Mega-Mole Mech Boss Transcript

00:00 - 00:25

DR. FUKUROKOV: You were my spy, and yet you defy me? So be it! You shall pay for your ingratitude with relentless pain!

EGGMAN (radio): Can you hear me, Tails? We've managed to escape from that mothership. There's no need to hold back; cause as much havoc as you need to!

CREAM (radio): Go for it, Tails!

SONIC (radio): With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, you can launch your Thunder Shoot! Use it to impale that mech!

SHADOW (radio): Don't let your guard down, kid!

00:27 - 00:35

ROUGE (radio): Hold down the ⬜/B/X button to build up power, and then release it to throw the Thunder Shoot.

SHADOW (radio): Hey, you can use it to destroy obstacles in your way!

00:40 - 00:52

KNUCKLES (radio): Hey, can you hear me, Tails? You need Rings in order to maintain your Super Form. You'll burn through your Rings over time, so keep an eye to make sure you don't run out!

AMY (radio): You can get more rings from those balloons!

01:00 - 01:16

EGGMAN (radio): Is that thing invincible?! No! He's got to have some sort of weak point! 

ROUGE (radio): That's it! The chest! The mech's weak point has to be the chest that's following you!

KNUCKLES (radio): All right, then! Tails, his chest keeps moving! You've got to track it down!

01:29 - 01:39

SONIC (radio): Tails, you may be invincible in your Super Form, but getting hit will cause you to lose time!

AMY (radio): It's all over if you run out of Rings. If you're running low, focus on getting more first!

01:56 - 02:10

CREAM (radio): Do you read me, Tails? If you're too far away, your Thunder Shoot will be useless. But if you get too close, he'll warp away from you! You need to keep the right distance!

SHADOW (radio): Do your best, kid, and keep up with the machine!

03:17 - 03:26

EGGMAN (radio): Tails, it's useless to attack those flying objects! Listen carefully: use your full-power Thunder Shoot to attack his chest! That's his weak point!

03:50 - 04:15

DR. FUKUROKOV: Why? Why can't you understand that these humans are the parasites of this world? Absolute power is the only way to bring order to the planet... The humans are almost eliminated! Tails, open your eyes. Realize that sympathizing with those guys has all been a mistake!

04:27 - 04:46

EGGMAN (radio): Tails... can you hear me? The mind control system from the mothership has... still made its way into our shelter...

AMY (radio): Aah! *cough* I... can't move...!

KNUCKLES (radio): T-Tails... Don't, worry about us... You've got to... destroy that thing!

05:00 - 05:15

DR. FUKUROKOV: Before long, the system from this ship will have spread over the entire planet... Tails, cease these futile attempts to resist. You alone cannot change this planet's fate!

05:22 - 05:34

CREAM (radio): Wh-wh-what do we do? I can't... keep, my... eyes...

ROUGE (radio): T-Tails... I believe in you... You've... gotta finish this...

05:34 - 05:48

SONIC (radio): Ah! Tails! You're... supposed to be our only chance... right? You've gotta... keep going...

SHADOW (radio): I, can't hold up... any longer, Sonic...! 

06:00 - 06:30

SONIC (radio): Tails... can you hear me...? This might be the last chance I have to speak to you, so listen closely... I have been a nicest person you've ever loved... You impressed me with all these inventions you can come up with... I had brought you in while you were homeless... I had protected you from bullies that I had took out... And I did everything I could to make you happy... We helped each other on adventures to stop Eggman... You really are my best friend and sidekick a true hero like me always deserves... forever!

06:45 - 07:05

DR. FUKUROKOV: The time has come! Now, that the mind control systems have overrun this tainted world, MY reign has BEGUN! Mwahahahahaha!! Hahahaha! HAH-hahahaha!!

(After taking more damage)

DR. FUKUROKOV: Impossible! I'm the supreme leader who rules this universe! Mark my words, Tails The Fox, I will return! Gaaahh!!

(After winning the battle)

TAILS: Good riddance, Fukurokov, you will not be missed!

Cutscene 2

[The scene relocates to the Pentagon at Washington, D.C. Scenes showing the Battle Bird Armada are shown on various screens, as well as a map of locations around the world that have been attacked by the Battle Birds. A soldier runs to U.S. General Tower, watching events from his chair in the back of the command center.]

Captain: The Battle Bird Armada has hit six major cities around the world, and every city is reporting significant damage and casualties. Among them, Empire City has received the heaviest casualties due to its weakened defense system. Downtown Empire City has been almost completely destroyed. Unconfirmed sources have also reported seeing a yellow, two-tailed flying fox in Empire City.

Commander: Tails? Deploy as many troops as you can! If you find Dr. Fukurokov and his armies, wipe them all out!

Captain: [Rubbing his helmet in confusion] But, sir, isn't Tails on our side... sir?!

Commander: It's okay there, soldier! He always remains on the good side!

[The Captain leaves the room.]

Commander: You can't fool me, Fukurokov! (clenching fist) This time, you're mine!

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