what the heck?

Cuoleputure: Just listen to me-*sees Statyx at the corner of his eye, then stops talking*

Selenia: Oh yeah?? What? What's oh so important?? *notices him being quiet*

Statyx: *confused leook* Umm....?

Selenia: Uh...? Hello...? *throws a spark at Cuole, trying to wake him up*

Cuoleputure: *gets a small reaction, looking back at her* Hm..? Oh...Someone's just watching us...

Selenia: Who? * looks around a bit*

Statyx: *waves* Um, hello?

Selenia: Hm? *turns to where Statyx is waving* Oh! Um...Hi! *waves back*

Statyx: Hey Selenia. *points at Cuoleputure* What's with the canine phoenix wannabe?

Cuoleputure: [low grow] I don't need a green and yellow bannana telling me I'm a Wannabe - -#

Selenia: Don't mind him, he's just...Annoying. That's all.

Statyx: Ah. And FYI *turns to Cuoleputure* I happen to be the legal guardian, surrogate brother, and mentor to a real-deal phoenix. So I know a wannabe when I see a wannabe.

Cuoleputure: Oh? How do I know you're a "guardian"? Have you been around 6000's of years ago, Mortal? I think not.

Selenia: ._."

Statyx: Whatever, phoenix wannabe. Talk tough if you want, but I bet you aren't too hot to handle.

Cuoleputure: Wanna bet?

Selenia: No, He doesn't! Just shut up Cuole!

Statyx: Heh, bring it!

Cuoleputure: heh! With pleasur-

Selenia: [sharp whistle] yo! Statyx your a yellow and green banana and Cuole your a Phoenix wannabe!! Now both of you shut up before I make you!!!!!! D:<

Statyx: Ummmmm yeah, good luck with that Sels.

Selenia: [flicks him in the head] I swear...Little children these days.

Cuoleputure: Humphrey...[mumbles to himself]

Statyx: *doesn't flinch* Hey, I can take either of you on no problem. Especially since I happen to know your weakness.

Selenia: oh, so would you really take on a pregnant woman? [crossing her arms, raising an eyebrow] So, if you soo much about me, what is my weakness???

Cuoleputure: [remains watching]

Statyx: .......1: Your weakness is your physical body. You can only use your powers when in your spiritual form, leaving your body limp and defenseless. Any damage dealt to your body happens to your spiritual form as well. So, I just have to reach and attack your physical body to win. 2: YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!?!?

Cuoleputure: !!

Selenia: know you info. [Flinches a bit] y-yes I'm pregnant!!! Jeez..!

Statyx: How long!? How long have you been pregnant!?

Selenia: Statyx calm down...!!

Statyx: I hope that Memphis or Solarestro or whoever he is doesn't intend to have kids in the future, cause I'm gonna make sure of it!!

Selenia: St-Statyx!! I'm 20 I'm already married!!! Just please calm down!!

Statyx: Calm down!? How can I calm down!? This Memphestro or whatever has no apparent job to support you two, let alone a baby!! And what are you gonna do then!? Take your baby to work with you at G.U.N.!? Cause I know that G.U.N. doesn't have that great of a maternity leave program!!

(Kagi: He's defensive about his relatives :P)
(2315- I'm loling too much because of him xD)

Selenia: I can take care of myself!! Oh! I don't think you didn't know about Solarestro to be a G.U.N. agent himself!! [Sighs] I'll have to take a few days off. Besides, I already have two kids, let alone two adopted teenagers. Just don't be too protective..

Statyx: *growls angrily*

(Kagi: TBH I'm not too crazy about Selenia actually having several kids like that.)
(2315-dpnt look at me, its how the others want it, I just agree. :/ besides, Hika wanted Anna and kalis to be selenias family oh so badly.)

Selenia: my cousin's are taking care of them just fine. Sheesh, chill!

W/ Samara

(Oh, yay! You archived it!)

Samara: *is hiding in the bushes at a local park, waiting for somebody to scare, because she obviously has nothing better to do with her life*

(Kagi: I needed to.)

Statyx: *walking through the park, enjoying the scenery and fresh air*

(Celeste - Well, yeah, it was getting big.)

Samara: *spots him and chuckles quietly, waiting to see if he'll pass by*

(Kagi: "Getting"?)

Statyx: *doesn't seem to notice Samara, he walks right by her*

(Celeste - Alright, it was already big to begin with.)

Samara: *jumps out at him with a battle cry, attempting to frighten him*

Statyx: *reflexively throws a punch to Samara's gut, grabs her neck when she keels over, and throws her against a tree*

Samara: *her eyes widen and she lets out a small choked sound*

Statyx: !! What the Hell!?

Samara: *slumps down to the ground, a bit frightened herself now*

(Celeste - Please get me to stop eating tic-tacs! They're so addicting D:)

(Kagi: How can I help?? D:)

Statyx: Geez! What was that for!?

(Celeste - I...dont know :C lol)

Samara: *forces a small smile and chuckles*

(Kagi: XD)

Statyx: Wha...?

Samara: *chuckles some more at his confusion*

[A small bolt of electricity scorches the tree, just a few inches away from Samara's head.]

Samara: *shrieks quickly and instinctively moves away from the tree*

Statyx: *pointing a smoking finger at the scorch mark, wearing a "not impressed" expression*

Samara: *doesnt know what to do; either stay and apologize, or make a break for it*

Statyx: Waiting.

Samara: ...*quickly stands up and tries to escape into the forest*

[A flash of green later and Samara finds herself on the ground again after running into Statyx.]

Statyx: Again, waiting.

Samara: *stays on the ground and clears her throat* Ahem...

Statyx: ?

Samara: *whispers* Erm..quite awkward..

(Celeste - Meh, too lazy to write out her accent.)

(Kagi: Wai u feel lazeh?)
(Celeste - Dunno.)

Statyx: I'd say so.

Samara: *slowly gets back onto her feet*

Statyx: *looks at her*

Samara: *backs away slightly*

Startx: Running won't work by the way.

Samara: *narrows her eyes*

Statyx: *raises eyebrow*

W/ Shima

Shima: (sitting on a bench upside down, so her head is towards the ground)

[Suddenly, there's a voice directly above her.]

???: Hallo.

Shima: ! (jumps in surprise and falls off the bench backwards) Ouch!

[Statyx is crouched down, balanced on the back of the bench.]

Statyx: *waves* Heya :3

Shima: (looks up at him) Hey -_- (sits up)

Statyx: *chuckles* How's my favorite parolee doing?

(Kagi: Note: I had the idea that the reason Shima's allowed to walk around freely is because the questionable actions of that G.U.N. Commander caused Shima to be given parole, rather than imprisoned for destruction of G.U.N. property and assault of G.U.N. staff. And guess who his parole officer is XD. Doesn't have to be canon or anything; just an idea for the TP and maybe your fanfic.)
(Shima: Nice. I can make it canon :P)
(Kagi: XD Awesome. But wouldn't Statyx have to have a role in your fanfic then?)
(Shima: Yeah)
(Kagi: So that means you'll have to work on his role as well, in addition to everyone else.)
(Shima: If I can.....)

Shima: (crosses her arms) Just fine.

Statyx: Good. No drugs or other illegal activities?

Shima: (raises an eye) You really think I would do something as stupid as that?

Statyx: *shrugs* Anyone nuts enough to fight against all of G.U.N. is nuts enough to do just about anything.

Shima: Wow. Thanks. -_-

Statyx: *chuckles* You're welcome. So, any assault or robbery?

Shima: Ohh yeah, I robbed a little old lady a while ago with a switch blade. Stole her purse and stuff. (smirks)

Statyx: .....*pulls out high-tech handcuffs*

Shima: (facepalms) You REALLY believed that?

Statyx: No. *puts the cuffs away* But joking like that might get you in trouble. *chuckles*

Shima: So I can't even joke now?

Statyx: *smug, teasing smirk* Nope. Only I reserve the right to crack jokes. *snickers*

Shima: (sticks her tongue out a him) But that's not fair.

Statyx: *smirking* Too bad. Now, any forgery or falsification of documents?

Shima: No -_-

Statyx: Alright. Murder, attempted murder, or assault with intent to kill?

Shima: No, no, and no.

Statyx: Kay. ......Prostitution, rape, or sexual assault?

Shima: Really? -_-

Statyx: Really.

Shima: (sighs) No.

Statyx: Vandalism? Destruction of property?

Shima: No once again.

Statyx: Okay. Well, seems you're good.

Shima: (sighs) Good.

Statyx: So, what's up with you lately?

Shima: (sits on the bench) Nothing, really. It's been quiet and boring around here lately.

Statyx: Huh, that so?

Shima: (rests her chin in her hands) Mhm.

Statyx: Well then, perhaps your parolee slash guardian slash undetermined relative could fix that.

Shima: (raises an eye) Oh yeah?

Statyx: Yeah, but I'm mighty surprised.

Shima: How?

Statyx: You've got an adrenaline-junkee for a boyfriend. Duh.

Shima: (chuckles) True. Buuut he's a hero, he can't be around all the time.

Statyx: And you are-.... a parolee who has to limit her involvement in Eggman's schemes, even if it includes foiling them. Right.

Shima: Mhm.

Statyx: *chuckles* Yeah. Unfortunately I can't help you out with that; went AWOL one too many times to pull strings for a known convict and former- as far as I know- enemy of G.U.N.

Shima: Mm..(sighs) Thanks anyways.

Statyx: Yup. Buuuut I can still show my relative a decent time at least.

Shima: Yeah.

Statyx: *hops off the bench* So then.... what to do....

Shima: (stands up and stretches) ANYTHING interesting.

Statyx: Hmmmm.... *looks at Shima* parkour?

Shima: Alright.

Statyx: *smirks* Alright then. Destination?

Shima: Hmm..Emerald Coast?

Statyx: Naw, somewhere closer. Using superspeed makes it not nearly as fun. Besides, the sonicbooms and wind currents could do some serious damage.

Shima: Fine..outskirts of the city?

Statyx: That's.... 10 miles away, right?

Shima: (nods) I think so.

Statyx: *smirks* Think you can handle that run?

Shima: (grins and stands up) I can handle it.

Statyx: *chuckles* Good.

Shima: (stretches) Ready?

Statyx: Heh, definitely.

Shima: (smirks) Alright.

Statyx: Good. Now, ready... set... *dashes off before finishing*

Shima: Hey! (dashes off after Statyx) Cheater!!

Statyx: *looks back at her, grinning* The only rules are the finish line and no super-speed!

Shima: Oh, come on! (runs faster)

Statyx: Ha! *turns around and runs through the trees, jumping up, he begins to leap and swing through the branches*

Shima: (growls and speeds up) Are you part monkey or something?! Or a ninja?!

Statyx: *still swinging and leaping through the tree branches* Well I have spent years training! As for the monkey part: *swins high up* OOH-OOH AH-AH!!

Shima: (laughs) I knew it! XD

Statyx: Yeah, keep laughing while you lose to a hedgemonkey!!

Shima: (starts jumping from tree to treet at a rapid pace)

Statyx: Well, look who's got a bit of squirrel in them!!

Shima: Hehe maybe I do! (keeps jumping)

Statyx: Too bad it won't be enough!! *starts triangle jumping between the tree trunks*

Shima: Oh yeah?! (jumps more rapidly)

Statyx: *reaches the end of the park and jumps from the tree branch, aptly landing on a traffic light pole*

Shima: ! (lands on the ground)

Statyx: *looks at her and grins* Hey, this is parkour, ain't it? *turns and runs along the pole, jumping off when he reaches the end and rolling when he reaches the ground, getting up and running without missing a beat*

Shima: (rolls her eyes and runs after him)

Statyx: *continues running, slipping through and around people*

Shima: (almost runs into someone) !! (skids around them)

Statyx: C'mon Shima, step it up!

Shima: There's people in my way! -_-' I can't help it!

Statyx: Whimp! *runs up the wall and jumps up to a fire escape, swinging up into it*

Shima: (growls and dashes through the people)

Statyx: *grins, then jumps off the railing and wall-runs again*

Shima: (mutters) Show-off. (runs up the side of a building onto the roof)

Statyx: Hey! *reaches a window seal and grabs it, then uses it to jump upwards, using the window seals as a ladder*

Shima: (sticks her tongue out at him and jumps to another building)

Statyx: *snorts, then makes the jump up to the roof and follows Shima, racing after her*

Shima: (smirks and runs back down the building, then down the street)

Statyx: *grumbles and jumps from rooftop to rooftop*

Shima: (looks up and grins at him) Hehehe!

Statyx: *keeps running and jumping, staying focused*

Shima: (looks forward and runs)


Oh God Statyx with a bunch of Electric Creeperhogs--"We don't just blow bubbles..."--"We blow bubbles with kittens inside them." 08:22, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

O_O--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 08:24, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Imagine if, like, 100 of those exploded near him at once O_O"--"We don't just blow bubbles..."--"We blow bubbles with kittens inside them." 08:27, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Statyx: .....Meh, if it's just electricity, infinity plus more still equals infinity.

wut--"We don't just blow bubbles..."--"We blow bubbles with kittens inside them." 08:30, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Translation: If the explosions lack any power besides the electricity, they won't do any damage to him because his body already generates infinite electricity, and thus adding more to it doesn't do anything.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 08:35, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Well, it does have a natural knockback effect...--"We don't just blow bubbles..."--"We blow bubbles with kittens inside them." 08:36, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Then that of course, would hurt.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 08:42, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

100 of them would hurt--"We don't just blow bubbles..."--"We blow bubbles with kittens inside them." 08:49, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Is it okay if I make a section where Statyx meets Averna the Queen of Death? Sonicfan919 04:18, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Sure. Statyx could use a real fight.--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 04:38, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Concerning a specific piece of your Trivia section...

That experimental idea of yours. About Statyx and Silver, I mean. Maybe it might work. After all, the Jezz of Time fanon is linked to him. Maybe somewhere in between Statyx and Jezz's lifetime and Silver's time to come into existence, some of the former two's offspring could get married, eventually leading to Silver when his time comes...

If you don't understand, say "Huh?". xD--Jezz the Hedgehog 09:23, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

One problem though: Sunny's character (Sunny the Hedgehog) is in a relationship with Silver, so.....--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 23:25, September 15, 2011 (UTC)

Statyx and the Creeperhog

[A blue-eyed Creeperhog appears silently behind Statyx.]

Statyx: *remains absolutely still*

Creeperhog: .........

Statyx: .........

[It reaches out a hand...]

Statyx: *remains completely still*

[It lightly pokes him in the back.]

Statyx: *continues to remain still* No sudden movements. See how it will act, then react.

Creeperhog: .......[leans against him in an oddly affectionate way]

Statyx:' ........?

Creeperhog: [Still leaning against him]


???: Agent Statyx!!

[The loud yell causes the Creeperhog to jump in shock...and then a grenade-force explosion occurs right next to Statyx! Fortunately just a few feet away a green flash of light reveals a perfectly safe- albeit shaken- Statyx]

Statyx: Aurora damnit that was a close one...!

[The Creeperhog is looking around frantically, trying to figure out where the yell came from. A small group of soldiers are approaching.]

Soldier #1: Thank God for Chaos Control. Are you okay, Agent Statyx?

Statyx: Yes... *turns to the soldier* But I would've been even better if you hadn't spooked that thing!! Do you even realize how much that would hurt!?

Soldier #1: Oops...

[Another soldier hits the first soldier upside the head.]

Soldier #2: Moron. -_-"

Statyx: *grumbles, cursing in foreign languages* Anyways, explain what the heck that thing is.

Soldier #2: A Creeperhog; a Troll creation that kills its enemies by exploding on them, literally. kinda like a suicide bomber. Except THIS one doesn't explode itself, for some reason...

Creeperhog: [Stands there idly]

Statyx: Uh-huh. Well that brings me another question: WHY is it standing there when it could run through the troops blowing itself up like no tomorrow?

Soldier #2: We're not really sure, actually. I think it might have been a dud that got thrown out. Doesn't explain why it can generate explosions without killing itself, though...

Statyx: So what, this is the second time they've messed up what could have been a serious threat?

Soldier #2: I guess so...although I'm not sure they even knew what it could do. Which lends itself to the question; what if they did know? They could reprogram all the other Creeperhogs so that they generate explosions instead of blowing themselves up.

Statyx: That's a "What if" question we don't need to answer right now. Just... get a leash and something to occupy the thing so we can transport it.

Soldier #2: Yes sir. [pulls a cookie out of his pocket and tosses it on the ground]

[Almost immediately, the Creeperhog perks up and toddles over to the cookie, where it picks it up and noms it. Another soldier carefully approaches it, holding a leash and collar. He waits for it to finish eating the cookie before carefully putting the collar around its neck. It doesn't seem to mind.]

Statyx: Now let's get out of here, preferably without additional explosions.

[The soldier with the leash nods and stands up, gently tugging on it to make the Creeperhog follow. They all go back to the G.U.N base.]

Statyx: *takes the lead, heading to the G.U.N. base*

[At the G.U.N base...]

(Kagi: Now what?)
(Ryu-Maybe they should try to find out how it can generate explosions instead of just blowing itself up.)
(Kagi: Perhaps.)
(Ryu-I remember hearing an interesting fan theory about how Creepers explode; it's because their blood is like Napalm or something, and they heat up their blood which makes them explode. It was something like that.)
(Kagi: Really? Cool.)
(Ryu-Yah :V and it makes sense, too)
(Kagi: Indeed.)

Soldier #3: [Ties the end of the leash to a metal pole] There.

Statyx: Alright then.

Soldier #3: It'd sure be interesting to find out how it can generate those explosions...

Statyx: How do we do that?

Soldier #3: Errrr....not sure....

Statyx: Just keep scaring it so it'll explode?

Soldier #3: We don't want it wrecking the base. Maybe if we put it in a contained room that had explosion-proof walls...

[The Creeperhog sits down on its four bottom legs, looking around curiously.]

Statyx: Well yeah. But that brings back my question: are we just gonna keep scaring it so it'll explode?

Statyx meets Averna the Queen of death

(One day a mystical black fog that smells like rotting flesh covers the whole area Statyx is in then Aveena appers out of nowhere in the middle of the area)

Averna: (Cackles)

Statyx: !? Who the hell are you!?

Averna:I can be anything you want my darling. Your sweetest dreams...or your worst nightmare.

Statyx: Hmph. What does that mean?

Averna:It means if you join me,thus helping me rule the world I can make your wishes come true but if you resist me,..I have no choice but to murder you.

Statyx: Well, that's pretty damn straightfoward.

Averna:So I've been having this litttle dilema. Care to hear?

Statyx: Sure, why not.

Averna:I've been stuck in the underworld for a long long time and I've recently just been accidently released. This new technology is a little confusing though and it's going to be harder to bring this world to my knees. If I had some sort of double agent I could get info on the world's leaders and then kill them but alas, I'm all alone. So what do you say? Care to help me?

Statyx: And what would I get out of this?

Averna:Let's see. You'd be one of the prime rulers of the world,you'd millions of women adoring you, you'd have anything you've ever wanted, and answers.

Statyx: Answers?

Averna:Yes answers. All the answers you seek...I can give them to you if you assist me.

Statyx: Well, let's see.... I have no desire to rule the world, I already have a girl I love and a small group of girls who like me, and any answers I want, I can find myself. So my final answer woruld be... *dashes at Averna at superspeed, zig-zaging towards her before getting behind her and jumping, preparing to kick at her* I'll pass. *launches a spin kick at her from behind*

Averna:(Falls over) dare you? (picks herself up)How dare you challange me? ME,THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL! (Launches a homing missle of darkness towards Statyx)

Statyx: !! *backflips several times to avoid the missiles before pushing himself up into the air and countering them with Static Bolts*

(The missiles blow up burning anything near them and engulfs the whole field in smoke then a giant hand made out of darkness lunges at Statyx in an attempt to grab him)

Statyx/Echo RP

(Kagi: Alright Shelly, feel free to start it off if you want.)

[During a sunset on a little grassy hill, Statyx is laying down, arms crossed behind his head, as he looks up at the sky.]

Statyx: *appears to be in deep thought, not really paying attention to his surroundings*

Sonic: *napping in the tree*

Amy: *distant footsteps* ...Sonic...! ...Sonic...!! Sonic...!! SONIC!!! *runs up to the tree and uses her hammer to knock Sonic down*

Sonic: Uwaaaah!!! *thud*

Amy: Sonic! Statyx! You'll never guess what!

Sonic: *rubbing his head, growling, looking at Amy annoyed*

Statyx: .....

(Kagi: *opens mouth* ....No, no. This type of RPing is meant to give mutual free reign. I'll just go with it.)

((Frost: Sorry for interupting the talk play. Just was wondering if I could join in when I had the chance. It would be interesting to see how Statyx and Static would get along. By the way, I think Statyx's newest picture is amazing!))

(Sorry to interrupt, but the art is epic. Howd'cha make that?mThe Evilbreaker (talk) 11:37, June 23, 2013 (UTC)