"A Rumble Down Under" is a fanfic written by Ryushusupercat (Talk), and is a part of Purple Paw Studios' Freedom Fighter Saga. This fanfic revolves around the Dusty Gulch Freedom Fighters, their formation and conflict with Dominik the Devil's regiment of the Tralius Egg Army.


With the knowledge that the Tralius Egg Army was starting to establish a foothold within the Arid Prairie Zone, a few bold individuals from Dusty Village decide that action needs to be taken. Grouping together, they form what would be known as the Dusty Gulch Freedom Fighters, and stake out a base within the Dusty Gulch of the Arid Prairie Zone, christening their hideout "Dusthaven".

They will have to make new friends and fight new foes in order to survive the encroaching Tralius Egg Army.






Chapter 1

When the presence of a Hoverby at Dusty Village incites fear that the Tralius Egg Army is beginning to close in on their peaceful home, three Mobians decide to rise to the challenge, willing to do whatever it takes to keep their home, and the Arid Prairie Zone as a whole, safe from the Eggman Empire.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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