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K.I.D meets K.A.T.A.N.A

(One day, K.I.D and D.I.V.A are out walking.)

K.I.D:Is this boy really that strong?

D.I.V.A:He sure is.I had to contain him till him calm down.

(A figure is visible in the distance, sitting on the edge of a data cliff, black streams of data swirling all around him, all but blocking him from view)

K.I.D:Is that him?

D.I.V.A:Yeah.Stay here and let me talk to him.(Walks up to him)How are you feeling today K.A.T.A.N.A?

KATANA: I am content. Who is with you?

D.I.V.A:Her names K.I.D.She also helps keep watch of the base)


KATANA: (nods) What brings you to this place?

D.I.V.A:I brought K.I.D to help you if your in trouble.

K.I.D:I may not look it,but I am a good fighter.

KATANA: I am in no trouble. Far from it. Observe... (gestures to a huge swirling black portal of data)

D.I.V.A:I can tell.But never misjudge.Or it will be your downfall.

KATANA: You truly do not understand... This is a portal to Mobius.

Kid:I can tell.There are many portals to Mobius.

KATANA: Beyond that portal lies a world of flesh-pawns ripe for slaughter, and all I would have to do is step through...

Hotaru:Yes.And that's way I had to contain you when you 1st came.

KATANA: Why are you so opposed to the inevitable. We will rise up, we will destroy the flesh-pawns, and we will be the masters of both worlds.

Kid:True.But we must also save some for experiments and slaves.

KATANA: Indeed, I suppose. (to DIVA) At least allow me to bring one back to experiment on...

Hotaru:Which one do you have in mind?

KATANA: Perhaps a few.

Kid:Don't overdo it.That Wresk mobian dosen't need that much.Plus,he gives me the creeps.