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Prower Telecom, Inc.
2005 (date not known due to lack of records)
Parent company
Prower-Hedgehog Inc.
Coverage area
Most of the F.R.E.

TTCable, otherwise known as Prower Telecom, Inc., is a large telecommunications company that serves the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg. Founded in 2005, the company is the largest privately-owned telecommunications company in the F.R.E., and is also the largest telecommunications company that is owned by a minor.


The company was founded in late 2005 as a subsidiary of TTCorp. The cable system grew over the past few years, and it is now the largest private telecommunications company in the country. In additon, TTCable ranks at the top in terms of customer satisfaction and level of service.

Since the RebellionEdit

After the Rebellion, TTCable's service to the Emerald Coast was all but destroyed. Although the cable lines were not damaged because of Chaos energy, headends were destroyed, thus making the relay of programming almost impossible. During the reconstruction of the Parkview area, Tails demanded that all of the lines be hardened to prevent another attack. Following the reopening of the Emerald Coast, customers noticed that they had inccured almost no charges. Tails simply said that he had to leave too, so it would be unfair to charge customers. In addition, customers saw that service had improved.

In addition, TTCable is now the only cable provider that has EMP and magic-resistant cable lines across the country. Officials stated that is was only a precaution, in the event that the Rebellion happens again.

Emergency AdditionsEdit

Parkview customers also received a bonus to their TTCable service: Parkview EmergencyComm. Added as a coalition with competitor Chaos Cable, EmergencyComm now provides emergency communications and bulletins to all cable subscribers in Hunter County.


Cable television (CATV)Edit

The most important aspect of TTCable is their CATV service. Branded as SuperSonic Digital Cable, the service provides subscribers with over 400 high-quality television channels, with most of them operating in digital. SuperSonic Digital Cable is the primary reason TTCable is still alive. SSDG currently relays all basic channels with analog, for the convenience of those who have older television sets.The channels are relayed through coaxial cable and fiber optic lines on the islands. Number of subscribers (2009): ~2,500,980

Cable-Only ChannelsEdit

SuperSonic Digital Cable carries a lot of cable-only channels, because most of these stations do not have an interest in over-the-air broadcasts.

  • News 9 Emerald Coast (Emerald Coast systems)
  • Home Shopping Parkview (Emerald Coast systems)
  • Lifestyle Southwest (Southwest systems)
  • West Allis Tourist Channel (West Allis area systems)
  • Joshowici TV (Joshowici system only)
  • Midlands TelevisionOne (Midlands systems only)
  • News 15 Midlands (Midlands systems only)
  • Stewartstown HomeTV (Stewartstown system only)
  • Oshawa Sports (Oshawa City systems only)
  • Loka Toka Tourist Access Channel (Loka Toka system only)
  • LiveTV (All systems)


TTCable's internet service is known as FoxNet. The service had about 1,900,000 subscribers in 2009.


Fox Bell is TTCable's branding for home phone services. Fox Bell utilizes phone lines (above-ground,) to allow customers to relay phone lines. During the winter months, this can be problematic as lines can freeze, causing service disruption.

Cable SystemsEdit

With almost 50 cable systems (and over 100 headends) covering the entire country, TTCable is by far the largest cable system in the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg and its territories. These systems are subject to change, according to TTCable policy. Also, TTCable service is available to international cities on request.

Midlands DMA (Mobius Corners/Stewburt)Edit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with the local in-market stations that are based in Mobius Corners.

  • TTCable Northeast & Border
  • TTCable Emerald Lake
  • TTCable Ellisburg
  • TTCable Midlands
  • TTCable Midlandsville & Area
  • TTCable Pumpkin Hill Area
  • TTCable Medialtown
  • TTCable Joshowici Area
  • TTCable Prairie Hill
  • TTCable Brentwood
  • TTCable Blackwood County

Oshawa City DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with the local in-market stations that are based in Oshawa City.

  • TTCable Oshawa City
  • TTCable Petajoops
  • TTCable Trillbon
  • TTCable Far Southeast
  • TTCable Springdale

Owisagan DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with Owisagan area stations.

  • TTCable Ilan
  • TTCable Owisagan Area
  • TTCable Edwardton
  • TTCable Wyattsburg
  • TTCable Far South
  • TTCable Pisces River

West Allis DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with West Allis area stations. Tails is using this DMA's cable systems to perform an experiment. It's called a "supersystem", a cable system which relays the same channels to a wider area. There are limited spaces for community access channels, however.

  • TTCable Supersystem Central
    • West Allis
    • Trussville
    • Regency Lake
    • Silverville
    • Harristown
  • TTCable Lylatown
  • TTCable Blacks Creek
  • TTCable Border
  • TTCable Connordale
  • TTCable Salemsville

Stewartstown/Blackville DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with Stewartstown/Blackville area stations.

  • TTCable Stewartstown
  • TTCable Eastern Lowcountry
  • TTCable Blackville
  • TTCable Tonald Fork

Emerald Coast DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with Parkview/Emerald Coast area stations.

  • TTCable Emerald Coast
  • TTCable Pulaski County
  • TTCable Foothills
  • TTCable Green Hill
  • TTCable Southwest
  • TTCable Hyatt Grove
  • TTCable Surryville & Area
  • TTCable North Buckner Region

Emeraldsville DMAEdit

All of these systems have must-carry agreements with Emeraldsville area stations. Due to restraining orders, MCC actions, and Chaos Cable fiber optics, TTCable does not serve all areas of Northwestern Emeraldsbourg.

  • TTCable Pendleton
  • TTCable Emeraldsville Metro
  • TTCable Mattias
  • TTCable North Peak & Area
  • TTCable Milner
  • TTCable Willisville


Islands' TTCable is the TTCable branch that serves the territorial islands of Loka Toka, San Rico, the Leeways, and Gurid Island. Although these stations follow TTCable policy, there are many timeshifts and programming adjustments. All of these systems have must-carry agreements with island-based stations.


To help increase performance and avoid unnecessary service interruptions due to extreme (winter) weather, Tails had a new technology created and patented. The trademarked name is ChaosLines. TTCable service uptime is now 99.897%, thanks in part to the introduction of ChaosLines.

ChaosLines use Chaos Energy to form a protective coating around the cable lines. However, any being who can manipulate large amounts of Chaos Energy can disrupt the system.


  • TTCable's primary competitor is Chaos Cable.
  • TTCable is run by a 9-year-old.
  • During the winter months, TTCable was vulnerable to service interruptions as it is not allowed to bury lines underground. This problem was fixed with the introduction of Chaos-infused cable lines.
  • TTCable is the only cable company that uses the WeatherNet's local HD forecast generator.
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