Tails' Sky Fight is a action platform-slash-simulator game where you play as Miles "Tails" Prower in a dogfight using a advanced Tornado EX against Eggman alongside fellow foxes who sees his father as a hero.


While Tails is passing by with thoughts in his after Knuckles said about him having no presents on New Year's Eve. Though it didn't bothered him but then while walking pass a familiar statue who appears to be Amadeus Prower who Tails just remembered of him being his father until Eggman's fleet attacked Metropolis.

After evading Eggman's attack, he's then outnumbered by Eggman's robots but suddenly bombs were dropped in the area and not only destroyed the robots but knocked Tails out unconscious.

Tails' Tools

  • Magic Hand, a synthetic spring boxing glove that protects Tails and delivers heavy punches at enemies.
  • Energy Ball Arm Cannon, a red arm cannon that shoots a yellow sphere at enemies.
  • Bombs, Tails can throw a variety of bombs at his foes but has limited ammo each.
  • Air Chu² Bomb, a small mouse bomb that seek out foes while running on the ground.
  • Flash Bang, a grenade that leaves opposing forces sluggish and if not a robot distracted.
  • Medi Bot, heals Tails when deployed.
  • Shield Bot, creates a force field around Tails when deployed.
  • Ring Boomerang, a grapnel-slash-activator-slash-weapon that helps Tails traverse areas, power machinery and open doors, and can be used to attack foes like a boomerang.
  • Dummy Rings, a orb that becomes unobtainable exploding rings.
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