Tails' Mansion (or La mansion de colas in Spain) is an upcoming 2013 handheld video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It's Tails first modern solo game, his last being Tails' Adventure for the Game Gear. Many people said this game was a spin-off of Luigi's Mansion. A sequel is rumored to come out sometime in 2016. It will be released on the 3DS, the 3DS XL, the DSi, the DSi XL, and the iPhone.


Since this is based off Luigi's Mansion, the controls are mainly the same, execpt Tails' twin tails and T-Pup make it a little differnet.

3DS/3DS XL Controls

  • Circle Pad- Move Tails/ Move T-Pup
  • A- Jump/Fly
  • B- Start Up T-Pup/Shut Down T-Pup
  • Y- Suck into Ghostly Grabber
  • X- Powerful Suck
  • L and R- Move Flashlight/ Use Telescope
  • Start- Pause
  • Select- Open Objectives
  • Home- Pause

DSi/ DSi XL Controls

  • D-Pad- Move Tails/ Move T-Pup
  • A- Jump
  • B- Fly
  • Y- Start Up T-Pup/Shut Down T-Pup
  • X- Suck into Ghostly Grabber
  • L- Powerful Suck
  • R- Use Flashlight
  • Start- Pause
  • Select- Open Objectives

iPhone Controls

  • On-screen Joystick- Move Tails/ Move T-Pup
  • On-screen J Button- Jump
  • On-screen F Button- Fly/ Use Flashlight (while not airborne)
  • On-screen SU/SD- Start Up T-Pup/Shut Down T-Pup
  • On-screen S/PS- Suck/ Powerful Suck
  • Pause Button- Open Objectives/ Pause


After the events of Sonic's Chillidogeria, Tails and Sonic are relaxing on Cocoa Island when Tails gets a call from his friend, Proffesser Ovo Kint, who is an intelligent proffesser who studies supernatural beings and mysterious happenings, saying that a ghostly mansion appeared in the outskirts of Station Square. Sonic says he wants to come to Ovo Kint's lab and just help him, while Tails investigates the mansion. At Tails' cabin on Cocoa Island, Tails rebuilds T-Pup, a small robot dog that looks like him, to help him in the mansion. The duo takes off on the X-Tornado. When they arrive, they head into Ovo Kint's lab. He tells them that the mansion appeared a day ago. Tails asks if he should have anything to defeat the ghosts with. Ovo Kint gives him the Ghostly Grabber.

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