Tales of the Echo is a roleplay collection which collects it's roleplays as episodes. The series stars Neo Tranquil, the leader of a group known as the Mythic Knights who act as vigilantes to the city of Station Square, defending it and it's people from the scientific leaders known as The Wicked and the followers of an ancient cult known as The Order of the Scythe. The series first began on June 8th, 2013, however the series as a whole was revamped, alongside it's characters and storyline and premiered once more on October 17th, 2014.

Season 2 Theme and connection to Lyrics

RWBY Volume 3 Opening Animation-0

RWBY Volume 3 Opening Animation-0

Tales of the Echo: Season 2 theme

"Maybe red’s like roses? Maybe it’s the pool of blood" A reference to Igneele siblings, the leaders of the rebellion

"The innocents will lay in when in the end you’ve failed to save them?" The people who died fighting for Rebellion.

"Their dying eyes are wide and white like snow" A reference to the people have died for the The government.

"And now they know the cost of trusting you’s obliteration" The soldiers of Conquest know that they will die for fighting for the

"Mirrors will shatter" The mirror in which the Mythic Knights see themselves in as heroes, is now shattered as they enter war.

"Crushed by the weight of the world" The weight of the world is the war going on in Otogi.

"The pillars collapse in shame." The pillars that the Mythic Knights have built themselves on are beginning to collapse for darker tactics.

"There’ll be no rest"  A reference to Neo's line in the Season 1 Finale, 'Let's take some time to Rest.' which is a sign of peace.

"There’ll be no love" A reference to Neo and Fey and their relationship.

"There’ll be no hero in the end who will rise above" A reference to Neo, who is a hero, who uses aerokinesis to rise above.

"And when it ends the good will crawl"  The good is The Mythic Knights, who are dealing with a lot of pain, stress, and infighting throughout the series.

"The shining knight will sink in darkness" The shining knight is referring to Fey, a magic knight who uses light magic. Thus making her shine.

"Victory for hate incarnate" Hate Incarnate is both the Government and Rebellion, no matter what, one will win.

"Misery and pain for all" Referring to Neo's torture and capture.

"When it Falls" 'It' stands for a lot of things in the series. It stands for peace, justice, the country of Otogi, the Mythic Knights, and the people within the team. It also refers to the lives of the Mythic Knight's leaders.</p>

Main Characters

Neo the Fox

Echo the Cat

Zero Evol

Leah the Hedgehog

Trinity Moon

Celia the Fox

Kala the Genie

Knave Veron

Delta Radon

Main Characters from other users

Saren Arcturias

Zapor the Hedgehog

Lexi the Hedgehog

Zak the Kirby

Masako Haruno

Ciel Mackenzie Fay

Argent Hellsing

Rose Hellsing

Supporting Characters

Fate the Cat

Fey Wayward

Ages Tranquil the Fox

Sedna the Rat

Thomas the Hedgehog (Not Revamped)

Sierra the Echidna (Not Revamped)


Era Tranquil (Rival)

Apollo Alpha Radon (Season 1)

Conquest (Season 2)

Bravo Radon (Deceased)

Foxtrot Radon (Deceased)

Dr. Radon (Deceased)


Orignal version

During 2013, I joined the site and started recording roleplays down on this page. The series is still going on to this day, with three seasons so far. I'm glad that I have started it, and I recently started looking for a partner to help add episodes to the series.

There were very few characters who knew of each other as the show started. When I began, I only had one main character created, until episode 107, when I began introducing many other characters. Most of the episodes in the series are canon.

During season one, many characters were just gathering their bearings and getting started in the series. As such, the first season didn't really have any goals or over arcing themes. It was just a way to get the characters out there. This was the first and last time this would ever happen, as both seasons after which are planned. Characters in the series can remember key moments in this season, but most of the time it is forgetable.

Second season was where things started to pick up. The main goal of this season was to mature the characters a bit. I wanted to put the main characters into situations that forced them to grow up. During the second season things were...different. I felt as if some of the characters in the series were old and stale. The main character, Neo, fell right into a cliche and I wanted to do something differently. As such, I wanted to kill Neo off in the season finale and let Zero become the main character. Near the end though, I decided that I would instead do something differently and brought back both Neo and Fate. This introduced Leah into the plot and decided to use something established in that episode as a later season arc. Characters remember these events somewhat, but not everything is mentioned.

The third season so far, is my favorite. During one of the earlier episodes, I introduced Time Spinner into the plot, a unicorn from Equestria with the power to alter the flow of time. Time Spinner, combined with Leah and Zero, made some great characters. Zero and Leah felt so different from characters like Neo and Fate, who were flat and clicheish. Zero and Leah felt like true characters and I'm glad I let them in. Time Spinner also made for a great character, who only wanted to find his friend and leave, but instead went on a fantastic journey with a couple of strangers. The season arc here was Time Spinner and Aselia. The group needed to find them while also dealing with several other matters. In an attempt to pull Neo into a likeable character, I decided to kill Fury off and let Neo deal with some other activities that haven't worked yet.

During season 4 the series began to die down, and I began to realize that the series was dying. During this time, I came to a very big decision. I either had to end the series and focus on something else or reboot the series as a whole. When it came down to it, I couldn't decide on my own, and with the advice of a couple other people, I decided that the series should be rebooted. Then on August 8th, 2014, the original series of Tales of the Echo has officaly been canceled.

Differences between reboot and original

There are many differences between the reboot and the original version of Tales of the Echo. Many of which can be seen in a variety of different things. The most prominent are the characters, who all were revamped for the reboot, many characters lost countless amounts of traits and previous abilities from the orignal.

One of the more common is the abcence of the chao born race and the Echo project. Both of which, have been removed. Instead, Neo and Leah, the two chao born in the series, are the race they appear as this time, now as a Fox and as a hedgehog respectivly. The Echo project has also been removed from the series, due to confusion, and instead was replaced with a different plot arc that will be revealed soon, concerning Echo. Certain character backstories were also changed, and new characters, such as Kala the Genie, were added.

Tales of the Echo Reboot

Tales of the Echo began it's reboot on October 14th 2014. The series itself was interesting because I got the chance to write all of plot from the first episode. This was hugely different because the first season of the previous incarnation was simply just a collection of roleplays with an acute amount of plot connecting them. This made the season arc of that version very weak, which was the opposite of what I wanted to do with the reboot.

Season 1 has two seperate arcs featured in it. The first arc is what I call the Introduction Arc and focuses on the main characters meeting one another and coming together as a team. Episodes 1-8 make up this arc, and are all episodes which feature the interactions between the characters and a newcomer who, after the episode, becomes a main character. 

The first arc was a little lackluster and probably could have been done better, but the second arc was where things really started to heat up. I began with the betrayal of a couple of characters, which was more interesting than I thought. Having the betrayed characters fight against the team sparked all kinds of different tension between them and other group members. I especially enjoyed the battle between Trinity and the rest of the team. Being able to have Trinity go full out on her own team mates and seeing how they handled the situation was fun, and made me really excited for the rest of the series.

After the betrayal I had the team purposefully split up with our best fighters on one side and everyone else on the other. I had a blast coming up with all the battles in the tournament for the team to fight and they were all a lot of fun. Now on the other side having the rest of the team go to investigate where Foxtrot was, was interesting and certainly provided quite a good bit of story telling. Up until the point I think it was pretty obvious that Era was one of the strongest fighters in the series and having her defeated in one blow by Foxtrot really pushed the focus on how tough it was, at least, that's what I wanted it to do.

Episode list

Season 1 - The Echo Saga

Episode 101: Plastic problems

A little girl, her sister, and their stalker come into town on the exact same day that clones of people try to replace their real versions. Neo Tranquil is a young fox forced to work complete strangers in order to save the city that he cares for so much. Between a crazed doctor, these plastic clones, some ongoing mystery that he does not want to get into, and some sort of magical 'cure' to the plastic people, this is going to be one hell of a day...

Episode 102: A small Ruckus

A group of people have started to think of themselves as 'Vigilantes' and have been going across town trying to defend people and kill criminals. The upside, crime has gone down, the downside, crime has gone down because the criminals are dying. These 'Vigilantes' known as the Royal Flush have started hunting down any criminal still alive and have even started to murder police who get in their way. Now they have hostage and the police can't get involved to stop them. It's up to a group of heroes called on by the detective: Ages Tranquil to help save the officer and stop the Royal Flush.

Episode 103:A childish Venture

Echo, being a young girl from another country, has no idea how to interact with kids her age in this country. That is, until Zapor and his friends come along to try and give her the best time of her life, but between a murderous, mask-wearing psycho path, a noble girl from out of town, and an evil plot said to be taking children away, Zapor might need to try a little harder for this to work. Of course, they aren't that different from these people either. A powerful girl with some unknown secret, and a hyper active boy with enough energy to defy physics, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode 104: Recent Ruins

What exactly lies beyond the forest on the outskirts of Station Square? When a group of adventurers goes in there and finds an old castle, hopes run high. Treasure, titles, history, profit of one kind or another is in store for sure. What also lies in the castle though, is dangerous. What's worse; there's something at the bottom that could destroy the city, a beast locked up for a reason and our foolish adventurers have just awoken it.

Episode 105: Reale's night lights

A trip to the casino town known as Reale city certainly sounds like fun, right? But when the team is gathered together and hired to deal with a psycho-kinetic mafia leader, things are going to take a strange turn from fun to creepy, in the worst kind of ways possible. Between horrid nightmares, dreams of the past, and a full out confrontation from The Wicked, the team is going to learn what exactly they have thrown themselves into, and what a mess it really is.

Episode 106: Something Wrong in Station Square

The group awakes on this fine morning to find that there is something wrong with the town. There are no people here, none. They are alone in this cold, lonely town and yet they are not, for something is lying in the shadows, constantly trying to get them and these...things are just the start, between a hunter trying to kill them, and the mysterious genie girl with them, the group is going to have to fight through this eerie death trap of a city in order to get to find where this person is, and stop them.

Episode 107: Technology these days...

Technology runs the world, there is no doubt about that, but something always seems to go wrong for our heroes. When a hacker starts to take control of the world, it seems our heroes will have to rely on some...not so good people to help control the mess, and send our friends into the world of technology, with the help of a pacifist hacker girl from Neo's past!

Episode 108: A noble effort

When a noble woman asks Ages Tranquil to help her with a case he can't solve, Ages will need help from the one person who has the friends to solve this; his brother, Neo. There is a werewolf in this town, and our heroes will need to investigate what it is, before the day is over, and the entire village becomes werewolf food! Luckily, this noble woman's got a bit of fight in her too, and she'll help in any way she can.

Episode 109: Memories...?

Memories make up who you are. They shape your emotions, your personality, they shape just about everything. What happens when someone steps in and is able to control your memories, to make you believe that something happened when it didn't, to make you feel something when you shouldn't, to make you hate someone you don't? That is exactly what has happened.

Episode 110: The Leo Tournament

After a betrayal from their friends, The Mythic Knights banded together to enter the tournament and try to make sure everyone was safe, but with the looming threat of Foxtrot near, they group knows that no matter what they do, they are going to have to deal with something really bad and that something is going to have to involve the Echo Project in just about the worst ways.

Episode 111:Friend or Foe?

Dr. Radon's warning was dismissed and now the concequences must be paid. In a city full of mysterious people for the tournament and betrayal at every turn from their allies, the Mythic Knights will have to survive their enemies and each other in order to discover where Echo is, and what to do about their traitors.

Episode 112: An Echo of science

What makes someone special? What allows a mobian to have the powers they have? Between super durability and the powers to control the elements, what makes them this way, and why do some people never develop powers? What if you could give someone powers, what if you could give someone every power that existed? What would someone do for that kind of power?

Episode 113: Full Potential

The world of Mobius is a highly advanced one. A world where people use their minds to do incredible things. To invent and to build is something that everyone does. So, what about a world where there are no powers? A world in which everyone is on the same playing field? Nothing would change then, but what if you then gave one person all that power? What happens to that person? She becomes a War Machine. And that War Machine's name is Echo Radon.

Season 2 - The Civil War Saga

Episode 201: Taken

Awakening in a strange land, the Mythic Knights are tasked with gathering information against a new threat that they have not encountered before. They will have to infiltrate a fort and get to the top floor in order to find the papers they need for their job, but this threat is stronger than any they faced before. It might take some strong power in order to get them out alive, or maybe just a sacrafice.

Episode 202: Shadows Gather

With the Shadow Legion assembled, they are sent on their first mission, to assassinate the princess of the kingdom right now. As Kala performs, things quickly get out of hand, as the genie is assaulted and proceeds to go into a super form to defend herself, the target gets away, and a newcomer arrives to deal with the legion, Eliza Hamilton.

Episode 203: Shadows Grow

After befriending Eliza, the shadow legion will have to fight a war where many of their troops are scattered out. Delta takes the lead as the army's leader and tactiction. Facing off against them though is a new threat, Celia is the enemy tactiction for this battle, and it's going to be a difficult battle for the gambler to take on possibly the most intelligent woman in the war.

Episode 204: In the Shadows

With most of the team scattered off into the different parts of the town, many members of the Shadow Legion are now working on their own agendas. With Saren trying to obtain new power, Christina defendng her fallen friends, Lexi discovering more of this mysterious country and Clock Watch working towards the rescue of a new girl with the powers of a dragon, the team will encounter new enemies that make things all the more terrifying.

Episode 205: The Third Army

The conclusion of the Viola City arc, after the real war is over, the Shadow Legion is informed by Treasure that there are more factions to this war than just simply the Government and the Rebellion as they soon learn of the third army in this war of theirs, the Triad, a group of powerful and evil members fighting against both sides to try and take the crown for themselves.

Episode 206: Madness

The Mythic Knights are tasked with trying to persuade a young, outspoken, noblewoman to join their cause while also trying to obtain one of the Excalibur Blades, but in the midst of all of this, they are ambushed by a strange woman calling herself The Queen, who is known for being on of the leaders of Conquest. She quickly throws The Mythic Knights in jail but not before brutally beating one of their members to death.

Episode 207: Off with their heads!

In order to save themselves from certain death, The Mythic Knights are granted the privilage to travel back in time before the execution of one of their members and try to keep them from dying by killing The Queen. Time Spinner's old friend returns to stop them in their tracks, and tries to create a paradox. Lexi meets with The Rook who sheds some more light on her weapon while Saren attempts to gain the power of holy magic from two of his most distrusted allies.

Episode 208: We're all Mad Here

Several familiar faces come together to help the Mythic Knights defeat the enemy at hand, as Ann Denerim, the Noblewoman from Crystal CIty, reveals a terrifying truth about her position in the world, and Time Spinner reveals the origins of the Shards of Light. Lexi tries to rescue an old friend, while Saren deals with a familiar enemy head-on in an attempt to save his own life, but at what cost?

Episode 209: Parley

With the last step taken, the Shadow Legion has put the rebellion into a whole new league of power. While celebrating their latest victory they are summoned to a parley by their enemies to try and talk through the end of the civil war and what the government and rebellion are going to do next. As the event continues the Knights learn quickly something is not quite right here and that there has been one person pulling all of the strings all along, and that his conquest has finally come true.

Episode 210: The next step

The Mythic Knights team up with what is left of Rebellion and former Government to take back the country. The team is sent into the heart of the captical city to stir up some trouble and create a distraction so their two ally forces and conscript enough troops for one final battle. Lexi, Saren, and Delta learn more about Celestial Magic and when it was first used before.

Episode 211: The City of Piana

All out war has begun and the Mythic Knights begin to fight through the city to get to the last leader of Conquest and defeat him. As the battle progresses, things become increasingly more difficult as many members of the team become injured and are required to turn back, when one long lost friend joins the fight again. Zero, Leah, and Echo combine their powers to save Saren's life.

Episode 212: Fort Drakon

The building known as Fort Drakon is a monumental fortress originally made to fight off against anyone who would dare stand against the first dragon king. It is a place of monsters, soldiers, and criminals, and it is the place where The Mythic Knights will have their stand off against the last Conquest leader, only to be met with one last thing in their way, the greatest distraction of all.

Episode 213: Fey

Fey Wayward is a magic knight from several years ago, where she first came from the civilization known as The Order of the Scythe. She was found many years later in a set of ruins dubbed Wayward Castle and has since become a Mythic Knight. She sacrificed herself for the Mythic Knights and disappeared only two weeks ago, and now she faces the biggest threat that she has ever known.

Stories that are canon to the Series

The Necromancer

The Necromancer is a fan-fiction writeen by NeoExlucky which takes place between Episode 108 and 109. It is a story which features Neo Tranquil, Fey Wayward, Zero Evol, and Dusk Evol. The story's main plot invovles the group investigating a man named the Necromancer and the connection between him and the sereis of disappearences in the city. The story revolves between Neo's more emotionally descriptive point of view, and Zero's more phyiscially detailed point of view. The fanfiction is also the first time that the romantic relationship between Neo and Fey is featured and plays a big role.

Season 1 Theme

Negima!? ネギま!? HD English Opening 1

Negima!? ネギま!? HD English Opening 1

Tales of the Echo season 1

"There's a longing deep inside of my heart!" Many of the characters feel the need to adventure, which is described as a longing by Neo in the first episode.

"So filled with passion yet it keeps us apart." Although Zero feels this longing too, he feels it in a different way, and is the reason he joined A.R.T.E, which led to his betrayal of the group.

"That's the irony of how I learned to love." Kala, being trapped in a bottle, was forced away from everyone she ever knew, but oddly enough it fueled her need to love people.

"Opportunities they come and they go." Leah barely took the opportunity to leave her village for a life of exploration.

"Uncertainties can make it hard to know." Celia was often uncertain of the morality of the hacking tasks she performed and it started to blur her sense of right and wrong.

"We can take a chance and choose to rise above." Trinity became a mercenary who did anything for money, but took a chance to find Neo and rose above that part of her life.

"You give me strength, you shine in my affections." Echo's thoughts on what the Mythic Knights have done for her, and what they mean to her.

"You light the darkness that's in my life." Fey's feelings towards the rest of the team, especially Neo.

"Though there are times that I feel like giving up, I know there's reason for living today!" How all the group has felt, but they all give each other a reason to live.

"Our lives are sparking now, we're growing up, our hearts are getting strong!" The members of the Mythic Knights have found their true calling and are growing up and getting stronger with this purpose.

"If we wanted to, we have the power to change the world!" How Neo feels about what the group can do together.

"Sparking now, search within your soul to find the answer." It is described that the powers of a mobian come from the soul, thus you would search your soul for power.

"Push yourself to the Edge, give 1000 percent!" The group often goes the distance when they fight against evil, and have to push themselves to stop it.


  • Tales of the Echo was inspired by the Smash and Co. Roleplay series
  • Tales of the Echo was one of the first pages NeoExlucky ever made on the Sonic Fanon Wiki, and is the first project he has ever worked on. It is also the longest project he has ever worked on, lasting roughly two years.
  • There have been several attempts to make a spin-off series of Tales of the Echo, and many ideas have come across to make them. There has been a series focused Ages Tranquil and his detective mysteries, a series focused on Time Spinner working at a High School, which houses a rift to other dimensions, and a series focused on a traveling group of Elementals. Although all three series have failed, NeoExlucky still wants to one day make a spin off roleplay series that more people can be apart of.
  • During the beginning of the series, Neoexlucky often participated in roleplays with random people. Eventually when he began to write his own roleplays he often found himself working with two other people, Zapor888 and MaverickHunterSigma, with a third reoccuring user, Pianoteen often making appearences. With the reboot, NeoExlucky tried to make the Tales of the Echo team more organized, and recruited several more people into the team, although due to the sheer size of it all, not many people posted. In the end, the team was downsized, with Zapor and MHS returning to their old roles as part of the team. However two new members have made their way into the team as well, Saren the Dark Lynx and Timesmashaperil. Pianoteen still makes appearences every so often.
  • Tales of the Echo has many season arc ideas and episode ideas created. At the moment of this last edit there are currently eight confirmed season arcs with 13 episodes in each arc. There are also two more season arcs which are planned to be featured in the series, but do not have full episode plots for all of their episodes.
  • Tales of the Echo was named after one of NeoExlucky's favorite game series, the Tales Of series, and named after the series arc known as the Echo Project. However after the reboot, this was changed, though the name remained the same. However NeoExlucky has said that he wishes he could change the name of the series.
  • The world of Tales of the Echo is vast and features a lot of different cultures thought out into it's different countries. There are also other details like the government in the United Federation, the country of the main setting of the series, as well as guilds, and other pockets of world information that NeoExlucky has thought of in the world, however due to the nature of the series, Tales of the Echo might never cover all of it, since the series is focused on the Mythic Knights of Station Square who would be difficult for NeoExlucky to see move to another country or play politics.
  • Tales of the Echo originally had a large character problem. Many characters were introduced into the pre-reboot series, in fact so many that not many of them got the screen time they deserved and many plots when unnoticed as did characters. When the reboot happened, NeoExlucky made a list of characters that he wanted to introduce in the series and made sure to give them plot time to focus on them as a character, this list has only been edited twice to include two new characters introduced in the series, one of which being Kala the Genie. The second character is unknown at this point but will be revealed in season 2.
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