Tails is one of the ten major characters in the animated series, Sonic Adventures. he is a two-tailed anthropomorphic yellow fox who is Sonic's best friend and sidekick. He serves as a pilot and overall brains of Team Sonic, a team of heroes who save the world from the forces of evil.


Due to the series being a modern culture reboot of the original video game series, each character had to had a design that either matches their identity or references. Tails has on a yellow pilot's suit to show that Tails is a flight type and he also has on his regular shoes and gloves.


When Tails was captured by Dr Eggman from his jungle home, Tails quickly escaped from a mutation experiment, but was zapped a little bit and ended up with two tails, but it allowed tails to use them like a helicopter in order to fly. When Sonic first met Tails, he was amused by his ability to fly and asked Tails if he wants to help him take on Eggman and he agreed and then the two of them became best friends.

Episode Appearances

  • Help Wanted
  • The Emerald Adventure
  • Shadow Faces Perfect Chaos
  • The Battle for the Chaos Emeralds
  • Knuckles' Valentine's Day
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • The Black Arm Invasion
  • Fiona's Secret Date
  • Sharing's Caring
  • The Creation of Mephiles
  • Big Red Loser
  • Opposite Day
  • Rock-A-Bye Birdy
  • Bossy Boots
  • The Bully
  • Sleepy Times
  • Sharked!
  • Hedgehog Havoc
  • Treasure Team Tango
  • The Law of the Echidna
  • The Shadow Fall
  • The Blue Caper
  • Rise of the Werehog
  • Food Con Castaways
  • Chaotix Employee of the Month
  • I Had An Accident!
  • Robo-Buddy
  • Chocolate with Nuts
  • Rouge, Shadow and the Chaos Monster
  • Can You Spare A Dime?
  • Eggman's New Amusement Park
  • Shadow's Band Geeks


Tails is a friendly young fox with a plucky "can do" attitude and a inherit optimism. He enjoys helping Sonic and his friends, especially when it comes to saving the world. Tails enjoys flying, especially when using planes and he also like to have fun with Sonic and Knuckles.

 Powers and Abilities

  • Tails is capable of spinning his tails forwards and backwards like a helicopter in order to fly.
    Tails' Flight
  • Tails is also capable of using planes and space shuttles.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Tails
Sonic is Tails' Best Friend, Tails enjoys helping Sonic. The both of them even enjoy having fun with each other and with Knuckles as well.

Knuckles the Echidna

Tails and Knuckles

Knuckles is also Tails's best friend, Tails enjoys having fun with Knuckles.

Amy Rose

Angry at the Gorilla

Amy is a close friend of Tails.

Sticks the Badger

Meet Big

Sticks is also a close friend of Tails.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic VS Shadow on Prison Island

When Tails first met Shadow, they started off as enemies because Shadow framed Sonic by stealing a chaos emerald. But when Tails, Sonic and Shadow worked together to save the United Kingdom form being obliterated by the Space Colony ARK, Shadow became one of Tails and Sonic's allies, friends and rivals. Whenever Tails is having fun with either Sonic or Knuckles, Shadow can sometimes find Tails as such an annoyance which makes him angry every time.

Rouge the Bat

Sonic, Tails and Rouge
When Tails first met Rouge, he and Sonic needed her help to stop Dr Eggman and Shadow on the Space Colony ARK. Tails doesn't mind talking with Rouge seeing as how they are both flight type and they can sometimes get along with each other so well.

Blaze the Cat

Sonic and Blaze-0
Blaze is another close friend of Tails. Whenever Blaze needs someone to help her, Tails is always there to help.

Dr Eggman

VS Eggman
Tails and Sonic share the same Arch Enemy, Dr Eggman and whenever Eggman comes up with an evil plan, Tails is always there to help Sonic foil it.


Team Sonic:

Team Dark:

Team Rose:

Team Chaotix:

Team Sol:

  • Blaze the Cat
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • Silver the Hedgehog (ally and arch-rival)

Team Babylon:


  • Chip
  • Yacker
  • Professor Pickle
  • Tikal the Echidna


  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Wave the Swallow


  • Dr Eggman (arch enemy)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog
  • Fiona Vixen (sworn enemy and betrayal)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Chaos
  • Biolizard
  • Black Doom
  • Black Death


Promotional Art

Tails Render 1
Tails Render 2
Tails Render 3
Tails Redesign


  • Tails' Redesign is made to represent him being a flight character.
  • In Most Episodes, Tails parodies characters such as Gary from SpongeBob SquarePants and BeastBoy from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!.
  • When Tails is in his summer outfit, his appearance is nearly the same as his appearance in the main Sonic series.

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