Take a Stand is the main theme for Sonic Overload(Heroic412229's version). It is composed by

This song talks about taking a stand for what we believe in or think is right, like Sonic and his friends taking a stand to save the world and beyond from the forces of evil, Eggman taking a stand for taking over the world and creating his evil empire, and Ominous taking a stand for an omniverse and beyond free of all evil and conflict for good.


An orchestrated version of the song can be played during the final boss of the game.



Verse 1

This is our determination.
We will fight to make it right and true.
All we need is our full concentration.
And then we can take back our due.
Fighting strong for existence.
Against the shadows of strife.
We must all go the distance.
There's no time to go run and hide.

Pre-Chorus 1

Chorus 1

Verse 2

This is my own ambition.
I'll take hold of the planet.
Without any distractions.

Pre-Chorus 2

Chorus 2


It's my true mission
To change the way we all act and feel
Time to break up all this tension
Then we all can finally be free

Chorus 3


Connection to the game


  • This is the first main theme song written by Heroic412229.


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