Tales of the Night: Lunar Sands is the telling of Shamia's story through her point of view. It will feature a new cast of characters introduced through the story. It will also feature pre-existing characters within Shamia's story. The story is a variant of Shamia's normal story in that she lives on a completely different planet where the lands are vastly filled with desert terrain. This planet is known as Oedaius.



"It's been 3 months since my brother went missing. Sometimes I get so scared, and it's as if all I have left is this ink and paper. I know writing or crying won't change anything, but I'm too weak to carry on. Without Lord Souzosha to guide me, I have no idea what to do...I'm hungry and my feet are getting sore. It's always harder to do the right thing, but even in these conditions I have hope. I'll make it..."

As I finished my journal entry, I headed back out into the arid desert. The heat was nearly unbearable only extinguished by periodical fountains in Desert Outposts. It's been so long since Lord Souzosha left me. I'm not sure why he did, all I remember is being knocked out, and seeing him leave me behind when I came to my senses. I can't be certain what happened that day, but for now it wasn't important. Those trivial matters were behind me, and I was focused on finding my brother. My brother's name is Hector. He is my twin. Sometime after my father's murder he disappeared without a trace. Following what little clues I had, I came across a strange man. His name was Souzosha. He promised me a chance to find my brother, but ever since the day he left me I've been searching on my own. I'm sure Souzosha will return soon. I made my way through another outpost. They were military districts out in the desert. They had high security restrictions, but allowed travelers to stay in the small town. Within the outpost was martial law. You have to be in by eight. It's said that strange creatures lurk the desert, and that is why I use my cloud to travel as much as I can, without that cloud I probably wouldn't make it. I make it to the town walls, and there I am greeted by a soldier in a booth. He asks for registration, and I give him what little I have. Thanks to my mother, an ex-soldier herself, I am fortunate to get into these places with little trouble.

I grab my things and make way to my assigned apartment. These towns can get very crowded, so travelers can only stay for a week unless they require special treatment such as injuries. I begin to unpack my clothing and other necessities. I make my way to the fan and turn it on full blast. I can't quite understand how they power things in the desert, but I'm sure it has something to do with satellite frequency. I've always been advanced in learning for my age, especially in politics and science. Math would have to be my worst, but I manage. Anyway, I soon make my way to bed. I've always had this strange ability to actually control my dreams. It sounds strange, I know, but when I dream the possibilities are endless, and since I can't be hurt it's perfect. It's no surprise I usually sleep in. Tonight however a balance is shifted. A tide in the air is changing. I hear a light tapping at my window. Weary I slowly creep to it, broom in hand. I open it and see a young man probably only 10 years my senior.

"Wh-who are you?" It's the only thing I can come up with, I'm shocked and curious. I don't let down my guard and hold the broom higher ready to swing.

"Are you the one they call Shamia?" How does he know my name? This is bizarre, and probably the reason I didn't have a dream.

"Y-yes, who is asking,"

"Ah, sorry my name is Samael. Pleased to make your acquaintance M'Lady," the boy said this as he bowed. It was strange no-one had referred to me in a proper title like that, I wasn't a queen or anything. he continued,"Your mother sent me to bring you home." I look on at him in shock.

"I can't go back, not until I find my brother-" I stomp my foot down with authority, not much authority considering my stature, but enough to make my opinion known.

"She was afraid you'd say that. She told me to give you this," He says as he hands me a letter. I open it and begin to read;

My Dearest Daughter,

I understand that your brother's disappearance has put a lot of stress unto you, but understand that I am trying my hardest to find him. I ask that you return home in the hopes that I may spend my last days with my family. I have never told you this, but I had contracted a deadly virus in my former days as a soldier. Though I wished to prolong this information until a more convenient occasion, it seems that you have matured far past your years. You may be a child, but you have a heart, strength and determination that surpasses even my own. If you do not grant my wish, then I beg that you heed my warning. The path you are traveling is one of hardship and sacrifice, but is also one of possible disappointment. I know that this will make you stronger, and that no matter what you will survive if not for yourself than for your brother, but I demand that you take Samael with you. He is a faithful companion, and has halted his research of my illness, per request, so that he may help you.
Love always, Mom

This letter confirms everything he has said, and I look on at him. I have no idea what to say.

"So what is your decision. Hurry I had to sneak in he-" Samael is suddenly interrupted by a gunshot. "Time to go," he says and grabs my arm. he hastens towards the city walls.

"How will we get out?" I look around franctically seeing no open escape.

"It's night now Shamia, use your powers!"I stop as he says this, how could he have known?! I only shared it with Hector. That was important as my hands began to glow with a dark purple hint. I steady my hands and shoot at the guards knocking them towards a wall. Samael grabs my arm, and with his free arm creates an opening in the city wall! "How did you do that?" I looked on at him in awe.

"You'd be suprised, there are a lot of us out their Shamia. We hold the power of ancients."

"What does that mean?" I ask him this, but I don't recieve an answer. We had no time, and we were still on the run. My cloud soon appears and I hop on, grabbing Samael's arm in the process.

"Haha! Success! What a ride....where did you get this from?" Samael looked like a child with the complete joy he had smeared all over his face.

"Success?! You almost got us killed. All of my things are back there! No offense, but I barerly know you! We have to find somewhere to hide!"

"Relax would ya, your a child, live like it jeez. This is a pretty chill view though. I can tell this will be fun, it's what fate wants, and what fate wants...."

I end the statement "Fate gets"

"Hey, look who's coming around...."

"That phrase, it's from a book I once read. It had to do with my abilities. I had to have in it translated."

"You don't say, well I guess it's one more mystery to solve. So first things first is to find a hide-out. I think I know a good place." Samael pulled and apple from his pocket and began to bite into it.

"Pardon me, but could I have a little..." I blush as I say this, but I am so hungry that I just can't help myself. He tosses me the apple, but before I take a bite...

"You don't have any diseases do ya?"

"No, I do not. I am very healthy."

"Don't worry about it, I'm just messing with ya. Now, let's get to that hideout I was talking about." We fly off into the night sky, something tells me this adventure has only just begun. thumb|200px|right

A Home is Where Your Cloud Is

It's morning now as Samael and I make it into a small and modest village. The village seems to have no modern technology, like it's stuck in the past. I follow Samael closely, though I don't know him very well, I don't know the villagers that look on at us at all. He makes his way to someone's home made of mud and stone. He knocks on the door, and a young woman around his age greets us.

"Hey Virda, it's me Samael!" The woman's response is a spiteful glance and a slammed door. Samael knocks again. "C'mon Virda I'm sorry!" I'm not sure what Samael did to this woman, but it wasn't good. I can here her curse his name with a very colorful vocabulary, some of them, I haven't even heard of. Samael takes it upon himself to open the door, but as soon as he does a vase comes flying towards him. "Ah! Virda that hurt!"

"Good you cheating pig!" She continues her cursing and throws more things at Samael.

"I told you she was my cousin!" Samael tried to dodge all of them, and manages to dodge a few.

"Right just like Mia was your sister, and Ruby your aunt?! You unfaithful street rat!! I'll have you hung for what you've done!" Perhaps this was a precursor of what adventures awaited us, but I don't think much of it, I can't think much of it, as a plate flies towards me cracking me right between the eyes. I see blood drip down, and tears come rushing down my face. I burst like a fountain with tears trying to bury my face in my arms. "Oh, I'm so sorry sweety." I inch away from Virda as she approaches me. "Look what your lies have done Samael!"

"My "lies" aren't the ones who threw the plate at the little girl, you did!"

"But your lies indirectly harmed the girl. We are both at fault. Hurry to my cabinet and grab a rag, don't forget to wet it with warm water. It'll be alright sweetie I promise." Samael makes his way over to us.

"Remember how I told you there were others like you Shamia? Well Virda is as well, though her bloodline has dwindled. She possesses the ability to heal. It's known as Ilaja. Your ability is known as Candra and mine Prthvi. Your is very rare though Shamia it makes you and your brother very special."

"My brother? Hector never told me he carried such abilities."

"While you posses the Illaja bloodline your brother possesses the Saura bloodline. You were born as twins because you have entwined bloodlines of the opposite ability. This is extremely rare, as usually only one person in an entire family possesses the abilities of their bloodline. Because of this your souls are chained together. If one of you is hurt, the other can sense it, and if one of you dies....well so too does the other...." I stare at him, how could I be so important I had little idea of what any of this meant, but I was interested. I wanted more, but there was little he could give me. "In order to find out about our history and learn how to use our abilities on our journey, we will have to travel to an ancient library. It is protected by an ancient spirit."

"You'll never make it there!" Virda suddenly interrupts. How would she know, no matter what the risk if it means saving my brother I'll take it. "An evil tyrant has locked away the library. Solomon the Shadow King. He holds the spell capable of breaking the barrier. Without that spell you will never make it. I'll let you sleep the night here....?"

"It's Shamia" I reply.

"Right, Shamia. You can stay here, but that sexual glutton, Samael will sleep outside.Agreed? Okay, great" I watched as Samael walked outside head drooped. I felt sorry for him so I followed.

"Shamia, you should be inside..."

"It's fine Samael. You can use my dream cloud to sleep okay? His name is Brahma Asa, but you can call him Asa." At the sound of his name, my Dream Cloud comes flying towards us. "May Samael use your warmth, Asa?" The little cloud spins in both excitement and agreement, and I Samael and I giggle slightly.

"Go inside and get some sleep we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow Shamia." I follow his instruction and make my way back inside. I make my way to the small yet surprisingly comfortable couch, and close my eyes. Finally, something I can control.

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