Tab the Cat
15 - SpTH
22 - Currently
November 18, 1994
Favorite food
Seafood or Pizza
Least favorite food
Nuts, specifically peanuts.
Bliss, reading books, seafood, rainy days.
Bright lights, crowded areas, rats, loud noises, getting her picture taken, anything demeaning.
Full name
Tabatha Bridgette. Tab for short.
Favorite Color

Tab is a 15 year old purple cat who lives in Green Flower City, a city south of Station Square. Tab was born in Station Square and lived there for most of her childhood before moving to Green Flower City. Losing her parents to the Perfect Chaos Flood, Tab, along with many other people, were taken to Green Flower City in refuge. She lived in the Black Rose Orphanage while there. Traumatized by the flood, Tab was rather quiet and unsocial and didn't make many friends at the orphanage. Once Tab moved out of the orphanage and met Smash the Echidna, she opened up a bit and made some more friends. Tab is often seen with her best friend and neighbor, Lucy, a cat born to a rich family. Tab gets along very well with Lucy's family and often receives support from them.

Not many people notice, but Tab is quite a bookworm.

Character © to Kapus/Hyper the Hedgehog/Twotailsthefox.


Tab sprite3
Tab has golden eyes and short purple hair coming down past her shoulders, with 3 or 4 bangs on the front side of her head covering her right eye. She has a fuzzy but smooth white muzzle, sometimes showing a short, sharp fang coming out the right side of her mouth. Her main outfit consists of a plain black sweater she recieved for her birthday, blue jeans, a small belt and a pair of blue and teal colored shoes. Tab is rarely seen without her red arm bracelet.

Occasionally, Tab will have a different hairstyle. This style is a bit more messy and frazzled, with some of the hair coming down over both eyes.


Tab is serious, down to earth, and dignified. She is very straightfoward, always looking at the big picture and prefers not to go out of her way to do unnecessary things. A bit of a no-nonsense person, Tab rarely jokes around and always sticks to the point. This makes her stand out amongst her friends, as most of them are more goofy and carefree. Rarely the one to start up a conversation, Tab is rather quiet and untalkative even though she got over the Station Square flood. She doesn't speak unless she thinks she has to, and usually keeps to herself.

Though she may seem very standoffish and unapproachable, She means well; she is just shy and untrusting by nature. She rarely smiles or laughs, and doesn't really open up about herself to anyone. (She has an excellent poker face.) Yet, she genuinely cares for the wellbeing of her friends, and they know this well. It just takes a lot to get her to express her emotions.

Strength and abilities


  • Marksmanship with a slingshot.
  • First aid and medical knowledge.)

General Info


Tab the Cat2

Tab by Flame-Eliwood

Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series: Tab is a main character in the series, being a recurring member of the main gang. Being one of the few serious and intellectual characters, she gets along better with Smash more commonly than most anyone else, and the two are often seen discussing important matters.

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Tab is a main and playable character in the game, being the first companion to join Splice's party. She is investigating the sinister secrets of the Black Rose Orphanage, and eventually accompanies Splice when he begins his own search for the truth, as well as his quest to defeat Dr. Eggman in his latest attempt at world domination. Her main weapon is a slingshot, and she specializes in curing bad status effects on party members.

Relationships with other characters

History/Creator's notes


Smash, here. I'll be giving some notes and comments on this character in Kapus' place, since I've mostly adopted this character. Rather, I basically have free reign since I'm in charge of the series. Still, Kapus can revise or add to this whenever.

At any rate, Tab is one of the veteran characters of the series, and one of Kapus' better mains. (And by that I mean she was one of the many, MANY of Kapus' own huge selection of characters that didn't get scrapped.) She started off as the middle sibling of three kids: Her older brother Teb, and her much younger sister Mew. I don't recall very much about the three, save for the fact that for some odd reason Mew wielded a the age of five. She didn't have very much importance to the series until after it was established that Tab and Lucy were best friends. By that time, Teb and Mew had been written out.

Tab always stood out from the others once she got her revamp alongside the rest of the series. Her quiet, serious demeanor was a huge contrast to the rowdy gang with people like Speedy, Shade and Lily hanging around. She was wise beyond her years, being one of the first people Smash would turn to for discussing serious matters. The age gap between them is wide, but she is a very levelheaded and sensible person with a surprising amount of wisdom.

Her backstory was somewhat shaky, what with losing her parents in the Station Square flood. Despite that, Station Square is, in our canon, still up and at em. The events of the games, such as Adventure 1, have rarely been brought to full attention like this, so it's difficult to say when any of this ever happened. There's also the question of how she survived when her parents did not? (While it's not unplausible, it's worth finding an answer to.)
Tab also spent time at the Black Rose Orphanage. This, I feel, is important to expand on for a few reasons. The Black Rose Orphanage is one of the main focuses of SpTH. Tab suspected that there was a criminal organization involved from the beginning of the game; while it could be because of a number of prior events that began to raise suspicion on the place she stayed as a child, it's very possible that there's more to her reasoning than that. Something may have happened to her back then, similar to Splice. Plus, there's also the issue of how she got out of the orphanage at such a young age. She couldn't have been any older than 10 years at that point. It's possible that Lucy's family was involved somehow, but it was never explained.

Well this is totally backstory material for SpTH, if nothing else.

During our roleplays, her character was almost played up to be a stoic and emotionless girl, but she's definitely had her moments. From the hilarious reveal of her irrational fear, humorously slapping Shade upside the head to get him to shut up, to more dramatic moments such as her reactions to learning of Skull Cross or seeing Smash after Greenflower City was conquered in Odyssey. Her most well known moment was her smile at the end of The Outbreak, which caught everyone off guard as it was the first time they had ever seen her look genuinely happy.

If I remember correctly, Tab is striving to become a nurse in the future.
...she should practice smiling more, for that career.

Kapus has long since abandoned this page and quit roleplaying in the Sonic Fanon, so I'm left to fill in all the blanks. Having made it all the way to Season 3 together, I think it'll be fine. Tab is definitely one character I enjoy working with.

~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 04:04, November 23, 2016 (UTC)

Fun Facts

  • Tab is terrified of rats. Particularly the small animal/Mobini variant. She has never encountered a Mobian rat before, and it is unknown how she would react toward one.
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