Tail Smash is a reasonably effective support move, used only by those with long tails.


The user starts by wrapping the target in as much of their tail as they can risk, being especially careful to bind the opponent's arms and legs. The user then flicks their back and tail forward, throwing the opponent into the ground to stun, before binding them tighter with their tail to immobilize.

The technique is effective for capturing targets, as the binding can prevent escape or attack with a physical attack or the use of a weapon. However, at the same time, the target can still use their special attacks to cause problems for the user, so it is often advised for the target to be further restrained with sealing techniques to restrict any rebellion they could hold.

Of course, the technique relies on quite a few things - robots rarely get "stunned" by an impact, making the technique only useful as part of a combo against robotic opponents. Targets can escape with size-altering or teleporting techniques, while the user can't really effect targets who can alter the construction of their body, such as converting it to water or dust.



Technique Rank

This technique bears a C-rank, mostly because it makes an effective capture technique, while poses little threat when used in a combo due to the low damage, although the stunning effect is decent.

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