Tackle is a rather basic physical technique.


The user simply takes three or four steps to build momentum, before charging forward and tackling their opponent to the ground, with some users preferring to slam the opponent with their shoulder to drop them, others preferring to use their head.

In order to add greater evasion to the technique, some faster fighters are known to spin at the last second, making it harder to hit the user.

The technique can be performed from the air, either aiming at another aerial target or at a target on the ground, often in the form of a steep dive - the user pulls up at the final second before striking.

In rare cases, users have been seen glowing with energy, hinting towards an elemental variant. However, no true elemental form has been seen as of yet.


Pokemon Users


Parent Technique

Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to it's simplistic nature and reasonably low power, the technique bears a D-rank.

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