Tales of Central City (or ToCC for short) is a fanon project in development by LordSHIFT. Production is nearly comlete.LordSHIFT is just tweaking with the music, but it should be released in all it's poorly made glory soon, as will more information and backstory for the new characters. Stay tuned for more updates, not that anyone is...


Brief Outline

The time is just after the events of Sonic Battle and Shadow the Hedgehog and during the Sonic Advance 3 crisis.

The world is in panic after the ‘Red and Black scare.’ Though there is now no trace of the aliens, their memory lives on. GUN, having just hired Shadow as an agent, is having trouble trying to keep him out of harms way as angry civilians look for a target to focus thier rage on.

There is now a financial crisis affecting the whole planet, pathing the way for a new financial super power, Davey Krane. An entrepreneur and billionaire, Davey is one of the richest people on the planet, second only to the Duskarens. This new threat uses underworld connections and his vast wealth to assert his dominance over the world. A GUN agent must try to uncover his dark dealings before he has full control over the city, but will discover more secrets along the way than he ever imagined.

A secret robot rebellion has been started be Metal Sonic, once again, in the hopes of taking over a fragmented world. Though Eggman has yet to know about it, someone or something has set out to thwart it.

Eggman, however, is planning to test out his latest invention to split the planet into seven pieces for unknown reasons. In addition to this, he has resurrected one of the greatest threats known to Sonic and Co., Emerl the Gizoid. Now named Gemerl, he has had his memory purged and is now a mere instrument of destruction. This new threat has Sonic tied up at this time.

At club Rouge, a mysterious new stand-up comedian, named ‘MadJack’ the Fox has appeared. There is something eerie about him that Rouge doesn’t trust, but he attracts customers.

And finally, Davey Krane’s tendrils of corruption have reached Casinopolis, where his sub-boss and sister, Lily Krane, is supposed to be safe-guarding the financial interests of the company. However, she, in fact, has her own agenda and will stop at nothing to achive it.

Bizarrely the fate of the world for once doesn’t lie in Sonics’ hands as he battles Eggman and Gemerl, but rather the hands of a civilian, a madwoman, a detective, a comedian and a murderer.


Part I

Follow the link to see part one, as my computer won't upload video... If somone could insert the video below, that would be real helpful :)


Zack the Cat

Sunny the Hedgehog

Jack "MadJack" the Fox

Agent Vii

Alexis the Cat

Rouge the Bat

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower


Davey Krane

Lily Krane


Dash the Hare

Xim the Waxwing


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Metal Sonic

Gemerl (heavily referenced only)

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