Tails' Adventure II (or simply Tails' Quest X, 尾'冒険II in Japan, meaning Tail'adventure II) is an upcoming action-platformer-metroidvania video game based in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, set after the events of the official game Tails' Adventure, developed by Sonic Team and 22Cans, and published by Sega for the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. The game follows Tails' departure from Tails Island and arrival into a new, dangerous world for him to discover and survive all-new dangers to rescue his friend Sonic after he gets kidnapped by the worst witch he ever seen (even worse than Wendy Witchcart, speaking of which, I wonder what happened to her. I know that Tails defeated her in Tails' Skypatrol.) known as, you guessed it, Baba Cara (yes, she originated in Super 4. Of course, that's right because why not?).


Tails' Adventure II is a Metroid-inspired slow-paced platformer. The player controls Tails in a story set after the events of Tails' Adventure, as he adventures to rescue Sonic and save a new, ruined city called Saigon Port from an invasion of Eggman. He cannot run, but only walk at a steady pace. The player explores 12 complex zones with 2 acts and a boss battle with one of Eggman's robot machines in each zone, collecting new items and abilities to open up new path ways in previous acts and zones. A total of 26 items can be collected, including some to defeat enemies and others to aid in exploration. Along with using items, Tails can fly for a short period of time. His fly duration can be extended by locating Captain Toad blocks, which will send the player into a 2D Treasure Tracker-themed Special Stage where the player then must control Captain Toad and get all the treasure in order to get one of seven Chaos Emeralds. Rings are collected as a form of health, and unlike other Sonic games, only a few rings are lost when touching a hazard. This gameplay has been compared to Metroidvania games.

Tails finds several different kinds of gadgets on his adventures. Some of these items are weapons used to defeat enemies, like bombs and hammers. Some items aid in exploration, such as a small robot which Tails can control to scout ahead and squeeze into tight spaces. Unlike the original Tails' Adventure, Tails can now carry five tools when entering a stage. Only one item can be equipped at a time, the player must pause the game to change items. If the player finds that they cannot advance because they require another item, they must find a stage exit, swap items, and re-enter the stage from the beginning. Tails' health is measured numerically by the monitor-based health meter in the top left corner of the screen. Getting hit by enemies or hazards decreases the health meter while collecting Heart Rings replenishes it. Remember, the player must collect the Heart Rings in order to replenish the health meter, as regular Rings, Hot Rings, Cold Rings and Fried Rings cannot replenish it because they have too much cellouse. Should the health meter hit zero, a life is lost. If the life count hits zero, the player receives a "Game Over" and is either sent back to the title screen to start the game again from the recently unlocked level, or sent to the Continue screen if the player has continues and is given ten seconds to continue the recently unlocked level from the recent checkpoint. However, extra lives can be earned by either collecting 100 rings (regular Rings, not Heart Rings) or winning one of three bonus games: one that was based highly upon the bonus crane from Super Mario Land 2, one where the player must get all the moving Rings before they get away, and one where the player must throw a Ring at a prize (extra Rings, Hot Ring, Cold Ring, Fried Ring, 1UP, 2UP, 3UP, 4UP and 5UP). At the beginning of the game, the health meter has only ten points. However, it can be extended by collecting Chaos Emeralds to a maximum of ninety-nine. If Tails falls off-screen, the player gets sent back to the overworld map.


Like many Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Game Gear, Tails' Adventure II's storyline differs slightly depending on the region.


Shortly after defeating Eggman, Knuckles, Fang and Tracer in Sonic: Quadruple Trouble, Sonic and Tails travel to his favorite holiday spot Tails Island. However, while enjoying an afternoon nap, a deafening explosion echoes through the forest, waking Tails. Robots invaded the island, Sonic was kidnapped and the forest was set ablaze. 

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