This page features the story of Silver the Hedgehog in the game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Silver has his own storyline in the game and is playable along with Blaze the Cat and Cream the Rabbit in it.

Silver's story tells the story of how Silver and Blaze met each other and their adventures in the distant past through Silver's narration in the present. In the present day, they travel from the future and team up with Cream in order to find the one responsible for traveling between dimensions and upsetting time and space in attempt to acquire some mysterious books called the Golden Epics. Silver's story is entitled Tales of the Time Traveler (the time traveler being obviously Silver).

Stages in Silver's Story

Like Shadow, Silver has 20 levels where he is playable in Story mode, Blaze has 13 and Cream has 8. There are 9 Bosses in total.

  1. 00's Boulevard (Blaze)
  2. Windy Village (Silver), Boss: Metal Sonic (Silver)
  3. Chaotic Casino (Silver)
  4. Tropical Sanctuary (Silver)
  5. Glyphic Babylon (Silver), Boss: Princess Blaze (Silver)
  6. Lost Paradise (Silver, Blaze, Cream), Boss: Beast of Xenin (Silver)
  7. Totem Tundra (Silver, Blaze, Cream), Boss: Magic Paladin (Silver)
  8. Memory Complex (Silver, Blaze, Cream)
  9. Olive Retreat (Silver)
  10. Blue Bay (Silver)
  11. Nocturnal Haunt (Silver, Blaze)
  12. Mad Terminal (Silver, Blaze)
  13. Scrap Fortress (Silver, Blaze, Cream)
  14. Sky Squadron (Silver, Blaze, Cream), Boss: Egg Chamberlain (Silver)
  15. Last Colony (Silver, Blaze, Cream)
  16. Plague Garden (Silver, Blaze, Cream), Boss: Dark Legion Squad (free)
  17. Huge Inferno (Silver, Blaze)
  18. Echidnaopolis (Silver, Blaze)
  19. Chthonian Ruins (Silver, Blaze), Boss: King Ophis (Silver, Blaze)
  20. Dumm Jummai (Silver, Blaze), Boss: The Magician (Silver)
  21. Alpine Peaks (Silver, Blaze, Cream), Boss: The Wizard (Silver, Blaze)

Silver's Storyline

The story begins when in the distant future, Silver is on his duty on keeping a close eye in the past (Sonic's present day) using his telekinetic abilities to see the past and download his visions to a large computer screen in front of him. As he is meditating, he notices that something seems to be going wrong with the past and there is someone or something travelling through dimensions. Silver calls Blaze to see it and help him to explain what is going on. Eager to learn more about what is happening, Silver and Blaze agree to use time travel and head back at Sonic's time, where they detect the malfunctions to find out what is upseting the past.

Silver and Blaze arrive at Sonic's timeline, but they realize that they have been seperated in the process. Blaze finds herself in an urban city, which she goes to explore.

Stage 1: 00's Boulevard (Blaze)

Adventure Field: Central City

Upon clearing the stage, you will enter the Central City hub world. If you search well enough, you will encounter Cream and Cheese, who will ask Blaze to join her on her adventure. Then, talk to the locals. They will inform you about a silver hedgehog reported at the casino. Head there.

Meanwhile, Silver ends up in a valley. After wondering where he is, he spots Metal Sonic passing nearby. After hiding from him, Silver suspects Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic as the first suspects and goes after Metal Sonic.

Stage 2: Windy Village (Silver)

Boss 1: Metal Sonic (Silver)

Silver and Metal Sonic fight each other only to end up in Silver's defeat due to Metal Sonic having been empowered with the Albion artifact embedded on his chest. Metal Sonic then receives orders from Dr. Eggman via a walkie-talkie to go find the rest of the artifacts. At that point, Silver's suspicion of Dr. Eggman ends since he is searching for artifacts which are not connected with time travelling. As he gets up to his feet, he feels weakened from the fight. His psychic powers are fading off and needs rings to power them up. He decides to go to the casino where he can find many rings.

Adventure Field: Central City

Silver needing rings to empower his psychic powers is something that was first seen in the Sonic Rivals series. Talk to the locals to find the location of the casino. At the front door, the guard will tell you that you are forbidden to enter since Silver is underaged. Try finding another entrance to the casino.

Stage 3: Chaotic Casino (Silver)

In the casino, Silver finds and speaks with Rouge, who is working there. Silver tells her for his mission to find the culprit behind all this chaotic dimension traveling. Rouge tells him to go seek answers from the Oracle in the Angel Island. After thanking her, Silver is about to leave when suddenly he bumps into a mysterious figure wearing a cloak and top hat with his face concealed dropping both of them rings. Silver apologizes and

Picture from Xenoblade. This is how the Oracle would look like from afar.

picks up the fallen rings and hands them back to the figure, then turns away and leaves. As he exits, he finds Blaze and Cream waiting outside, since they were forbidden to enter the casino being underaged. Silver and Blaze conclude according to their research that Dr. Eggman is not behind this and they should go take an advice from the Oracle.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

While on their way to the Oracle, the three have a conversation about all their adventures together which ends up Cream asking Silver and Blaze how they met each other in the first place and how Silver acquired his psychic powers. Silver then narrates to Cream how Silver and Blaze met each other. Back in Silver's early years, he was a member of an organization which dealt with fixing errors in the past by using time traveling. Back then, he did not have his psychic powers. One day, while on duty, Silver was teleported into a location back in the distant past. Unable to understand what had happened, Silver decided to explore the jungle he had found himself in to find some answers.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

After making his way through the jungle, Silver is astounded to find himself in an enormous ancient city inhabited by Echidnas. Silver's curiosity leads him to explore the town. The Echidnas greet him humbly and offer to take him to the Emperor at the main temple. There, Silver meets the Emperor, who introduces himself as the Emperor of Albion. After he invites Silver for a feast, the two have a conversation in private in the Emperor's throne room. He opens a chest and hands to Silver a pair of cuffs which are attached to Silver's wrists granting him psychic powers. Silver, unable to understand what is going on, feels frightened. To encourage him, the Emperor tells him to head to the jungle with his guard to practice his new skills and more answers will be given after he returns. Silver listens to the Emperor's words and heads to the jungle.

Stage 4: Tropical Sanctuary (Silver)

(This and the next stage take place in the past, through Silver's memories).

After you complete the stage, it will be night. Head to the kingdom and find the Emperor. He will tell you that there is a ceremony in the town and that you must go and attend.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

(You may click here  from to see how Albion would look like at the time it was active in Silver's storyline).

At the ceremony, Silver meets with the Emperor once again along with his guard and people. He is told that he was summoned here to help the Echidnas defeat a race that has been causing them great destruction to their kingdom called the Mysterious Cat Country. The Emperor himself had gone to the Oracle to seek help on how to defeat them. The Oracle responded that only one is capable to do this and he lives in the distant future, whom they must summon here to help them. The Emperor then narrates to Silver the two kingdoms' relations constantly being in war with each other. He wants Silver to go to the Mysterious Cat Kingdom and solve this conflict between the two kingdoms. While the conference is going on, the kingdom is suddenly attacked by the Mysterious Cat Country's warriors. They attack the Echidnas and rampage the entire city. The Emperor mobilizes his army and launches as attack against them. Silver gets confused on who's side he is on but does not have any options when he is attacked by a group of feline fighters mistaking him for an Echidna. Silver manipulates his new psychic abilities and fights them back with ease until he is attacked by another more powerful warrior who happens to be a woman. Silver tries to avoid her attacks without wanting to hurt her. When a blowhorn is heard, the cat warriors retreat. The Emperor then orders Silver to chase after that female warrior and catch her.

Stage 5: Glyphic Babylon (Silver)

Silver manages to confront the mysterious feline fighter and the two engage in combat.

Boss 2: Princess Blaze (Silver)

Silver is defeated but is spared his life as soon as the mysterious feline warrior hears the blowhorn once again and retreats into the darkness. Silver then gets up to his feet and wonders who that warrior was.

The story then switches back to the present where Silver and his team are on their way to the Oracle. While heading there, they pass through the remains of Teotihuacan.

Stage 6: Lost Paradise (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

Silver, Blaze and Cream witness an ancient carving at the ruins of Teotihuacan. It features several Echidnas holding various items which offer them as a tribute probably to a God, who is not seen clearly. Below, there is an inscription written in an ancient echidna language which the heroes are unable to decode. Just below, there is a carving of what seems to depict 4 books. As Silver tries to decipher it, the team hears noises coming from outside the temple. They hurry there only to find Sonic and his friends battling against an Echidna warrior. Silver and his team help Sonic.

Boss 3: Beast of Xenin (Silver)

After helping Sonic, Tails and Amy defeat Xenin, the two have a short conversation. Silver hears of Sonic's quest to find the Albion artifacts and suggests he goes to search for one in the Archaic Mosque (Silver knows this from his times in the past) while Sonic informs Silver of Dr. Eggman's new schemes.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

At the Oracle, Silver, Blaze and Cream are informed that the one responsible for upsetting the time rift was moments ago in Casinopolis and is in search of some ancient items capable of summoning beings from the beyond. Silver immediately suspects the mysterious figure he bumped into earlier at the exit of Casinopolis. They head there to investigate.

Adventure Field: Central City

Go to Casinopolis and talk to the townspeople. They will tell you that the one you're after has headed to the Blue Ridge Zone in the mountains. Head there.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

After talking to the locals at the Blue Ridge, you will be told that the suspect has reached a base hidden in the tundras.

Stage 7: Totem Tundra (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

Boss 4: Magic Paladin (Silver)

After battling the robot, the three enter the control room where a computer is held, Silver suggests they hack into the computer to find the traces of the suspect and go after him.

Stage 8: Memory Complex (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

After successfully hacking into the computer, the team is able to track the suspect's location; the train station. While on their way to Central City, Silver continues his tales from the past as a request from Cream. Back at the past, Silver is walking the streets of Albion to retreive clues about yesterday's attack. After talking to the locals, he decides to go himself to the Cat Kingdom without having the emperor noticing him, not as an enemy but as a friend to learn about the causes of this conflict and find a solution.

Stage 9: Olive Retreat (Silver)

Silver arrives at the gate of the Cat Country but is denied entrance. According to the kingdom's rules, a stranger can pass only by accomplishing a task and that task is to catch a large number of fishes to prove his abilities. Silver then heads to the sea to catch the fishes using his psychic powers.

Stage 10: Blue Bay (Silver)

(You may click on this here link from to see how the Mysterious Cat Country's houses in the Adventure Field would look like).

Back at the Cat Kingdom, Silver demonstrates his abilities by bringing a load of fishes he caught to the cat people. Amazed by his accomplishment, Silver is allowed to enter.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Remember that at that time, the Angel Island was not afloat, so people can go from the Angel Island to Albion on foot. Talk to the cat people. They will tell you to go speak with the queen).


Echidnas battling against the Felidae in a constant war over the lands of Albion.

Silver finds the queen of the Cat Kingdom in the palace. There, Silver tries to find the reason behind this never ending conflict. The queen tells him that Albion is their land and not the Echidna's and they are fighting over it. After a very long talk, Silver fails to find a solution as the Felidae are too stubborn and leaves hoplessly. Princess Blaze, who has been listening all this time to the discussion hiding behind a pillar feels remorse for Silver acknowledging his efforts to stop this war and goes outside to speak to him. At that point after, Silver and Blaze developed a very strong friendship in secret and Blaze would train Silver in mastering his new abilities. Silver remembers a time when he and Blaze where at the Angel Island, training and challenged each other to prove who was the strongest.

Stage 11: Nocturnal Haunt (Silver, Blaze)

The story switches back to the present. Silver and his team head to the train station to confront their key suspect. There, they find VectorCharmy and Mighty who have come for the same reason as a result of their investigation. They inform Silver and his team that the train has already left. The team then teams up with Team Chaotix and takes the next train to go after him.

Stage 12: Mad Terminal (Silver, Blaze)

Silver, Blaze, Cream, Mighty, Vector and Charmy finally confront their suspect, who has been waiting for them on top of the train. Vector
281px-300px-Osness Yeti sketch

Dr. Magic

then tells Dr. Magic to reveal his identity as his desguise can no longer hide it. Dr. Magic then throws away his desguise and reveals himself to the heroes while laughing maniacally. After Silver demands to know his true intentions, Dr. Magic announces that he is preparing something that they have never seen before and is beyond their imagination. As soon as he is finished, the entire sky will become dark and the ones responsible will pay for their actions. But for this, he needs the Golden Epics, 4 books that contain hidden knowledge of the ancient civilizations. Dr. Magic then escapes and activates a bomb that detonates the entire train. Silver, Blaze and Cream are seperated from the Chaotix members and end up in Blue Ridge. Anxious to figure out what he's up to, Silver orders the team to head to the library to find out more about the Golden Epics.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Talk to the townspeople to find out the exact location of the city library).

At the library, Silver searches for books regarding the Golden Epics. He manages to find a very old one, which he opens and reads to Blaze and Cream. According to the information in the book, the Golden Epics are a series of 4 books written thousands of years ago by the Echidnas during the apex of their years when they travelled across the entire world and explored new areas while creating colonies. The books' contents are different for each one. For instance, one of them is rumored to contain the history of the Echidna tribe since its creation as well as secrets of their traditions and civilization.

Adventure Field: Central City

(After you finish reading, head to the city and talk again to the townspeople. They will inform you that Dr. Magic has gone to Dr. Eggman's base in the E.G.G. Metropolis).

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

Stage 13: Scrap Fortress (Silver, Blaze, Cream)


The Golden Epics are said to contain secrets of the ancient world, including the history of the Echidna tribe.

At the E.G.G. Metropolis, Silver, Blaze and Cream eavesdrop Dr. Magic while he speaks to Dimitri (only his voice is heard) about the Golden Epics. Dr. Magic then informs him that he is heading to the last colony the Echidnas had built to retreive the next of the Golden Epics.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

(Talk to Eggman's robots. You will find one of them who will tell you to hijack Dr. Eggman's fleet as it is heading to the location you're heading).

Stage 14: Sky Squadron (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

Aboard the flagship of the Egg fleet, the heroes face Dr. Eggman in his newly constructed robot in attempt to get rid of them from his aircraft.

Boss 5: Egg Chamberlain (Silver)

After their battle with the Egg Chamberlain, the team reaches their destination and begin their search for Dr. Magic.

Stage 15: Last Colony (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

Silver and his team encounter a large stone mural on one of the ruins. It depicts yet again the Golden Epics. Below, there is a description in an ancient Echidna dialect, different from that of the previous mural they found. Because Silver had learnt this dialect back in the past by Blaze, he manages to translate it. It is a riddle which says that the four tomes of the Golden Epics are in fact the same but existing in different dimensional levels. The first is found in the past, the second in the present, the third in the good future and the fourth in the bad future. Silver concludes that Dr. Magic has gone to the good future of this colony and has already taken the Golden Epic from the present and the good future. Now, it is up to them to go get the two remaining Golden Epics, the one from the past and the one from the bad future. However, to do time travel they need two Chaos Emeralds and they have only one.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Go talk to the townspeople. They will tell you that there is a Chaos Emeraldlocated in a tainted forest in the Angel Island).

Stage 16: Plague Garden (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

While searching for the Chaos Emerald, the team in ambushed by a group of Dark Legionaires.

Boss 6: Dark Legion Squad (free)

Soon, Team Dark appears and assists Silver, Blaze and Cream in their battle. Silver then notices that Shadow carries a Chaos Emerald with him and after explaining to him that Dr. Magic is after the Golden Epics and is heading back to the past, Shadow agrees to help his friend. He gives instructions to Rouge and Omega to go after Dimitri. Then, the two hedgehogs use Chaos Control and open a portal to the past. As Silver, Shadow, Blaze and Cream teleport back to the past, Silver recalls his memories from the point he left his narration.

While in the Cat Kingdom, Silver and Blaze are informed that Albion has been attacked by unknown invaders. Silver and Blaze head there as soon as possible to find the emperor. There, they find the entire city ablaze and try to rescue its citizens.

Stage 17: Huge Inferno (Silver, Blaze)

At the ruins of the city, they find the emperor, wounded after having pressumably fought of much of the enemy, with his guard. He informs Silver that Albion was the victim of King Ophis, a powerful snake king of the snake dominion from the underground realms. He orders Silver to go seek help from the Council of Echidnaopolis.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Adventure Field: Angel Island

Stage 18: Echidnaopolis (Silver, Blaze)

Silver and Blaze reach the city of Echidnaopolis. It is a massive city, home to hundreds of Echidna scientists, philosophers etc. There, they head to the High Council in order to speak about the devestation of Albion. Relations between Albion and Echidnaopolis have been rough ever since Echidnaopolis was founded by migrating Echidnas from Albion seeking a better life. Silver informs them that King Ophis, an almighty serpent king has caused massive damage to the city and need reinforcements to fight him off as well as medical treatment for the wounded. The council tells Silver him, though, that the reason King Ophis has come from the undergound realms and caused catastrophe to their city is because every 7 years, there must be a sacrifice of royal blood to the serpent god. Since 7 years have already passed and there has been no sacrifice, King Ophis has invaded their lands in search of its victim. Disheartened, Silver realizes the biiter truth; he was called up by the Echidnas to capture Princess Blaze for them and offer her as a sacrifice to the serpent god. He rejects to offer her as a sacrifice to King Ophis and asks why they do not kill him instead. The council laughs with Silver's question saying that no one has ever managed to defeat the serpent god and an attempt to do so would be certain suicide. Silver watches Blaze, who is shocked to hear any of this and has remained speechless. He gathers up his courage and strength and announces to the council that he will go and kill King Ophis alone till he dies if necessary. The council laughs at and ridicules him, believing to be joking. Blaze tells him that she will help him at all costs.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

Silver, Blaze, Shadow and Cream arrive at the past approximately in 1000 BC in front of the Never Lake. It is night time. There, they hide behind the trees as they witness Silver and Blaze's past selves. They are preparing to go fight King Ophis in the underground snake realm. Silver uses his telekinetic abilities to track down the precise location of the Golden Epic. He sees that it is guarded by King Ophis in his domain. They go after Silver and Blaze's past selves.

Stage 19: Chthonian Ruins (Silver, Blaze)

Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Cream arrive at the centre of the underground serpent realm and witness Silver's and Blaze's past selves battling against King Ophis, the gigantic serpet king guarding the Golden Epics. As they witness them fighting behind a rock to remain unseen, King Ophis knocks Silver and Blaze unconscious and prepares to devour them. Cream urges Silver and co to intervene and fight them back but Silver says that would disrupt the the past and would not be good. However, Shadow stands up and jumps in front of King Ophis and prepares to fight him back as Silver's past self collapses to the ground losing his consciousness. Silver, Blaze and Cream then find the opportunity to intervene and battle King Ophis themselves.

Boss 7: King Ophis (Silver, Blaze)

With King Ophis defeated, Silver retreives the Golden Epic he was earching for. They take Silver and Blaze's past selves whilst unconscious to the Never Lake and leave them there safely. Silver thanks Shadow for his help and they return back to the present using the Chaos Emeralds.

Silver, Blaze and Cream are all together teleported back to the present in Central City.

Adventure Field: Central City

(After exploring the city, you will find Vector, Mighty and Charmy, along with Omni-Viewer who will tell you that Dr. Magic has gone to the future via time travel. Silver and Vector will use their Chaos Emeralds to open a time portal and escape into the future to go after Dr. Magic for the remaining Golden Epic).

Silver, Blaze, Cream, Charmy, Vector, Mighty and the Omni-Viewer are teleported to the bad future. They find themselves in a dark, dystopian, high-tech version of Dumm Jummai. As they try searching for Dr. Magic, he appears to them unexpectedly and congradulates them once again for making it up to here. He then kidnaps Cream and challenges the heroes to chase after him in attempt to rescue Cream.

Stage 20: Dumm Jummai (Silver, Blaze)

Silver and co reach and eventually battle Dr. Magic in his mech to rescue Cream and get the Golden Epic.

Boss 8: The Magician (Silver)

Upon defeating Dr. Magic and his robot, Silver acquires the Golden Epic from the bad future and Dr. Magic escapes yet again to the present while leaving Cream behind. Silver and co continue their persuit of Dr. Magic.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

(Talk to the townspeople. They will tell you that there is a base located high up in the mountains built by Dr. Magic. Head there).

Stage 21: Alpine Peaks (Silver, Blaze, Cream)

The team, consisting of Silver, Blaze, Cream, Vector, Mighty, Charmy and the N.P.C. Omni-Viewer reach Dr. Magic in his final base constructed in the mountains. He appears fully prepared in his newly built robotic mech ready to attack them and steal the Golden Epics from Silver.

Boss 9: The Wizard (Silver, Blaze)

The heroes successully defeat Dr. Magic once again. Upon his defeat, Dr. Magic regains his sanity and apologizes for all he did. Vector, as a detective, concludes that Dr. Magic had been brainwashed from the start to collect all of the 4 Golden Epics. The question is, who was the true mastermind behind this and what were his intentions. He calls the G.U.N. forces to secure the area and arrest Dr. Magic. Silver's curiosity about the Golden Epics grows bigger and opens one of them to see what is inside. To his dismay, all of the pages are blank. Silver's story ends as a cliffhanger on what was the true nefarious mind behind this scheme and what did he want with the Golden Epics? And more importantly, how did he know of their existence?

The End... ?

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