the full, detailed story for the game Tail's Nightmare.

things that are marked as (level name| type of gameplay| Mission) are levels and types of gameplay and the mission.

the plot of the story is that Tails has awoken into a nightmare that he cannot escape from

The Full story

Chapter 1: It was a Dark and Stormy Night!

Tails' is about to leave Sonic house but is startled by the lightning outside. Sonic suggest Tails should stay in the guest room which he does. Tails go to sleep questioning whether or not the storm will be over.

Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare

Tails opens his eyes and when he does he's in the Tornado and is about to crash land. Tails use the eject on the plane and flies out. up in the air, the wind blows Tails away somewhere. when he lands he notices the sky is red and he's in a orange wasteland Tails sets out to find his plane and figure out what's happening. Tails then sees a mysterious flying figure and decides to follow it. (Stage 1:Volvano Valley |Racing| find the Tornado) Tails locates the Tornado and finds a bullet.

Tails finds out it's from a sniper riffle that was aimed for his plane. Just then the mysterious figure pops up and introduces itself as Nights. Tails becomes frightened and hides behind a rock. He then relizes that Nights knocked down his plane, then rage fills his minds (Boss Battle 1: Nights) After the fight Tails and Nights begins to breathe heavily. Nights explains that Tails is a lost soul in the world of Nightmarren and will explain everything after Tails comes to the villiage to which he agrees.

Right before they enter the plane Tails ask if he's dream to which Nights replies yes. Tails runs and jumps of a cliff. on to be saved by Nights who tells him that if he dies in his dream his mind shuts down and he dies for real.

Tails gets in plane with nights and follows it to town.

Chapter 3: Tails and the Curious Villiage

Tails and nights arrive in nightmarren. a small town with people that look like Nights. " The city that never wakes up!" Nights said. " It's always nightime here. " We're here! can you explain now!" Tails said. Right before Nights could say anything Robots and Monsters appear from nowhere and start to terrorize the town. Tails must protect the villiage (Stage 2:Nightmare Town |Mech| Protect the town) After the town's saved Nights leads Tails to its home and tells Tails everything

"Your world and our world are connected in some way. Nightmares exist in our world. bad memories and fear enter our world. You're a Further. A person who can travel between your world and our world. My job is to find these people and bring them back to their own world but somtimes their own fears and guilt stop them from returning. so I must destroy the Nightmares and free them form the curse but I sense the strongest curse put on you. someone must really have sorrow and hatred for you!"

Nights explains more but meanwhile...

Sonic notices Tails hasn't woke up and it's been two days. For hours Sonic waits worried

He calls Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, The Chaotix including Mighty, Rouge the Bat, Big the Cat and froggy, Cream and Cheese, Vanilla, Blaze and Silver

they all come over and deem sonic as too overprotective and that Tails is just really tired. they all stay just in case. After a week everyone is worried because Tails is still asleep. Knuckles hatches a plan that they can wake Tails up with the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles and rouge set out for the pieces of the Master Emerald which broke again. Amy goes fro an Emerald, The Chaotix search.

Cream cheese, Big, froggy and Vanilla all go looking together

and Silver and Blaze look together as well.

Sonnic stays behind to take care of the sleeping Tails


Tails and Nights have been planing out to find out who did this to Tails but they see something that looks like Tails riding a motorcycle. Tails chases after it, (Stage 3:Eternal Highay |Kart| Chase the mysterious figure)

Tails catches up to the figure and knockes it off the motorcylce. Now Tails is face to face with a demonic creature that looks just like him. Tails Doll, who now can talk and goes by the name of Metal Tails and refers to Tails as a doll. Tails suspects Metal Tails did it and a battle insues (Boss Battle 2: Tails' Doll)

After the battle Tails doll lies on the floor (like in the picture to your right) smiling and says " I will be reborn... soon..." then Metal Tails transforms into a Metal robot then flies away.

Chapter 4: A new partner

Tails spends the day wondering around town trying to piece together what was happening. Nights decides to have Tails clear his mind by flying with it.

(Stage 4: Night Sky |Flying| calm down and fly) after the fly Tails relizes whats going on. how Metal Tails is the one who brought him here and was the one who shot the sniper at his plane. Tails takes a deep breath. After the fly Tails has become much more calmer.

Tails asks Nights where Metal Tails might be and Nights replies that he might be in Reala's Castle. Nights explains that Reala is Nights evil Sibling. Tails sets of in the Tornado to find the castle with Nights. (Stage 5 Flight Corruption|Sky act| get to the castle)

Tails and Nights arrive at Reala's castle. Tails mentions how afraid he is but Nights is actually laughing at how less evil it looks now. Tails has to get through the castle gardens and destroy all the guard robots. (Stage 6 Neo-Green Hill zone| 2D| get into the castle)

Tails and Nights enter the Castle. in front of the castle door has a giant statue of a robot. The castle door needs a giant key, Nights goes to Find it. but when Tails goes to touch the statue out of curiousity. The Robot comes to life and Tails is determined to get some answers. so the fight is on (Boss Battle 3 :Statue madness )

After the enemy is deafeated Nights comes backs. Nights asks what happened but Tails says nevermind but inside the dead robot is something strange. It's a Flicky. used as an organic battery, named Dusk, who's family has been seperated from Him.

Nights unlocks the door. Tails goes in to fight Metal Tails. ( Stage 7 Creepy Castle| Race| infiltrate the castle)

inside the Castle's throne room lies Tails doll sitting in the thrown. Tails and Nights can hear crying and screaming. but no one is doing it. Metal Tails "Finally all the years of suffering and torment I went through... someone else... they'll feel my pain..."

Tails and Nights stare at each other confused while Dusk hides behinds Tails.

"Now, Doctor Eggmans greatest creation that he dreams of building... it can come alive... through his dreams

I present the Castlevania!" A giant roboot emerges and Nights flies towards Metal Tails to attack him. while Nights is busy Tails and Dusk fight ( Boss Battle 4: Castlevania)

after the fight. Metal Tails starts to cry oil.

"Bravo! that was wonderful. Metal Tails says. moving his neck in impossible ways smiling. Metal Tails starts to run. A Dream stone was inside CastleVania. Nights explains that

"If all 10 of the stones are together than one dream will become a reality. only a Further can locate them!"

"That's it!" Tails said. "what?" Nights replied

" I tell you later! we have to get Metal!" Tails uses a his arm canon to call his tornado to the castle.

Tails and Nights and Dusk chase them down a giant tube which leads to an abandoned sewage mine. ( Stage 8 Sewer Waste |Mech| hunt down Metal Tails)

Tails And Nights and Dusk climb out of another tube and are on a destroyed highway. They see Metal Tails making a getaway and Tails goes after them ( Stage 9 Crushing City | Kart| catch Metal Tails)

Metal Tails purposley drops a piece of paper from his kart. Tails, Dusk and Nights lose him. " Nights! I found it out! do you want to hear it now!" Nights nodded. " What! I don't get it!" Dusk said " who brought me to this dimension! we all know it was Metal. he wants me to collect the 10 stones for him because only a futher can do it! and that piece of paper..." Dusk flies over and picks it up.

"this is is a map of where he's going! he wants to trick me into bringing the stones to his lair.

" I know where one is! if you win the jackpot at the Nightmare Circus you get 3 stones. no one has ever won it!" Nights says

"well i'm gonna!" Tails screams.

Chapter 5: The Stones of destiny


Amy has found one chaos emerald. Sonic still starts to worry alot... the sceen cuts to Rouge and Knuckles who are Flying/Gliding together bickering with each other until they are both stopped by Shadow and Omega who say hi to Rouge. Rouge tells them about Tails, although Shadow and Omega Don't care about Tails they're doing it to help Rouge out, the four of them set out to find the Master Emerald together.


Sonic and Nights and Dusk make it to an abandom Carnival everything is surreal and mishapen. Dusk cowers behinds Tails when they hear high pitch moaning. Nights mentions that the people who do not win turn into spirits that roam here forever. This news scares Tails but with Nights encouraging words, Tails enters the Circus. the spirits then start to chase after Tails and Nights and Dusk. the three start to fly away. (Stage 10 Circus Circuit|Flying| Escape the spirits)

Tails, Dusk, and Nights escape the spitirts and find 3 colourful stones

the stones are the Blue, Gold, Green.

Nights stares at Tails in respect and acknowledgement at the fact that Tails won the 3 stones

( on the picture on the right. clockwise:

Blue, Gold, Greem, Silver, Yellow, Peach, Red,

the ones missing from the picture are Orange, Purple, Pink.

if you look close enough you can also see the stones on the Circus Circuit picture at the right.)

just then a deep echo surrounds the deserted Carnival.

"You won...there is one in a Not to far south of here!"

the booming voice was so loud that it shook the ground like an Earthquake so Tails, Nights, and Dusk satrted to fly to protect themselves from the eathquake.

just then a giant head ( like the thing from the picture of the Circus Circut above) comes out and starts laughing maniacly. Nights attacks the dancing man onto of the gianto spirit, the man starts to hop away and Nights chases after him. Now Tails has to defeat the Giant by himself on Train Tracks or else fall into an bottomless pit.

( Boss Battle 5: Spirit Eater)

after it is deafeated the spirit is fades away with the wind, then a floating gran of sand floating in the air transforms into a Flicky. a pink female Flicky,

" Si...Si...Sis!" Dusk flies over towards the Flicky.

"this is your Sister?" Tails ask "Yeah!" Dusk replies

" Thank you brother," The female Flicky says "I was trapped here by the evil Tails doll! starring into the golden sand, trapped under it. it was so scary! hey your the Tails doll!" The Flicky is ready to attack Tails but Dusk stops her.

"His names Tails but he's not the Tails doll! he's the opposite but he's a good guy. he was the one who save you"

" Sorry. I'm just still in shock. thank you for saving me!

after a while Nights returns with a red male Flicky.

"How many people are in your family anyways." Nights ask.

"all you have to find is my other brother and my Mom and Dad."

Tails and Nights groan.

they hop on the plane and head off

{C '(Stage 11 Sky Trip |Sky Act| find the Casino)

after the ride Tails and Nights reach the Casino. Tails finds a stones at the entrance. " great only one more stone left in this place!" the birds start to chirp. Down the casino are 5 different hallways

" I'll search over here!" Nights says. the flickies each go through a seperate hallway. Tails runs down the only avalaible hallway. ( Stage 12 Casino Highway| 2D| Find the dream stone)'

Tails finds a giant circular like room where a robotic contraption called the Bug-Bird attacks him. ( Boss Battle 6: Bug-Bird) After the robot's destroyed Tails finds a stone inside it. Nights flies in "Great! now we have 5 stones, 5 more go!" Nights starts to laugh (the stones are Silver and Yellow)

the female Flicky starts to speak "I totaly forgot! us three have to the power to track down treasure. the Flicky starts illumanting in red light. just then a tornado swoops everyone up and then the screen cuts to black.

Chapter 6: Plot Twist

the trnado stops and the everyone flies out onto the land. everyone's still dizzy. " I can make tornadoes and teleport us." the female Flicky says " this is where a dream stone is located?" Nights asks suspicously. " yes. why do you ask" the female Flicky says " Its just because I know this area. this place is full of industrial hazads and nature stuff like volcanoes and rockslides.

Tails sees a stone floating around. Nights goes after it and Tails follows ( Stage 13 Blood River| Race| Catch the Dream Stone) Tails grabs the stone ( peach) " Four more left." Dusk cheers


4 Chaos Emeralds have been found. Sonic starts to worry alot. " What's taking Knux so long?"


the Male Flicky says something " inside that volcano I sense something."

Tails and Nights decide to enter the volcano in search of another stone but it so hot in there that Tails can only stay for a limited amount of time. ( Stage 14 Wild Eye| Mech| Look around the volcano within 7:00) after looking around Tails finds a monster, its a fire demon. Tails hides. Nights fights it off but becomes to weak to fight. The monster attacks the Flickies, that's when Tails has had enough. Tails fights the fire demon head on

( Boss Battle 7: Fire Demon)

after the battle a Fat Green Flicky Falls on Tails. " Bro!" Dusk screams. after a couple of minutes Tails speaks " So only your Mom and Dad are left to find."

the Green Flicky starts to speak " So you guys are locating Dream stones, I know where one is follow me! ( Stage 15 Metal Jungle| Kart| follow the Green Flicky) The road is block by a wave of Shadow Androids. ( Boss Battle 8: Shadow Androids)

" Where's the Stone?" Nights asks " Follow me into the Sky!" The Green Flicky Explains ( Stage 16 Fly High| Flying| Follow the Flicky to the stone)

after the stage is over. Tails finds the Stones floating in the Clouds. As Tails is about to grab it t a Dream Hawk grabs the Stone. Tails goes after it.

( Stage 17 Sky Chase| Sky Act)

Tails catches the

&nbsp 18 Wall of Wishes 2D 19 Poision Ocean Race 20 Stone Villiage Mech 21 Egg battleship Kart 22 Ship's Fortress Flying 23 Ground Control Sky Act 24 City Of Dreams 2D 25 Cyber Circuit Race 26 Inner Mind Mech 27 Endless Speedway Kart 28 chaos angel Flying 29 Memory Hill Sky Act 30 Haunted woods 2D

more coming soon...

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