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T the Cyber-Wolverine is the half-fursona of User:Nitrogen218. He is a guy who hails from Mobius Prime and was turned into a cyber-Mobian when he was captured by Negaspace forces. He is warrior that at times can go from gentle giant to a guy that screams "I'm gonna tear you a new one!" He is the best friend of Raven the Cyberhog that was accidentally Mobianized at the hands of Raven's Mobianizer.


T is a 14-year-old hybrid robot and Wolverine with red eyes, black fur, and peach skin. He is also seen wearing a black, long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans, and gray shoes with black accents. He wears red, fingerless gloves secured by gray straps.

He also has 4 mechanical arms that come out of his back as a result of the Negaspace conversion malfunction, each with its own red snake eye in the palm. Each hand has four mechanical fingers.


T is generally a friendly and likable beast that doesn't sweat the dirty jobs or the small objectives, always willing to lend a hand whenever possible. However. he is reserved and shy when around people. He also likes taking on a good challenge, but also respects others' opinions.


T basically lived a normal life as a human prior to his Mobianzation. He was cooperative and attentive coincidentally, and quite the drawer and gamer. He met Raven when he was 5 and T was 8, but Raven accidentally Mobianized him when he stepped on a Mobian conversion blaster and turned him into a Mobianized wolverine.

T was not adopted by Omega like Raven. Instead, he trained from dawn to dusk after hearing about the death of Raven's mom. As he grew into a teenager, he was an awesome drawer, great at playing video games, and expert in combat. T began to return to drawing after completing his training in combat. He then went on as always until he was kidnapped by con-bots and transferred to Negaspace.


While T lay unconscious from a blow to the brain thanks to a wooden club, the Con-bots slipped him in a convergence cell and began the procedure. T didn't feel himself change at all in physical appearance until he woke up with a massive concussion. While he wobbled into reality, he quickly realized that he is being turned into robot. Fearing for his life, he pounded on the glass, but no one could hear him. However, he was spared when the machine malfunctioned mid-conversion, turning his insides into machinery and giving him 4 mechanical arms that spawned out of his back. As he broke free, the convergence factory was crumbling rapidly. He escaped through a hole in the roof and charged to the palace, only to see warfare between the Overlanders and Negaspace robots, much to his confusion.

Confrontation with Nega Supreme

T's frustration rose to a boiling point when he had trouble locating the Negaspace Palace. He then took his frustration out on the Negaspace army and tore up the power generators that stabilized the palace, powered the vehicles, and supplied energy to the Negaspace forces. As soon as that was done, the war was over as soon as the power was cut, much to Nega Supreme's rage. T then scanned out the palace coordinates and snuck his way into the palace.

When he snuck into the highest window of the palace, he climbed in and rolls behind Nega's throne. Holding a plasma knife in his hand, he surprised Nega by grabbing him by the neck and jabbed the knife in Nega's power surge system (heart), taking control of the Negaspace command systems, and hoping for the best. Hope came too late when Negaspace launched an all-out assault on Cyberspace and won. In hopes of annihilating Negaspace, he activated the self destruct system in the palace and left Nega to die.

After his escape, he formed the Semi-Mobian Legion and fights alongside his childhood friend, Raven with the Powercore Unit, mostly against T.Y.R.A.N.N.U.S.


Claw attack- T charges at his target and scratches him-/her 10 times.

Atomic Surge- T curls up into a ball and starts a spin dash, as he revs up, Raven comes and winds him up with his arm. After 6 seconds, T is thrown and unleashes a blast of energy

Battering Ram Charge- When hopped up on rage, he charges full speed in a non-stop charge that rams through numerous walls and numerous people.

Spin On Rage- T starts spinning around in a tornado-like form and literally shreds the victim to the bone.

Powercore Control

Powercore Annihilation

Dive bomb- T jumps into the air and chooses a target to hit. Once chosen, he SLAMS into the ground with extreme force

Special Abilities

He was born with Electrokinesis.


Translates the Cyberspace language

High Intelligence

Photographic Memory


His main weakness is extreme tiredness from all the rage.

He is not good with magic or sorcery.

Being put under too much pressure can make him snap angrily.

He'll get scatterbrained if he has too many objectives at a time.


"Hi! I'm T!"

"Ah, I see your problem, now."

"My time of origin? Uh, could we change the subject, please?"

"Do you need some help? Because I could."

"Well, this is awkward."

"Do not consider me a villain, everybody."

"(Laughs) Nice one, mate!"

"The form I have, trust me on this, you don't want to see it."

"What's up, kid?"

"No thanks, I got it all under control, but thanks anyway."

"From this point on, we stand as one, not as a group, but a unity."

"I haven't given up on ya, kid! And I'm not gonna start now, or ever. Count on it."


"Your first mistake...was trappin' me. Your second was sticking around."

"I believe in 'An Eye for An Eye'."

"This'll be over quickly unless I get some spare shells!"


"I'm not playing a game of scrimmage! State your name or I WILL open fire!"

"I will fight to the death! YOURS!!"

"(Dark) You picked the wrong nerve to tango with, Einstein!"

Theme Songs

If today was your last day-Nickelback

Gotta be somebody-Nickelback

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