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Can I put something down about Nazo in SXNG?--Shima the Hedgehog 04:39, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

This Shouldn't be called "Nazo the Hedgehog". Nazo has no species.-Sweet Adventure. Take it from me. 17:42, December 20, 2009 (UTC)

Shouldn't we put a REAL picture of Nazo in, and not Fanart?-My World is made with care. I use it wisely. 01:31, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

You people do realise that they way Nazo is beaten in Nazo Unleashed is similar to the way Cell is beaten at the end of the Cell Saga - they get distracted and blasted. It is debatable whether Shadic is stronger than Nazo, same with Gohan and Cell. If Cell/Nazo hadn't been distracted, they might have been able to counter the blast from Gohan/Shadic. Of course, its all open to speculation. -- BloodSonicOne 18:34, March 12 2010 (UTC)

He'd be a great villain for the upcoming RP (no, it's not like on Newgrounds). JMBZ-12 20:31, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

Nazo Gets Pwned Dbz -style

He is A Perfect Match For Super Mario Z.

He Could Be The Second Season`s Main Villan.

Yup. He`s A dragonball Style fan Character.

Plus He`s great....... No Evil Scheme ..... No Robots.... Just Destruction... 23:48, September 1, 2011 (UTC)Josh The Hedgewolf.

'Nazo' Truth

The 'Nazo' concept was actually intended to be the answer to Shadow's mysterious past and the reason for the subtle ambiguity of Sonic's origin. It is occasionally hinted that Sonic is not consciously aware of where he came from. In an early episode Chris asks where Sonic learned to talk. After pondering this briefly, Sonic cannot come up with a definite answer. If you also notice, it is odd that none of the original 'Sonic' characters mention anything about Robotnik and Eggman seemingly introduces him. If you know the Sonic timeline, Sonic and company had to deal with Robotnik as the predecessor villain to his grandson, Eggman. All of this is because the same artist who drew the concept art for ‘Nazo’ actually pitched an idea for the show that Sonic and Shadow were actually once one being. It was to be revealed that sometime in the past Robotnik captured his arch enemy ‘Nazo’, who was the perfect being and guardian of the world. Robotnik spliced Nazo’s DNA in an attempt to clone him and shape this clone into an evil being who might be a match for ‘Nazo’. This splicing however split the being into two separate entities, Sonic and Shadow. This split created a tear in space and time, which answers the question of why Chris’s world and Sonic’s world were once one and were separated. Shadow, of course, was sealed away by Robotnik and Sonic simply 'awoke' in his world sometime at a vague point in the future, not knowing much else. This presents some issues in terms of time corresponding to other characters, a contributing factor to the concept's nullification (other factors listed at the end) . If this concept had not been revoked from the story the episode preceding the final battle, would have been entitled ‘Mystery Hero, Answers to the Unknown’. The plot was as followed, facing imminent demise, Knuckles pleads with Master Emerald for a solution, in desperation he exclaims “If none of us have the power to defeat this great evil, bring forth the power that is!” The master emerald reacts sending energy to the chaos emeralds, presumably creating the super emeralds . They surround Sonic and Shadow engulfing them in blinding light. What appears was to be the single screen shot of ‘Nazo’. Nazo would go on to explain everything I have conveyed here as the closing to the episode. I put Nazo in quotations because nazo or mystery corresponds with ‘mystery hero’; an official name does not exist. At the end of the final battle ‘Nazo’ unleashes all of his energy to destroy ‘Dark Oak’. Because Nazo was powered by the master emerald, its energy is depleted and it shatters. Because of this, when the blinding light from his attack fades, Sonic and shadow are revealed, separated and unconscious; the Master emerald was the only thing holding ‘Nazo’ together. The only other changes are Sonic and Shadow making sense of their past; Sonic joking about how their resemblance makes sense and Shadow expressing discontent with the fact that he once inhabited a body with someone like Sonic. Cosmo would have lived; diminishing her role as a key character. Since the ambiguity of the unknown past of these characters is subtle, ‘scrapping’ this idea was a viable option. The reasons for doing so near the finale of the series was that it would receive criticism from its fans for trekking too far off of the original concept of sonic; they felt that fans would lose the connection of the video games, which obviously played a key role in the show’s popularity. However, they did not feel it necessary to change earlier episodes to vividly detail Sonic’s and Shadow’s pasts respectively. It was also a concern that they would receive criticism for being too much like Dragon Ball Z & GT; the ‘Super’ depiction was already similar; they felt that the concept of ‘fusion’ was taking the likeness to said animes too far. The validity of this story is up to whoever reads it. I havent compiled an enormous list of my sources; that would be too cliché.

who said he was a villan?