Hi there! I'm NeoExlucky, but you can call me Neo. So this is the first real fan fiction that I am writing, taking place in the Tales of the Echo universe. This is a pretty interesting story (at least, I think so.) of four of our characters. We have Neo, Zero, Fey, and Zero's little sister; Dusk. This story is going to revolve between points of view. Some chapters will be from Zero and some will be from Neo. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this tale!


Neo wasn't expecting to do much lately. His friends were all out of town and he would like to spend some time with his secret girlfriend but when they are interrupted by an upset Fate and Echo, he's going to have to call on the few friends he has left in the city.

Zero was just going to spend his free time at home. He'd traveled a lot lately and he was just glad that everything was normal for now. He even started tutoring his little sister on combat. During one of these sessions he gets a call from Neo about something weird going on with Echo and Fate, knowing that these two are in danger he agrees to help, knowing that if something happens to them, something worse will happen to him.

Main Characters

Neo Tranquil (protagonist)

Zero Evol (protagonist)

Fey Wayward

Dusk evol

Supporting characters

Fate Serene

Echo Serene

Ricardo the Butler

Mentioned Characters

Ages Tranquil

Leah Dubio

Celia Takashi

Kala the Genie

Trinity Moon

Chapter 1: Make-out session gone wrong

Neo's perspective

The kiss wasn't rushed but the undeniable sense of urgency in it was very noticeable. There was a zap of electricity and in that instant I knew I needed her. I threw my hands onto her shoulders as the room began to spin. I felt her hands running threw my hair, pulling my face closer to hers, close as physically possible. There was a sense of satisfaction in it, a sense of perfection. I knew I wanted her, and it was in this kiss that I discovered everything I needed was right in front of me the whole time. I felt emotionally attached to this woman and everything was perfect. I could literally see fireworks.

Then she slowly pulled away, breaking the kiss, a hint of frustration probed my mind but I got to stare at her beautiful face once more and that brought the hint of a smile to my face. Her long purple hair covered most of her face but the parts I could see, her eyes and her smile, they made it worth it. It was odd to see her in casual clothes for once, especially in the clothes she wore, but I think Leah helped her pick it out, the two were close. A pair of skinny jeans, a red sweater, and an orange scarf. It was a little odd, but it was welcoming and looked really good on her.

“Neo, do you think the others know?” She asked timidly.

“What brought this up?” I asked her, a little concerned, but not too worried.

“Well, I've just been thinking about it a lot. I mean, we live together, and with all the time we spend together I think they might be learning about us.” She brushed her hairs behind her ear.

“Fey,” I stared. “I doubt any of them know. We live with Kala too, and if any of them do know, it'd probably be Leah or Ages.” I smiled. “I kind of hope they do know. Makes things more exciting.”

“What?” Fey started again.

“Look, does it matter if they know?” I asked her.

“It's just really unprofessional for us to be dating.” Fey told me. “Who knows what they would think? I mean Leah and Kala might be fine with it, but what about Rose, or Zero God forbid what would happen if Zapor knew.”

“You're cute when you’re all concerned like that.” I smiled. “It doesn't really matter what they think, as long as you and I are happy together.” She didn't really seem to like that answer. “And I'm pretty sure Zapor wouldn't mind at all.”

Fey smiled a little. “I don't know how you can be so calm about this…” We both leaned in for another kiss when the door creaked open,causing me to groan.

“Young Master,” an old voice said, as a very old man in a suit walked the lounge. “Miss Echo and Miss Fate are here to see you. Miss Fate seems rather disturbed so I would recommend urgency.” He slowly pulled the door close and left.

Fey gasped. “Do you think he knows?”

“I'm sure that if he does, that he’ll keep it a secret. This is Ricardo we’re talking about, he’s been working for my Dad for years.” I calmed her. “Come on, let's go see what Fate's here for.”

We left the lounge and entered the long elegant halls of my house. The red regal carpet and beige wallpaper lined the passageway, as did several wall mounted lamps which illuminated the area. To my left was a hall that led to the staircase to the third floor, where my family and I slept, and in front of me was a hall that led to the staircase down to the ground floor. Every so often you could find doors in the halls that led to different rooms. The lounge, music room and library (where I would often take naps) happened to be my favorites.

Fey and I walked through the halls downstairs into the open entryway. It was a simple room. The walls were painted white, with a wood floor. There was a rug from the staircase that led to the door. On either side were too openings. One led to the den and the other led to the foyer. Fey and I took a left into the plush purple foyer and found Fate holding Echo. Fate looked very disturbed and I could tell that something bad had happened.

“Fate what's wrong?” I asked her urgently.

She sniffed and took a deep breath. She opened her mouth but no words were coming out.

Fey walked over and sat down next to her. “It's okay Fate, you're safe now.”

The cat looked up at Fey, sighed, and started to cry.

Zombies. It had to be zombies. Of all the things I've had to deal with; plastic people, werewolves, dream monsters, dream eaters, cult fanatics, a crazy Doctor, it had to be zombies.

What were the vampires busy?

It had been about an hour since Fate explained what happened. To make it short, Fate and Echo were attacked in the middle of the night by a group of zombies and a man in a black outfit. The zombies had really scared them and the two ran off to somewhere safe, which was here. Fey and I were still in the foyer with Fate and Echo. We had a couple of maids going in and out getting food and coffee for us (milk for Echo).

Fey and I both paced in the foyer. Fate continued sitting on the couch in the room with Echo.

"We need to call the police." I told her.

"And let them try to handle a bunch of zombies?" Fey retorted. "We can't. What do we even say to them? 'Oh we found a bunch of creepy zombies in a house that no one else has seen.' I feel like that won't leave a good impression."

“Well then we need to look into this.” I said.

“We can’t do it on our own.” Fey noted. “I mean, there’s an entire city to scour and there’s so much to do…” She looked up, at me with her big eyes. “I’m so stressed out.”

I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. “Fey, listen, it’s going to be okay.”

“Hey…” Fate interrupted. “I’m...sorry if I was interrupting anything.”

“Hm?” Fey asked. “Oh! you did no such thing.”

“Yeah, I really wasn’t doing much before you showed up.” I said allowed, but Fate didn’t look to convinced. I had to up the ante a little bit. “I...I mean this is awesome! A little adventure sounds pretty good right about now!”

“Well what do we do?” Fey asked.

“Let’s uh...let’s call Zero. He’s probably the only one up this late.” I suggested. “I know Trinity is with a bunch of her students up north in central city, and Leah doesn’t really seem like a night person.”

“What about the others?” Fate asked.

“Ages is off dealing with a case in a different city that needed Kala’s ‘expertise' or something.” I told her. “Celia is off dealing with some family things. Who knows where Saren is, anyone from Omegacorp would take too long, and something tells me we need to take this thing a little more seriously than normal. I don’t really want Zapor or his friends near it.”

“I’ll go ring Zero up.” Fey noted and left the room to get to a telephone.

“Are you sure we’re not interrupting anything?” Fate asked.

“We’re you two on a date?” Echo gasped.

“Huh? No, why would you think that?” I retorted back to them.

“You two just seem a little...flustered…” Fate raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, you guys got attacked by zombies, how are we supposed to feel? You’re the one acting strange you guys are being really calm about it!”

“Maybe you’re right…” Fate sighed.

I sat down in a large arm chair with them. There was a stale silence in the air, that only the ticking of the clock broke. So many thoughts ran through my head right now. This wasn’t really a date with Fey, but it was the first time in a while that I had her all alone with me and now it was ruined by a maniac with some undead puppets. God, my life can never just be normal for once can it?

Fey luckily entered the room again, breaking the silence. “Zero is on his way.” She noted. “We’ll just have to wait.” And so that’s what we did, we waited for what felt like forever.

Chapter 2: The call to save my job

Zero's Perspective

Life had been pretty normal since we got back from Nobbel City. I spent some time with my new friends and teammates a lot lately. I got to know a couple of them a bit more, mainly Leah and Trinity. Leah took a lot of interest in the outside world and so I helped with a couple of things and my little sister; Dusk, asked for help in combat. As it turned out Trinity helped teach at my sister’s school, mainly in combat so Trinity helped me get ahold of the lesson plans so I could help her.

In fact that was what we were doing tonight. Dusk and I were currently out in the courtyard of the apartment complex we lived in. It was night, around 10 pm, I want to say. Dusk wore a leather jacket with black jeans and a pair of red tennis shoes.she had short purple hair that covered her quills pretty well. She had grey eyes like me, was sort of a family trait we all had. She carried an indigo sword that she forged at Phoenix academy.

She called it the queen of blades and it was an interesting weapon. Similarly to Neo’s claws which were imbued with the poison element when he made them, Dusk had imbued her sword with the element of water which caused it to glow a dark blue color. It's a very tedious and long process which is why most people don't do it, on top of that it requires certain materials that not many people use due to its fragile nature and how complicated it can be to make them.

So the area we were in was pretty big. There wasn't much in there, actually there was nothing at all. It was just a plain grassy field, which made it good for sparring. Dusk charged at me, with her blade poised right in front of her. Very quickly I side stepped and pulled the hook of the scythe out, catching her feet and tripping her.

“Woah!” Dusk called out as she fell onto the ground. She slowly picked herself back up. “What did you do that for?” She asked.

“People don't have to play nice.” I told her, offering her my hand. “Remember that in some cases you may not be playing fair.“

“That still hurt…” Dusk noted, rubbing her scraped up right cheek.

“You’ll be okay.” I told her. “It's late why don't we-” I was interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone. I fished the device out of my pocket and saw that Neo’s name lit up on the screen. “Hold on. I should take this.” I pressed the button on my phone and picked up the call.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey Zero.” I heard Fey’s voice ring out. “Uh...we need your help.”

“What's going on?” I asked.

“So Echo and Fate just showed up scared out of their mind.” Fey told me. “They got attacked at their house, by zombies.”

“I'm sorry, what?” I almost laughed. “Zombies?”

“Well that's how Fate put it. Neo and I aren't really sure what it really is but some people did attack them.” Fey explained.

I thought about it for a moment. This was a pretty big deal, especially for me. If Echo was attacked then I needed to look into this.

“Are we going to find out who it is?” I asked.

“Yeah, Neo wants us to look into it. Everyone is gone though, so we’re going to be really short on hands.” Fey noted.

I looked over at Dusk, who seemed interested in the conversation, despite the fact that she was only hearing part of it.

“I'll be there soon.” I told Fey.

“Thanks Zero.” Fey said and hung up.

I put my phone back in my pocket. “Hey Dusk, you want to take on a job?”

“What?” My sister said.

“A job, dear sister. Neo wants to do some investigation tonight. I think it'll be a good experience for you.” I explained, “Plus it might be fun.”

“Well what are we doing exactly?” Dusk asked. “Like what are we investigating.”

“That’s what we’re going to go find out.” I assured her and lead her to my car, a pretty simple silver mustang, it wasn’t anything special. I got in the driver's seat, as she followed in the passenger’s seat on my right and we drove off into the night.

Around ten minutes later we were knocking on the large wooden door to the giant manor that was Neo’s house. Dusk stared in awe at the beautiful building in front of her. Even though I had been here so many times, looking at the building still made me feel small. The place was marble white with large pillars on the concrete porch to the front of their home. There were windows all over the front of the house, and it noticed that most of them were unlit and appeared empty. Made sense I suppose given everyone in the house was gone except for the workers, Neo, and Fey.

I heard some chatter behind the door as Ricardo, the housekeeper, unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Mister Zero has arrived.” He announced. “And he has brought someone with him.” He turned around and led us into the plush foyer, with purple chairs and couches on a lavender carpeted floor.

I Looked over to Neo who was in a black T-shirt and grey cargo pants. Next to him was Fate and Echo who looked like they were in pajamas. I assume Fey went to grab her weapons, as she was no longer in the room. There was an older-looking coffee-colored fox with them in a purple night gown talking in a hushed tone to Fate and Echo. I slowly realized that there were more people home. This was Neo’s mother; Kari Tranquil.

“Who’s this?” Neo asked and nodded over to Dusk.

“This is Dusk.” I introduced. “She's my little sister. I figure since we’re short on hands we can take her with us.”

“Can she fight?” Neo asked.

“I have a sword, don't I?” Dusk asked.

“Having a weapon and knowing how to use it is different.” Neo stated. “Especially in this day and age.” He turned to me. “If this is as dangerous as it sounds then we can't have her coming with us. I don't want to put her at risk.”

“She's been training with me and Trinity.” I explained. “Give her a chance Neo, she's good.”

Neo looked from me to her then back to me. He gave a sigh and nodded. “Alright, but the minute something gets too dangerous she needs to go.”

Dusk gave me a very annoyed look but I was okay with it. Everything would be fine, it has been so far and it would continue to be okay.

Around that time Fey came downstairs in her full steel chestplate, carrying her sword and staff with her. She looked over at me Dusk and nodded, then walked to Neo.

“So what’s the plan?” Fey asked.

“Well, the first thing we should do is look into any clues we can come across.” Neo noted. “I want to say we should head to Fate’s house but I have a feeling that maybe going there right now isn’t the best idea.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“There’s bound to be cops on it by now.” Neo explained. “I doubt the attack went unnoticed by anyone else.”

“We could go to the Prisim Bar.” Dusk suggested.

“The what?” Fey asked.

“The Prisim Bar is a club.” Neo noted.

“And also a hotspot for gossip and all kinds of information.” Dusk added. “People go there all the time to do shady business. Buddy overhears everything, I might be able to get info from him.”

“Buddy?” Neo asked.

“The bartender.” Dusk explained. “We talk all the time.”

“You’ve been going where?” I asked, infuriated that I was just finding out about this club that my own little sister has been going to.

“Oh relax, I don’t drink too much.” Dusk answered as if it were nothing.

“Sounds like our next destination.” Neo noted before I could say anything else. “Think you can get us in there.”

Dusk crossed her arms and smiled knowingly. “Of course I can.”

Chapter 3: Clubbing is Violent

Neo's perspective

I'll admit, letting Dusk come wasn't a good idea at all. She was still new to combat, no matter who she trained with it was a terrible call to let her come. Not to mention how crucial this mission was and how dangerous it could have been. If Zero just wanted her to get experience in anything, we could have done so much more. We could have taken her on some made up patrols, we could have sparred with her, we could have allowed her to go on a mission where we had more people to keep each other safe. But we didn't have the time for letting her go, we were low on members and having just one more extra set of hands could have helped so much. Hindsights 20/20 I suppose.

Anyway, she did show us to a great location though. The Prisim was beautiful. It was made out of this very reflective material and looked to be two or three floors tall. There was a huge line of people and of course there was the bouncer at the door. He looked like your stereotypical kind of bouncer. Tall, very big, bald, and wearing a leather jacket because he thought it made him look tough. He was probably just as stupid too, but I knew that right now, probably wasn't the time for me to go about challenging authorities.

Dusk got us in instantly. We walked from the parking lot towards the door. "Michael!" Dusk called and ran to the bouncer.

"Heya kid, how's it goin?" Michael greeted her. He smiled and looked a little more friendly, but I was more distracted by the steam coming out of Zero's ears. It was slightly comical.

"We're doing a bit of work actually." Dusk said. "Mind letting me and my friends through so we can talk to Buddy?"

"You're running around with these yahoo's?" Michael looked us over. "Well, you're call I guess, come in."

He waved us into the building where we saw lights everywhere. A large dance floor was in the middle with some mirrors on the roof. There were couches everywhere which were a bright orange color. Although the walls and pillars were snow white, the lights were all kinds of different colors and made the entire building feel more colorful than it actually was. The club was crowded with all kinds of people. Some looked like teenagers, and others just adults in their 20's looking for a good time. Some people sat on the couches talking with each other.

Than there was the bar, as white as the rest of the building but with staind glass cups of all sorts of colors. There were fifteen bar stools at a large white marble counter. Cleaning the counter was a man in a black vest and orange tie. He had short brown hair and a goatee. He didn't seem shady but he was apperently the guy who we needed though because Dusk waved at him and walked over, the rest of us followed quickly.

As soon as we got to the bar we found that he had already made a drink for Dusk, which Zero wasn't happy with at all. "Dusk, what are you doing here? It's not Thursday, is it?"

"Not yet." Dusk laughed and took a sip of her icy drink. "We're here for info."

"Now hold on there a minute little lady, you just want me to tell you all about my customers? No can do, that's just bad for buisness." Buddy nodded.

"Oh, I doubt he's a customer of yours, I'm just here for the grapevine." Dusk noted. "After all you do owe me."

"Alright, toots, whaddya wanna know?" Buddy asked, a smirk on his face.

I noticed a glimmer in Dusk's eye. "What do you know about zombie attacks?" I slowly began to realize that this conversation was really creepy.

First of all, there was this weird tension between Dusk and Buddy, second we had Dusk drinking alchohol, or at least that's what I think it was, and then we have this really creepy bartender trying to tell us about zombies. Not to mention that he owes Dusk for something and that was probably the creepiest thing about it. It didn't sound like no ordinary job either. It might have been theft, or maybe illegal goods? I couldn't quite tell. I also noticed that both of my companions were looking very odd. Zero looked like he was about to murder someone and Fey looked disgusted by the area she was in.

"Zombie attacks?" Buddy asked with a puzzled look on his face before all the color drained out of it. "You mean the Necromancer?"

"Necromancer?" I asked. "What's that?"

"The Necromancer is a man said to be connected to the string of disappearences happening lately. He uses old dark magic to bring the dead back to life and forces them to do his bidding." Buddy nodded.

"String of disappearences?" Dusk asked. "I think I heard about that, a bunch of girls have gone missing in the past 10 months, right?"

"Yeah, but that's about all I know." Buddy said. "I can't really help ya anymore toots, but if you're interested in more, try talking to the guys upstairs."

"Upstairs?" Dusk noted. "You mean in the VIP room? You think they would know?"

Buddy nodded. "If anyone would know more about it, they'd be upstairs."

Dusk downed the rest of her drink and set it on the counter. "Thanks Buddy." She got up and led the way to the spiral staircase in the back corner of the building. She looked up into it before taking a deep breath.

"If it's only for certain people why is there no bouncer here?" Fey asked. "Or anything to keep people out?"

"They don't need a bouncer." Dusk answered, putting her hand on the hilt of her blade. "Come on, follow me." She led the way up the metallic staircase until we entered the next room, which seemed so much different than the first floor. The walls and roof were covered in a gold glittery paint with neon lights all over. There were tables and chairs, with people talking all over the place, most of them in some buisness suit or strange outfit. There were bottles of alchohol all over the place, on tables, on chairs, in the corner, on the floor. Oh sweet mother of pearl, the floor.

Apparently the roof of the first floor was just a one way mirror. You could see everything from up on the second floor, which seemed kind of creepy. I noted how people up here would point out people below for some reason, and that just made my skin crawl. What did they do up here?

"Hey!" Dusk noted loudly, causing no one to turn. "Who can tell me about the Necromancer?" That seemed to get everyone's attention.

Litterally everyone turned to face the four of us, it was kind of like some movie when you walk into a bar and everyone in it stares at you like they want to rip your face off.

"The Necromancer?" One guys asked.

"Sorry." Another man stood up, with slick black hair, and a straight black suit. His eyes were red and green and something about him rubbed me the wrong way. He adjusted his black gloves. "You want to know about the Necromancer?"

"Yes." Dusk answered. "And we're not leaving until we find what we want."

The man starred down at Dusk, who stared back at him, both locked in a duel of stares. Neither moved at all until the man did something with the bottom of his gloves and a thick metal came over them. "Well why didn't you say so?" The man asked, his pitch changing to that of a very happy person, although it was clear that he was drunk. "Sorry about trying to scare you, we have to do it to keep the lesser people down below."

"Speaking of keeping people down." Zero started. "What do you know about the Necromancer?"

The man grabbed another bottle, and began to drink from it. "He used to be named Alex. Used to be a pretty normal guy, i've heard. Worked a nine-to-five job, supported his wife and kid, lived a good life, but his wife and kid were shot up by one of the local gangs and died. Guy went crazy, and started to use some magic to get back at the gang. Word is, he's been killing people since. we don't really know why."

"Where can we find him?" Fey asked.

"Girl, if you want to fight this guy than you've got more b-" The man started to say.

"I get that a lot." Fey answered. "Now, please tell us."

"I got word from one of my men that they saw some guy slip behind the soldier's museum and didn't come back. Think that's where he is." The man told us.

"Thanks." Dusk said. "Next time you see me, remind me that I owe you a drink." We turned to leave when we heard the same man give a groan of pain. We turned back to see that he had been stabbed in the neck by a very pale, scrawny man. His eyes were covered in some white substance, and the room filled with this horrible stench. Other members of the room were immedietly stabbed as well, by other pale people. I heard one of them give a terrible screech, and my ears went ringing. They were loud, and very high pitched.

"Zombies?" Fey asked. "The same ones that attack Echo?"

When the man who had been talking fell, the pale thing charged at us with fully speed, only to be decapitated by a swing of a familiar scythe. "No wonder they were scared." There was about eight more of them in the room, all of which was wielding a blade of some kind.

Fey pulled her staff and sword to the ready and I put my claws in front of me.I saw that two of them were headed for Fey, who was ready. She blasted one of them some kind of holy spell, knocking it to the back of the room. The second she parried with her blade, then, in a moment of beauty, turned a full 360 degrees and lopped off the hand of the second one, before she stabbed it's head and kicked it to the ground. "They are already dead." She said in a cold tone. "Do not be afraid to kill them again."

A set of three came after me. I very quickly, sent my claws into the stomach of one, keeping it away from me and threw it into the second one. The third one I grabbed with my other hand, and plunched my claws into it's head. It was a very gross sensation, similar to that of knife being cut into raw bleeding meat, including equally gross sounds. A warm liquid oozed out of it's head, and coated my claws and the tips of my fingers in a yellow substance that I quickly realized was puss. Trying not to throw up, I kicked it to the ground, and stomped on it's head, denting it, and killing it...I think. The other two were still on the ground, as I worked a roundel charge out of my pocket and onto the creatures, setting electricty flying into the system's, and shocking their brains.

Zero, plunged the tip of his scythe into one zombie, and quickly threw it at the other, as he chopped it into several pieces, getting the puss all over his blade. He seemed to have taken care of it quite well. I wasn't too worried.

Then there was the last one. Dusk had parried it's blade with her own and swung her body to the side, creating a large shard of ice, she grabbed it in the air, threw it up and forced it into the back of the zombie head, destroying it.

We all sat there, collectivly gasping for air. "That doesn't seem right..." Fey said.

"I feel like I fought a hundred." I agreed, and took notice as well. My body felt ready to collapse and I was sure that I would. My muscles screamed as I tried to move.

"They were draining our energy." Zero concluded. "They were using an aura. I don't know how but it worked."

"But we knoew where we need to go." Dusk said. "Maybe we should get moving."

I took quick notce that the people down below didn't seem to care about what was going on. In fact it seemed like they didn't know anything happened. Strange, but I didn't have time to think about it, we had to go. With a destination set, it seemed clear that there was only one thing left to do. We had to go investigate in the Marble District.

Chapter 4: Marble District

Zero's Perspective There's something going on. Those things were not normal! They had an aura, I could feel it. For those not in the know, an aura is a power generated from a soul, which means that the person has to be living in order for an aura to generate. The fact that they were draining our energy not only put me off, but playing through my head that they had a soul to begin with made my skin crawl. The very idea sounded horrible.

But I digress, let's get back to the story here. We left the club before anyone took notice of the gigantic problem upstairs. It's probably going to come back on us, but we were tired and scared. We had information though, we just needed to get to it. We drove for another couple of minutes before we wound up in the Marble District.

The Marble District is considered to be the most beautiful place in the city. It's a set of museums, office buildings, parks, and is considered to be a very historical area. The city was original just in the small square before it expanded out, or that's what they tell us. Most of the buildings are shining as they are cleaned daily. The grass is always cut to a particular height, and it's really well guarded. The fact that some villain had made a hideout here, didn't seem to click with me, but since it was the only info we had, we had to use it.

Neo led us to the Solider's Museum which featured staircase leading up to a monument dedicated to soldiers lost in the Great War.

"It's not much of a museum..." Dusk noted absent mindedly. "So he just, goes behind the building or something?"

"That's what that guy said." Fey noted.

"There's gotta be a secret entrance in the back." I told them. "We should look back there for it."

"Right, because it's so easy to find a secret entrance." Fey noted, her words dripping with sarcasm.

"Look," I turned around to face her. "Maybe you don't care about this, but I'm actually trying to take this seriously." I was pissed. We were fighting these zombies things and we needed everyone to be taking this seriously if she wasn't going to do that then she should just go home.

"Excuse me?" Fey asked. "What did you just say to me?"

"I said, why don't you go back home you stupid b-" I started.

"Don't know about you, but I think that Aura is having a lasting effect." Dusk interrupted. "Anyway, we should head back there now."

I was mad, but my sister was right, I followed her lead and walked behind the statue. There wasn't much to see, it was just a bunch of smooth stone carved into the base back here.

Neo, I noticed, seem to be looking at something. Of course he would be the one to find the secret to this base, he's a thief. He's probably done this before.

I watched as he slid his hand over all of the stone. Then he stopped, and began to think. Then he began tapping with the tip of his claw all over, which didn't do much, just made a very soft 'bang' sound until at one point he stopped and continuted to tap on a certain piece of stone. He continuted to tapping then turned to it. "It's hollow." He said. I didn't notice a difference in sound, but it was a good thing he did. He dragged his claw out for a few inches, then drew an outline with it, which resembled a door. "There." He raised his hand up to the top of the outline and seemed to nab his claw in a crevice and pulled, shoving the panel down and revealing a door in hiding. "This is it."

It was warm as we started to enter, that was the first thing I noticed. The area at first was just a long dark hallway but soon we entered an odd room, with a chair, a table, a fire place of all things, and a few books stacked on top of each other. The floor was dirt, and the walls were all stone, but the place didn't look bad, it was lit up by candles and the embers were still dying making them warm. There was another opening which lead to creepiest part of it all.

It was a library with another fireplace. There were bookshelves lining the walls with an assortment of books and a bed in the center. What was creepy though was the painting above the fireplace. It featured a purple hedgehog in a long dress, who looked to be about 13 or 14 years old. She was smiling in the painting and she sat in front of a plain purple background. What made it even creepier? The girl in the painting looked just like Dusk.

"I-is that me?" Dusk asked.

"Well considering how much you frequent that club..." Neo noted.

"No one there would do this stuff," Dusk tried to explain. "And they are all really nice people."

"Are we not going to talk about how the predators on the upper floor who were watching people below?" The fox asked.

I was scared, and worried, and angry. I felt my blood pressure rise to a boil as I saw the painting.

"I found something." Fey said as she held up a ratty looking leather book. She opened it and began to flip through the pages. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated as she found something in it. "I found her hands today..." She started. "I have a long way to go, but I'm on the right path to rebuild her, my daughter will one day reunite with me once again on this planet, no matter how much I..." She stopped and flipped to the next page, she didn't seem pleased with that one either and continuted flipping through the book. "The most important piece of all is next, I need her face, and her eyes, then she will be perfect..."

I grabbed my scythe and cut through the painting in anger. "What is going on?"

"My guess?" Neo asked looking around. "Alex has been kidnapping innocnet girls and killing them. Then he's been taking their body parts and using them to rebuild his daughter."

"Necromancy is one of the most forbidden schools of magic possible. Every mage knows that." Fey said. "Anyone who even bother to dabble in that kind of messes with their head..."

I felt a sharp object enter my neck soon after that, like a knife or something had just entered my body. I tried to gasp, but I couldn't. The air escaped my lungs, my hearing died, and my eyesight was fading. I don't know what happened but I can remember is falling onto the ground, unconcious as I began to hallucinate.

Chapter 5: Freaking Zombies with Lasers

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Chapter 6: Hallucinations

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Chapter 7: Fake-out Make-out

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Chapter 8: Urgency

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Epilogue: Relationship goals

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