This is an article about Taisho The Hedgehog, a character created by ShadowVenus on 03/28/2019.


Taisho is a diamond blue male hedgehog , He has white eyes and wears a green dragon coat and green pants and , He has shadow like spines and pulled down hair along with small spikes on his head, Wears white gloves and green shoes.


Taisho is a calm is a silent hedgehog, He is a respectful and kind hearted guy especially to his most loyal student Joshua The Hedgehog, Because he is a well-known warrior he is constantly harassed by fans of his. He doesn't like the attention but tolerates it sometimes. While simply Interacting with people he is respectful, But when it comes to fighting he will stop at nothing to win the fight even going as far to use lethal attacks. It isn't just serious battles if the fight is just a friendly sparring match your a training lesson he still does it.This is more of the dark side of Taisho, He a fighter who always wishes to improve himself and come out on top.



Taisho was born in the hiro clan head quarters. He never got to meet his parents and he still wants to meet them to this day, He was treated very poorly as a baby being forced to learn very hard languages and other stuff that someone his age at the time shouldn't know. Around when he was five he began to take martial arts lessons daily. And did this for mostly his entire life.Because of he managed to rank his way in the hiro clan fast. He was so strong to the point where he made it to master rank, Which was a rank that not even the higher up's of the clan could reach. Soon as he was given master rank, The sensei (The leader of the clan), Gave him a magical water that granted the user otherworldly powers. Since then he became a warrior in the clan he even trains a young student name Joshua The Hedgehog.

Powers and Techniques

  • Can shot basic blast's of energy which can do a lot of damage
  • Is a super skilled fighter because he's been learning martial arts his whole life
  • Can shoot devastating strikes of lightning which of the power of destroying average size buildings with one blast's
  • Can do a very powerful dragon punch which hits at a fast speed
  • Can shots blast of wind which is so strong to the point where it can destroy atoms
  • Is super agile and fast to the point where he can dodge fast and super-powered attacks
  • Is skilled at using a lot of weapons
  • Can break basic metal with his bear fist
  • Can do a more darker version of his dragon fist attack which as the power to shut down people's soul's, How ever he almost never use the attack


  • Because he is a very humble and respectful guy which means he is super easy to manipulate
  • While is lighting attack is strong it take a long time to power up which leaves him open to attack
  • His dragon fist attack (The regular one not the dark one) is very out of control and has a chance of hitting him
  • While resistant to alot standard physical attacks, He can be hurtin by energy attacks

Relationships with other characters

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