"Taffy. I'm Taffy"
—Taffy introducing herself in front of some local auctioneers as well as former boss Ian Hawk
Taffy Monroe the Bunny, also known as Taffy Monroe or simply Taffy by her friends, is a Freedom Fighter who
Taffy Monroe The Rabbit
escaped a former record label to become a monster hunter like her biological parents as well as a pop singer on her own terms. After becoming a Freedom Fighter with the help of Sonic and his friends, she regularly goes on monster hunting treks with her trusty Air Board which she uses to help her navigate several areas of the globe. She also loves to sing and performs random pop songs on various locations. Her secret hobbies include skateboarding and spray-painting.


Taffy Monroe the Bunny (Born Taffy the Bunny; Adopted into the Monroe family) was born on September the 8th 1997 to Peter the Bunny and Mary the Bunny. Her parents were monster hunters, who were fiercely devoted to protecting the city and the ones they loved and were hoping one day to teach Taffy the same logic and skills of becoming a monster hunter. Unfortunately, they would meet an untimely demise before ever being able to teach Taffy or watch her grow and become a monster hunter, Freedom Fighter or pop singer, which ever she desired. One night, Peter and Mary were walking home when suddenly their city was under attack by both monsters and Dr. Eggman. Both parents tried to protect the people of the city but Dr. Eggman and his powerful robots were to much to overcome as well as the fierce monsters that beseiged the city. Fearing for their daughter's life and choosing to save her life first, they decided to make the ultimate sacrifice: giving Taffy up to the adoptive care of another couple whom they both befriended in case neither parent ever made it. Tearfully bidding their child goodbye, they leave Taffy a special locket as well as a note to the adoptive parents explaining their leaving Taffy to their care. After knocking on the door, both Peter and Mary fought together and drove the robots and the monsters away from the city into a farther location where the parents battled to their last breaths before an explosion claimed both the parents as well as some of the monsters and Dr. Eggman's robots. Fearing defeat, Dr. Eggman turned heel and ran while the people of the city cheered. When the young couple, Paul and Norma Monroe, answered the door, they were shocked to find the infant Taffy left on their front door step and were sadly one of many witnesses to the tragic explosion that took Peter and Mary. Tearing up as they both read the note, they decided to raise Taffy as their own and teach her to become brave just like her parents. They, along with the residence of their city vowed to exact vengeance on Dr. Eggman and his bots one day should that opportunity ever come.



Peter the Bunny (biological father) (Deceased)

Mary the Bunny (biological mother) (Deceased)

Paul Monroe the Wolf (adoptive father)

Norma Monroe the Wolf (adoptive mother)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit


Ian Hawke (former boss at Jett Records)

Jet the Hawk

Storm the Albatross

Wave the Swallow

Various monsters

Dr. Eggman

Theme song

Ellie Goulding Something In The Way You Move LYRICS

Ellie Goulding Something In The Way You Move LYRICS


  • She loves music by Ellie goulding
  • She has a fear of the dark
  • She loves to spray paint art on random buildings
  • She loves to paint
  • She loves green candy (Mike & Ike's to be specific)
  • She dyed her hair pastel cotton candy pink once and it was in middle school
  • Her favorite places to sing are at cafe's, hospitals for patients, nursing homes and friend's birthday parties.
  • She studies monsters through the use of ancient use of books about monsters and Crypt-zoology.
  • She relies on her Air Board for transportation such as racing, monster hunting or flying.
  • She was one of the many musical prodigies to be psychologically and emotionally abused by record label owner, boss and producer Ian Hawke (many have filed complaints; few have won).
  • She is a big fan of the races Sonic and his friends took place in, such as Air Board Tournament Racing ("Sonic Riders") and Sega All-Stars Racing ("Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing").
  • She once had to babysit The Chu-Chu's, and had trouble keeping up with them wherever they caused havoc in both their spaceship and giant cat walking machine.
  • The "Monroe" part of her last name comes from her adoptive parents having been taken in by a human family whose last name is "Monroe
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