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Miles "Tails" Prower (Protocol Cy-Fox)


Admiral Lord Miles Annorax Prower, 1st Earl of Devon KRSN UNTC VC GCB OM GBE GCVO DSO CGC DSC MC, PhD. (2092-) is the First Space Lord of the Keplerian Republic Space Navy and Deputy Director of the British Temporal Security Service (MI-T). He is also the first earl of the newly recreated peerage of the Earl of Devon and starts the lineage of the English House of Prower.


  • Race: Keplerian Fox
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'11" (2107-2115), 6'4" (2115-)
  • Weight: 160 lbs (average)
  • Special Traits: Polycaudal
  • Nationality: Keplerian (primary), Swedish, British

Notable Family

Military Record & Education

  • Graduate of Bladins International High School - 2106
  • Graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College (Information Warfare Officer Track) - 2110
  • Graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies - 2115
  • Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics & Temporal Mechanics, Imperial College London - 2117
  • Master of Science in Astrophysics & Temporal Mechanics, Imperial College London - 2119
  • Doctorate in Temporal Mechanics, Imperial College London - 2122
  • Information Warfare Officer (Sub-Lieutenant to Lieutenant), KRSS Campbeltown - 2110-2112
  • Information Warfare Officer (Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander), KRSS Warspite - 2112-2115
  • Commanding Officer (Lieutenant Commander to Captain), KRSS/KRTS Warspite - 2115-2117
  • Commander (Commodore to Rear Admiral), 1st Temporal Battle Squadron - 2117-2119
  • Commander (Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral), Keplerian Republic Space Naval Forces - 2119-2122
  • Deputy Fleet Commander - 2122-2123
  • Fleet Commander (Vice Admiral to Admiral) - 2123-2127
  • First Space Lord: 2127-

Commands Held

  • KRSS I.K Brunel (Repair Tender) - 2111
  • KRSS/KRTS Warspite (Battleship/Time Battleship) - 2115-2117
  • 1st Temporal Battle Squadron - 2117-2119
  • Keplerian Republic Space Naval Forces - 2119-2122
  • Deputy Fleet Commander - 2122-2123
  • Fleet Commander - 2123-2127
  • First Space Lord - 2127-


Born on October 16, 2092 at the Keplerian Republic Army Medical Center in the capital city of Mobotropolis, Miles (or Tails as he is better known) was born to General Amadeus Prower and former Royal Army of Acorn Captain Rosemary Prower. Both parents were famous, his father staging a military coup against the last Sovereign of the Kingdom of Acorn that the Keplerian Republic formed from, King Frederick in 2085. His mother was arguably just as notorious, being the head scientist involved in the Kingdom's atomic weapons program but also attempting to stall or outright sabotage King Frederick's plans.

Living a relatively comfortable upper-class life in the new Republic, Miles primarily was raised by his mother and the head of the household staff, Amadeus' former executive officer of the 1st Royal Guards Armored Regiment, Colonel Jules Ogilvie, who was wounded severely trying to protect his commander from a sniper attack. His father would be busy working to modernize Republic Forces with human assistance.

The young fox would find his talent in electronics early on, but the idea of a quiet life was broken apart for the Prower family when his mother was assassinated by a radiological agent introduced to her by the remains of the Royal Secret Service. With his father distraught and temporarily incapacitated by her death, Miles was placed in the care of his father's closest human friend, Professor Geralt Robotnik in an agreement that would have him move to Geralt's home in Malmo, Sweden. Looked after by Geralt, his wife Johanna and their granddaughter Maria, Miles attended the Bladins International School until he reached the age of 14, the Keplerian age of majority.

After graduating from Bladins, he was considering entering higher education for electrical engineering but found his father returning, recommissioned in the Republic Army as a Field Marshal. The two would fail to see eye to eye in regards to Miles' future, as Amadeus expected him to enter the Republic Army as an officer cadet, while Miles wanted to proceed in a civilian career. A compromise of sorts was reached where Miles entered the Keplerian Republic Space Navy instead, plotting out a career as an Information Warfare Officer.

This would bring him to training in 2107 at Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, as the KRSN lacked a service academy building at the time. After completing initial training, he would spend the next three years undergoing technical training for his specialization. He would also be dual-commissioned into the Royal Naval Reserve as part of a manpower agreement between the Keplerian Republic and the United Kingdom.

On July 7, 2110, Sub-Lieutenant Prower was assigned to the destroyer KRSS Campbeltown as Information Warfare Officer. He would distinguish himself later that year on December 28, 2110 by disabling and boarding a renegade Acornian slaver ship, helping to arrest the crew and freeing both human and Keplerians that were kidnapped and pressed into slavery for the elusive Acornian Remnant. One of these slaves would be the Keplerian mouse Janus Rotarl.

Promoted to Lieutenant in the interim, Miles took a few days leave in early June 2111 where he reunited with Maria Robotnik at her medical school's graduation ceremony in the Swedish city of Lund. Having quietly wrestled with his feelings for Maria, he finally unburdened himself and to his surprise, found her readily accepting him as her boyfriend. He was also offered a position with her cousin Dr.Ovi Robotnik's robotics company Eggbot if he decided to leave naval service.

Returning to the Campbeltown, Prower continued to serve as IWO but found himself the target of the ire of U.S. Army captain Abraham Tower who saw the fox as a rival for Maria's affection. Disgusted by Tower's xenophobic attitude, the fox considered reporting his behavior but found himself attacked without provocation, saved from further injury by Cadet Janus Rotarl, who faced Tower with the fox's Webley revolver in hand. Undergoing brain surgery to evacuate a subdural hematoma, he was unknowingly implanted with a cortical stack backup implant by Zenith Defense Industries, a Keplerian defense contractor.

Testifying against Tower as a witness at a court martial hearing aboard Space Station ARK, the fox would see justice served as Tower was decommissioned, reduced in rank to Private and sentenced to prison at Fort Leavenworth and hard labor with the Army Corps of Engineers, he could not rejoin the Campbeltown as a substitute IWO had to be sought. Instead, Miles was assigned to work under Commander Amelia Rose, the Engineering Officer for the Keplerian Auxilary Naval Orbital Yard on the ARK. He would assist with repairs of Keplerian ships but also with updating information warfare systems. Distinguishing himself, he was given a taste of command by being put in charge of the repair tender KRSS I.K. Brunel.

On June 3, 2112, the Brunel under his command would attempt to assist Dr. Ovi Robotnik who signaled distress from his personal shuttle while trying to travel to Kepler-22B through the Warp Gate. For an unknown reason, the shuttle's engines were out of control and the tender failed to stop the vessel, following it through the Warp Gate in hope of assisting him on the Keplerian side. Instead the shuttle did not emerge, an explosion in transit suspected. With no ships reporting Robotnik's presence along with the Master Yard, Miles took the Brunel back to the ARK, finding himself having to explain to Maria her cousin's likely death.

Disgusted with himself, Miles stepped down from command of the tender and returned to general Yard duties until the battleship KRSS Warspite was completed, transferring to it as Information Warfare Officer. Over the course of the next three years, he continued to support anti-slavery/trafficking efforts, ultimately helping to coordinate what was thought to be a final raid against the Kingdom of Acorn's long sought home base. On Thursday, May 23, 2115, the 22 year old fox accompanied the commanding officer of the Warspite along with a large boarding party to the asteroid, after the battleship and two task forces with it followed three transports that he had tagged.

Finding the base completely empty with the exception of the new security robots that had been sighted during raids in 2115, the team was confused to find everything down to a throne room suggesting they had reached the right place. On returning to the ARK though, Prower received a message from Maria and Janus Rotarl, which would inform him that an attack was underway on the ARK. Securing the ship with EMCOM (Emissions Control) protocols, he would lead a new boarding party to assess the condition of the ARK.

The boarding party would come across Knuckles' security team with Knuckles near death and Vector killed by Metal Sonic. Allowing his team to move them back to the Warspite, Miles set off after Maria on his own and broke tactical protocols. Reuniting with her and Janus Rotarl briefly, he found himself in a confrontation with Metal Sonic and ultimately sacrificed himself to buy Maria and Janus time to get away. Shooting out the protective plastiglass in the compartment to vent the compartment into space, he died from a combination of vacuum exposure and blunt trauma from hitting the blast door that lowered down to seal the breach. At this Miles was considered legally dead, but the backup chip that was installed by Zenith Defense Industries came online. This was installed into a QinetiQ MAARS Mark IX security drone.

After his revival into the Cy-Fox v1.0 frame, Prower was restored to a legally 'alive' status, continuity in his consciousness being recognized as proper. He was promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Captain by the KRSN and knighted by King George VII on board the ARK, then given his second command, the KRSS Warspite. In preparation for his command while the battleship was being refit, Prower attended the Royal College of Defence Studies and married Maria Robotnik. Their union would later lead to Maria becoming pregnant with the vulpinroid's twins, Arthur and Maja who were born in late 2116.

After the Time Stones of a displaced Little Planet were taken by the KRSN for research and a stable reproduction process was set, the original set of Time Stones were installed into an experimental temporal drive on the Warspite. After a successful test run, a refit of the 1st Battle Squadron with reproduction drives brought it to being renamed the 1st Temporal Battle Squadron. Captain Prower would later find himself being made Commodore of the squadron before the Battle of Mobius, where the 1st TBS would intervene to protect Mobius in the Prime Timeline from the Genesis Wave. The 1st TBS would also intervene during the Metal Virus crisis for another Mobius. Being made the permanent commander of the 1st TBS, Prower was promoted to Rear Admiral and served in that position until 2119.

Now he had been made Commander of the Keplerian Republic Space Naval Forces, effectively the overall operational commander of the entire fleet. His tireless work ethic and analytical mind would push him up higher, successively becoming Deputy Fleet Commander, Fleet Commander and then finally First Space Lord, setting a milestone for the youngest chief of a military service at age 35.


  • Partially modeled after real-life naval hero Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson who lost his life at the pivotal Battle of Trafalgar and beforehand lost his right arm and sight in his right eye in battle. Tails endures similar injuries.
  • Originally his middle name was considered as William and Amadeus but ultimately Annorax was decided upon after the author saw the Star Trek Voyager two-part episode "Year of Hell" where Krenim temporal scientist Annorax (Kurtwood Smith) worked to restore his wife to his timeline with a temporal battleship. Later in Star Trek Online, a similar vessel named K.I.V Annorax became a focal point of the Iconian War and Future Proof story arcs. In alternate timelines for Protocol Cy-Fox, Captain/Rear Admiral Prower attempted similar time manipulations to try to save Maria Robotnik from death.
  • The United Nations Temporal Command arc was inspired by the classic adventure game series The Journeyman Project but also by the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations introduced by the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode Trials and Tribble-ations and Christopher L. Bennett's Star Trek expanded universe/Beta-canon Department of Temporal Investigations novels as well as the Temporal Integrity Commission from the Star Trek Voyager episodes Future's End and Relativity.
  • The ships that Miles had served on, Campbeltown, I.K. Brunel and Warspite are named after: HMS Campbeltown (I42), a Wickes-class/Town-class Lend-Lease destroyer from World War II which took part in the crucial St. Nazaire Raid of 1942, the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel who designed the Great Western Railway and a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship, and finally HMS Warspite (03), a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship which took part in action in both World War I and World War II. Both the Campbeltown and Warspite are premium Royal Navy ships in the game World of Warships which the author plays regularly.
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