Syndra, the Goddess of Lava
Somewhere in the distant future.
Scorch and the rest of the Goddesses (including the Parallels), Dr. Robotnik, and others.
Grilled/barbequed foods, just about anything related to the heat, etc.
Rainstorms, windstorms, cold weather, being unable to control her powers, and Tikal.
Theme Song

Syndra, the Goddess of Lava is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, who was initially set to appear in the fifth episode, but ended up appearing sooner than planned, in the second Christmas Special. Unlike most of the other Elemental Goddesses, Syndra is not a sibling or clone of Scorch, Slush, or Oceana, but is instead a distant descendant of the former.


For the most part, Syndra is an extremely polite and respectful person, especially towards the elderly. However, when she's in the presence of someone that she isn't particularly fond of, she tends to be rather cynical, and behaves a lot more coldly towards them, as shown by her brief interaction with Tikal in EoP Christmas Special #2.

Powers and Abilities

Like Scorch and Volcana, Syndra has power over the fire element, and is able to use heat-based attacks, and withstand temperatures up to a hundred degrees or more.


Naturally, being the pyrokinetic that she is, Syndra is unable to withstand water, dirt/sand, or wind-based attacks. Although she's capable of using fire-related abilities, she's very inexperienced, and doesn't have much control over her powers.


During the events of Chronological Chaos, where the original three Elemental and Parallel Goddesses are celebrating their 9,001st birthday, Syndra arrives through a time portal. After getting herself acquainted with everyone, she ends up making a startling announcement, claiming that she's Scorch's descendant. More information to come later.



Scorch, the Goddess of Fire

Having heard stories about Scorch and her accomplishments, Syndra idolizes and looks up to her ancestor, having next to nothing but respect for her. Their relationship is also like that of a master and an apprentice, since Scorch has taken it upon herself to teach Syndra how to control her powers. More information to come later.

Tikal the Echidna

Even though Scorch herself has let go of the hatred she's had towards Tikal for so many years, Syndra, on the other hand, dislikes her. Syndra's dislike for her stems from the stories she's heard about Scorch's past, and how Tikal was the one responsible for imprisoning her ancestor all those years ago.

Because of this, Syndra often acts in a very rude and hostile manner towards Tikal whenever they have the chance to interact. Similar to the feud that Scorch had with her, this grudge is completely one-sided, as Tikal has absolutely no idea why Syndra acts the way she does toward her.


  • Syndra's name is a combination of the words "singe" and "cinder".
  • Her "Goddess of Lava" title was originally used for Volcana before it was changed.
  • Syndra's design was based off of JumpySquirrel's depiction of Scorch (shown in the gallery below), which can be seen as the latter's prototype design.


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