Tales of Soleanna is a thing I made when I was bored basically. It's an alternate Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 with no other characters apart from tails (who he only meets in the epilogue) and then very, very weakly based off of '06 (in name only basically)


Act I: The Beginning

Sonic is running through West Side Island when he notices that the animals are gone and have been replaced by robots. Confused, he breaks one open, only to find two animals trapped. He decides to save all the animals and eventually reaches some marble ruins and lava. He realizes someone must have done this, and after the runs he meets Eggman for the first time. However when he defeats him, Eggman runs off. He pursues through a pinball arcade, a underwater cave, a small base of Eggman's and Eggman's true base before finding him. Sonic nearly dies during the hard fight, but narrowly survives to defeat Eggman. Eggman runs away despite being injured.

Act II: Hidden Palace

Four months later, Eggman confronts Sonic again. He pursues him as normal (although through different areas) until he reaches Eggman's second base, built out of an abandoned palace hidden in a cave. As he reaches it, it spectacularly explodes. Sonic immediately speeds off, sparing his life, off to the next base, full of oil.

He eventually reaches Eggman's massive ship, which had just taken off. As he gets through it, he notices a huge ship about to launch. Sonic goes and defeats Eggman in the nick of time before it can launch and survives. Eggman survives too.

Act III: Death Egg

Eggman survived the incident with the large ship, and actually successfully managed to launch it. Called the Death Egg, he plans his next incident in there. Sonic notices the Death Egg and goes off to pursuit. However, he can do little better than reach the launch area. Just as he lost all hope, the Death Egg unexpectedly loses power and crashes, exploding. Eggman narrowly survives, to think up his master plan for years...

Act IV: Festival of the Sun

7 years later

Sonic, now 15 and a teen, is rapidly 'orbiting' a mountain. He falls into a cave abruptly. Sonic explores this cave, trying to find a way out. He lost his balance at some point and then touched a ring. The ring exploded with great power, flinging Sonic somewhere. He lost consciousness, and woke up in Soleanna, during the 734th Festival of the Sun. However, he didnt't know this as he can only see fireworks. Instinctly, he turned towards them and ran. He eventually finds himself in Soleanna Central at night. Sonic, having only seen humans occasionally before, starts exploring. He notices the current sovergien, Princess Elise III, addressing the crowd. Zipping through the crowd Sonic is noticed, but there isn't much reaction. Running about at top-speed, confused, he eventually ends up wrecking several resteraunts and a park, knocking things over.

The police come to arrest him for vandalism and Sonic is involved in a high-speed police chase. However he gets away and then keeps running around Soleanna Central.

Suddenly a massive flash occurs, and there is a small explosion. Elise is knocked off her pedestal and several crowd members are killed. Eggman appears.

Act V: Eggman's Return

Eggman appears, firing guns and fire everywhere. Many are injured and killed. The police try to intervene but can't. Elise is taken hostage and Eggman runs off. Sonic pursues. During the chase, Sonic is shot multiple times and the army attempt to intervene. Eggman sets up in a building two miles away while Sonic gives chase.

Act VI: Warped

Act VII: Operation: Wiped Clean

Act VIII: Fall of Soleanna

Act IX: Time of Crisis

Act X: The Pursuit

Act XI: Finale

Act XII: Epilogue

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