This is an article about Taletheos Tourain, a character created by CreedCrimsonGunner on 08/7/2013.


Taletheos is coated in a bright silver skin, and his hair sticks out in disarray. He has shining red eyes to stir love in any girl. A beautiful navy suit clads this devilish vampire, the middle is folded out to reveal a beautiful black and red pattern. He weilds a thin rapier to strike enemies with. His black pointed shoes finish off this beautiful wear.


Taletheos is an evil-minded being corrupted by his sinister past and wishes to create a new world for him and his brother, Aster. However, he left Aster for death, in pursuit of his fading dream. He is a great charmer and will use this, as well as his hypnotic powers, to trick people into becoming puppets for him.


Not much is known about Taletheos, however, he is known to have a dark and cruel past only shared with his brother, Aster.


Only his Vampiric traits and Magic use can be considered supernatural. He is greatly skilled in the aspect of Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic due to practicing them the most. His Vampire traits include feeding off of other beings, Hypnotic powers, Flying, and much more.


Taletheos mastered the Sword, and wields a rapier for protection. He uses it in a sort of rhythmical fashion, making him very hard to concentrate on.


Typical Vampire Weaknesses such as a Stake. However, only a special kind of stake blessed with a holy magic can kill him. He can swim, and resist fire. Silver burns in his hand unless he wears protection such as gloves when picking up forks. He has exclaimed that Garlic is filthy in his tastes, but no one knows if it is his vampiric side speaking. Holy Symbols and Running Water do not weaken him. Holy Magic and Ice Magic damage him much, however.

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