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Synergy Effect is a high-level genetic ability, allowing a user to bring the minds of others to the same path as themselves, essentially turning other people into vessels comparable to limbs of a single mind.


The user taps into similar though paths in a being, and follows them psychically, until they reach a point where they can dominate their mind, similar to a mind-trick or an alteration of the mind commonly used by telepaths.

However, unlike a normal telepath, the user of this technique can perform the same trick instantaneously onto hundreds, if not thousands, of people. This is insanely effective in a military situation - an entire army instantaneously getting orders in a way that can't be intercepted, and working with complete unison. What's the downside?

Quite a lot, to be clear. While the ability is powerful, it is corruptive. The sensation of commanding others corrodes the mind, and eventually, the lust for power becomes great. Beings under their control, commanders in particular, would start to become "blood-drunk" and order insane maneuvers. On top of that, the filtering and directing of thoughts often becomes too great, and the user is driven insane. Insane and a lust for power. Not a good combination.


  • Cass the Raikou - Damien's Moebian counterpart, member of unknown Moebian family, deceased.


Derived Techniques

  • Battle Meditation - a powerful Psychic art capable of bolstering the will of the user's allies, and lowering that of their enemies.
  • Mind Domination - a small-scale version.

Technique Rank

As genetic techniques work on a different scale to standard techniques, it is only known that this technique is high-tier, but it's rank is uncertain.