Tática the Falcon

Biographical Information
  • Unknown relatives
Alias None
Romantic Interests None (too young)
Physical Description
  • Feathers: Bright Yellow
  • Eyes: Cyan
  • Yellow spiked neck collar
  • Silver sharp spurs from the back of her talons
  • Silver armor, kneecaps and shoulderpads
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Electric Clan (tactician)
Weaponry Electrical Staff
  • Flight
  • High Intellect
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRP: The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorJMB

Tática the Falcon is the youngest member of the Electric Clan of Haeos. Even though as a child, she is very smart when it comes to finding any trespassers invading the ElectricClan village and won't hesitate to attack them.

Physical Description

Tática is a small falcon, consisting silver armor chest plating around her body, helmet and gloves, while she has sharp metal spurs attached from the back of her talons. She is small, but size does not matter when it comes to sheer electrical powers. She also has a sharp beak that can tear flesh in one single peck.


Joining the ElectricClan

Notable Abilities

Despite Tática's young age, her electrokinetic powers can easily surpass those who tries to challenge her. With her Electrical Staff, she has the ability to overcome nearby enemies that are attempting to attack her, thus frying the enemies into burnt ashes. Here are her abilities:

  • Lightning Kick
  • Thunder Swing (from her Electrical Staff)
  • EMP Wave (when outnumbered)
  • Storm Smash
  • Megawatt Blast (her signature attack)
  • Storm Strike
  • Lightning Beak
  • Peck
  • Chain Lightning
  • Thunder Cutter (by flapping her wings)
  • Lightning Shield (formely EMP Shield)
  • Polarity Bind

Friends & Foes





  • Water Clan soldiers (even trespassers)

Likes & Dislikes



Biggest Fears

  • Water (since water attacks can potenitally harm her)


Tática acts like an innocent child, at first. However, when it comes to enemies that are attempting to respass the ElectricClan village, she gets angry easily (due to her short of temper) and attacks enemies on sight. She is, however, loyal to her leader, Voltassa the Porcupine, including her friends, since she is the smartest member anyone has ever seen. Unlike ordinary children, Tática is anywhere but child-ish, despite her young age.



  • Tática is the Portuguese word for "Tactic".
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