"Remember that no one can tell you who you truly are. You are stronger than you think."
—Tai comforting Red, Red's Rescue

Tai the Charizard is a somewhat minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, as well as a major supporting protagonist of its prequel/sister series, Legends of the Megastone Rogues. He is an unusually massive Charizard, yet he's chosen to remain as Mega Charizard Y. He is the secondary/supporting protagonist in Red's Rescue, as well as the founder and former leader of the Megastone Rogues. Tai is the father of Pyro and Flare, love interest of Nya the Frogadier(for unknown reasons), and foster father of Splash and Clamshell. Finally, he is one half of the strange transformation Chaos Fox, that he undergoes with Fox in times of dire need; Tai provides the physical appearance and brute strength of the form, while Fox is the personality and overall the one who controls the form.


Tai is an unusually large Mega Charizard Y. Being much larger than a typical Charizard, he is easily three feet longer than a typical Charizard, with a much longer wingspan. Like all Charizards(that haven't chosen Mega Charizard X), he is mostly orange with a paler yellow chin, throat, belly, and tail underside, and blue wing undersides. His wings are larger than those of a regular Charizard, and the bottom edges are ragged; he has a longer third horn between the other two, two visibly protruding fangs, a slightly different looking muzzle, and a longer tail with a couple small ridges near the tip, just above his tail-flame. Unlike a regular Charizard, Tai's claws are more close together, and there is a large crest on the outer side of each wrist, and his feet appear to be longer. He also has a collection of battle scars.


Tai is essentially a gentle giant. He is kind but stern to his followers, but fierce and aggressive to all who threaten those under his watch.


Tai's Travels(Part 1 and Part 2) and Nero's Vengeance: In an unknown forest, Tai was born to Morocco-Master Y's grandson-and Maya. Before his brother Cori's egg hatched, Tai's family was attacked by the Outsiders, led by Nero's father Shuri. Morocco and Maya were killed, and Cori's egg was taken, leaving Tai orphaned and alone. Afterward, Tai befriended Nero, and the pair would often hand out together-also with a Bunnelby and Snorunt-until the two evolved to their second stage(Tai, a Charmeleon, and Nero, a Frogadier). After getting caught stealing something, Nero was locked away by Tai, and six months later, when Tai released Nero, he was attacked and almost strangled by the maddened Frogadier. Tai later formed a group he called the Megastone Rogues from a ragtag group of Pokemon he met during Nero's imprisonment. An unknown time afterward, Tai evolved into Charizard, and obtained a Charizardite Y that he used to Mega Evolve himself. He would soon have two sons of his own, Pyro and Flare, while also becoming the foster father to his crush Nya's sons, Clamshell and Splash(Nero's sons). When the camp was ambushed and all the Young Ones(Pokemon terms for youngsters) stolen, Tai bargained with Nero that the mad Greninja could keep his sons if he returned Tai's sons and Tyrone the Tyrantrum's sons, Grunt and Runt(also called the Tyrunt Twins), but this ended in Nya denouncing allegiance to both groups and running away, angry and upset that Tai was willing to give up the Froakie brothers just to avoid a fight with the Greninja who had once been his friend. After sending his warriors home with the four Young Ones they rescued, Tai gets in an argument with Nero, enraged by his former friend's snideness and scorn. Furious, Tai flies home, venting his rage with a Flamethrower.

(End of Tai's Travels, Pt. 1)

Afterward, Tai broods on his choice to give up Clamshell and Splash to save his sons and avoid a fight, feeling a deep sense of regret. When Nero brings a patrol to visit the Megastone Rogues, Tai meets him with Liam the Chesnaught, Bolt the Mega Manectric, and Silver the Lucario(before he was a Rogue Squad member), mainly just to spite them. Nero announces that Clamshell had gone missing, to which the opposing patrol sneer at him for losing one of his sons. After a while, when Tai is flying with Nomis the Noivern, they talk about Tai's decision to let Nero keep his sons, with Tai justifying his actions by saying he wanted to avoid a fight, also stating that if he finds Clamshell, the Rogues will be on their way to reconciling with Nya, to which Nomis corrects him that [Tai] wanted to reconcile with her, stating that the others wanted nothing to do with Nero. Tai snaps back at him, telling him that the search will keep going. Nomis acknowledges this and flies off. A moon(month) after Clamshell vanishes, Splash does as well(meeting with Austin and traveling with him and Locke to the then-unnamed Storming Base in Austin's Adventures), later finding his way to the Megastone Rogues' camp. Tai and Pyro are excited to see Splash return(having been brought to the camp by Bolt). Another moon passes, and the Outsiders attack the camp. Lorre attempts to kidnap Splash, but is Burned by Tai's Flamethrower. The Chesnaught rejoins the attack when Nero strides in. Tai and Nero then do battle, and Tai is scarred near his eye. After the battle, it is revealed that Pyro has evolved into Charizard; after Pyro Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X, Tai declares war on the Outsiders. He is soon surprised to see Nya return to the Megastone Rogues, but on a patrol, Nya is killed when Nero and some Outsiders ambush the patrol. This leads to Splash evolving and yet another major battle between Tai and Nero. After a while, Cori the Charmeleon and Blaster the Blastoise arrived at the Megastone Rogues to explain their choice to ditch the Outsiders. Tai offers them the chance to join the Megastone Rogues, but they refuse, deciding to have some time by themselves. They leave, and Tai muses on the result of the reunion.

Red's Rescue: Throughout the story, Tai protects young Red the Fox from the strange Shadow Ho-Oh and Shadow Lugia.

The Legend of Fox the Brave series:

Land of Nightmares: Tai appears near the very end with Splash riding on his back. In the Land of Shadows, Tai battles Sonic.EXE so that Fox can return to his own World. Tai, Splash, and Pyro join up with him at the Storming Base to fight Sonic.EXE. Tai, however is hit with an attack meant for Fox, and it is revealed to be so severe it turns out to be fatal for the massive Charizard, and he dies, reverting to his base form and giving Cori his Mega Stone.

The War of Time: First, Fox and Tai become Chaos Fox to fight Enerjak. Later, after Fox is presumable killed by Mephiles after fighting him and being(almost literally) stabbed in the back, Tai gives Fox a sort of pep-talk before helping the fox return to his own body and undergo his Feral Fox transformation for the first time.

Legends of the Alliance:

Tai is the narrator and acts as the reader's guide through the various chapters in the anthology story. Before each story in each Chapter(after the Introduction and before the Farewell), there is a blurb with Tai briefly describing each character the chapter focuses on. He even has a Chapter of his own, The Lost Cub. The blurb for this chapter has him simply say, "Now it is my turn to tell a tale."


While alive, Tai's moveset was mostly unconfirmed. As Charmeleon, he was confirmed to know Mega Punch and Flamethrower.

As a Charizard, his moveset is confirmed to be Flamethrower, Steel Wing, Sky Drop, and Dragon Tail.

As a Spirit, after his death, he can use all moves that a Charizard can learn; since this is what Pokemon Spirits can do.


As Charmander, Charmeleon, and his base form Charizard, Tai's Ability is Blaze, which powers up Fire-Type moves on low health; as Mega Charizard Y, his Ability is Drought, which creates strong sunlight(even at night), strengthens Fire-Type moves, weakens Water-Type moves, and allows the moves Solar Beam and Solar Blade to be used in one turn(since they both involve the sun and take two turns to charge up).


Like all Charizard, Tai is capable of flight with the two massive wings he has. He has also learned how to use his wings and tail as weapons without using attacks.


Being a Fire-Flying-Type, Tai is 4x weak to Rock, is 2x weak to Water and Electric, resists Fire, Ice, Grass, and Fairy, and is completely immune to Ground-Types.


As Charmander(left), Charmeleon(middle), and in his Base form(right)


Tai is quite possibly the biggest Pokemon to exist in the series in terms of his kind's normal size(Charizard are typically around 5' long from nose to tail).

  • In addition to this, he is large enough to carry Fox(as a cub), Max "The Guillotine" Haxorus(as Fraxure), and Samuel the Samurott(as Dewott).

In the Prologue of Austin's Adventures, Austin recounts strange dreams he has involving a large Charizard with a collection of battle scars. This was initially supposed to be Tai, but was changed to Y when the latter Charizard gave E.J. and Locke a warning about Austin's arrival in Return of the Werehog.

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