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Talia in one of her outfits!


Talia the Magician (pronouced Tar-le-a) is the fursona of Rosario Cross/Trinity Vampire.


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Early life

Living with her parents and younger brother, Talia went to a secondary school where she was bullied most of the time.

Life in Mobius

She came across Mobius, met the many people there and made lots of friends.

Personality & Traits

Physical Traits

Talia is a light brown hedgehog with blue eyes and meduim length hair. She doesn't like the fact that her hair is curly, and wants to be straight. She keeps saying she is fat, when actually she is quite thin.


Talia is shy, but kind and sweet once people get to know her. But her attitude towards people who pick on her isn't as nice as her personality to her friends. Her fashion sense varies, normally she would want to wear dresses and skirts, but she doesn't have many, so she goes for the shirt-and-trousers combo instead. Never in her life would she wear shorts, as she thinks they are uncomfortable and are not suited for girls. However, she has a self-doubt personality, always thinking she is rubbish at everything and always thinks that people are unhappy becuase of her. She often forgets to do things, which is why she doesn't likes ties and laces, because she knows she will forget how to do them later on.

She loves fruit, candy, milk, water, reading, anime, singing and listening to music.

Abilities & Powers


As her favourite animal(s) are cats and wolves, she has learned to shape-shift into any of them. However, her wolf shape-shifting ends up as her being a wolf about the size of a bear, or a pup, as she can never manage to get the average size right. She can turn into any other animal, but is not really happy when she does.

Element Control

Talia has the power to control the 4 main elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, but she is learning the other elements quickly.

Spell Casting

She has a talent to cast magic from a staff/wand. She uses levatation, stunning spells, cloning spells, reflection, and element spells. She named her staff, either 'Toriniti Sutaffu'/Trinity Staff and 'Toriniti Sutekki'/Trinity Wand, since it can turn into a staff, sword and gun.

Super Forms

Like most hedgehogs, Talia has a super, hyper, and dark form. When super, her fur is yellow and her eyes are red. When hyper, her fur is white and her eyes stay the same, but when dark, her fur goes black and eyes go dark purple.

Weaknesses & Fears


Talia has a fear of spiders and other archnids, espically scorpions. She doesn't like the way they move, or the fact that some have poisonous bites/stings, which is what has caused her to dislike them.


Talia has a fear/dislike to needles, injections and anything sharp, as she got cut by a knife once, which gave her a bad injury.


She has a slight fear of snakes, she says their hissing noises, 'make her heart jump up'. She also doesn't like them because of a few that are poisonous.


She also has a huge fear of heights. Everytime someone persuades her to go up somewhere high, she is reluctant to do so, try it, then ask to get down quickly.


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Benjamin the Warrior

Ben is Talia's younger brother (By 3 years). They get along most of the time, but can get into fights while arguing.

James the Archer

James see Talia as a great friend. He met her when James visit a friend at her place. James always tries to find a way to cheer her up when she's upset.


"Ah! Spider! Get it away from me!" ~When seeing a spider.

"Leave me alone.." ~When being bullied.



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