"Gazer from the stars, observer from Heaven and conqueror of Hell, that is who I am!"

-Synchro the Hedgehog

Synchro the Hedgehog
Unknown Hedgehog -2 Finished
Biographical Information
Age20 (Physically)
Romantic InterestsN/A
Physical Description
DescriptionA white hedgehog with; black stripes, a tanned muzzle & grey eyes.
AttireBlack and white Sonic style shoes, black pants with a dark blue jacket and a white undershirt, followed up with black gloves.
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentGood/ Hero
WeaponryBlade of Heaven and Hell
Super FormsOverdrive, Hell, Super, Seraphim, Hyper, Ultimate.
Other Information
American V.A.N/A
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)Through the Fire and Flames (Main Theme)
Original CreatorOmegaEdge ZX

Synchro is a hedgehog, who is not a resident of Mobius, as he traveled from a planet destroyed a anomaly in space, so he traveled to Mobius, the closest source of Chaos energy in-abundance.


He is rather calm individual, who would rather not show his emotions, as he is socially awkward around most people, especially around women that he like, whom he blushes around.

He likes to keep his distance from most Mobians, so he likes to stay in remote places, such as the summit of mountains, in the middle of the ocean and the like.

He is rather sympathetic however to the people that are below him in some way or another, but without trying to damage his out-wards integrity.


He can control life force or 'Aura' as it is commonly referred to, he can drain aura or replenish it (in other words, heal), meaning that his attacks are going to do double damage to organic beings, and half to mechanical ones. He also had a rather mediocre range of Holy and Hell based attacks, and is able to alternate rather flawlessly between them, and is able to use them at one on a occasions for extra damage.

He is also able to perform a powerful air dash, and is able to chain them together for a long periods, though he mainly uses them for evasion. He is moves so fast while performing that move that it looks like he is teleporting.

He also has angel-like wings that he keeps concealed under his jacket, which he never reveals to anyone.


Generic Techniques

Blade Techniques

  • Dash Slash (Self Explanatory)
  • Impale (Self Explanatory)
  • Hammer Slash (A powerful slash motioned towards the ground)
  • Uppercut slash (Everyone knows what that is)
  • Omega Thrust (A powerful thrust that can slice through 6ft of solid titanium)

Aura Techniques

  • Aura Shield (Form 1) (A dome that is fueled by the users aura, the stronger the aura and the less space taken up by the shield, the stronger it is.)
  • Aura Shield (Form 2) (A panel that is fueled by the users aura, is stronger than the form 1, but covers less area)
  • Aura Drain (A move which drains aura from it's target, and replenishes health.)
  • Aura Ball (Self Explanatory)
  • Aura Palm (A palm that is powered up even more by Aura)

Elemental Techniques

Light/ Holy Techniques

Darkness/ Hell Techniques

  • Night Slash
  • Dark Fang
  • Dark Palm
  • Shadow Claw
  • Shadow Force
  • Shadow Punch
  • Shadow Blitz
  • Shadow Ball
  • Dark Flare
  • Dark Blast
  • Dark Srike
  • Dark Bomb
  • Dark Giant

Regular Techniques

  • 10,000 Punches/ Fists
  • Recover
  • Sky Uppercut
  • Finisher Charge
  • ExtremeSpeed
  • DoubleEdge
  • Endure
  • Close Combat
  • Calm Mind
  • Dynamic Punch
  • Rail Cannon
  • Agility

Signature Techniques

  • Heaven Slash (A powerful slash with the power of heaven behind it.)
  • Hell Slash (Same as Heaven Slash, with Hell's power instead.)
  • Slash of 1000 blades (A slash that attacks 1000 times)
  • Aura Leech (A much more powerful and refined version of the Aura Drain)
  • Aura Nuke (A much more powerful version of the Aura sphere, which chains explosions up to 5 times, depending on how much power is put in)
  • Aura Aegis (A more refined version of the Aura shield, capable of withstanding much more damage and covers a larger area)


Please ask no the talkpage if you want to be his friend...


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