This is an article about Syrii, a location created by Megasonicfan18.

What it is

Syrii is a fanon planet made by me for the new series of storys I'll be posting soon.


Syrii's Different contanants all have different climates.

Reeta:Has very cold Sub 0 winters ,but yet very hot summers,springs and falls re the equivalant of Earth's USA.

Castra:Has not so cold winters and flaring hot summers ,springs are warm and falls are chilly.

Baisia:All seasons are one,the climate never changes here.It's always spring.

Acia:Is the coldest of the 5 contanents and has freezing winters and falls,springs and summers are warm.

Sheekah:Is the hottest contanant as it is always summer.


Legend has it that Syrii used to be five sprate planets.Each for one of it's contanants.One day a mystrierius ball of water appiered and the five planets gathered there.Thus Syrii was born.

This page will be updated as stories are reliesed.

Significant Populations

The largest populations are as follows

The Quisterians

The Rapolash

The Zenatos

The Apalouse

The Meniese

Notable Areas

Reeta is the World Capital,so it is the most populated contanant

Acia's Rak Rocks are one of the worlds notaleble features

Sheaka's Death Lake is made from a strange ooz known as Oragtites.It has the ability to strike lighting wherever it is thrown

Reeta's Pash Desert is the hottest desert on the planet.

This will be updated as stories are reliesed


Only one major landmark exits as of now

FlareRuby Temple:The sacred temple where the 12 FlareRubys are kept.

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