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Template:Construction/NewSynchro Stones are gemstones of extraordinary power that are very popular among Mages and Warriors alike. There are dozens of different stones, each with there own effect. They used to be used by humans thousands of years ago, and are still used by many hidden magi groups today. They manipulate a strange energy called Synchro energy.


Each type of Synchro Stone has it's own shape, color and power. They are usually large enough to fit in one's fist, but can be larger. These stones come with a massive variety of effects, ranging from allowing one to survive without the use of food or water, to allowing them to become a human superconductor.

These stones are rather rare today, with most in the (unknowing) possession of museums or in the hands of mages who keep hidden. These stones can give power to any being with a conscious, and to any creature who can have them integrated into their being.


Synchro stones were made over ten thousand years ago as advances in ancient human super civilizations, now long crumbled to dust. However, the secret to making said stones was kept, and is well known among most mage communities. Additionally, many large crystals today are actually Synchro Stones.

What exactly the stone is made of is not easily discernable. They can be made of any form of precious gem, but the forging proccess turns them into a strange type of crystal. They come in many different colors, each having it's own shape. The Elemental Synchro Stones seem to have a sample of there element in them.

In order to get one, one must make one, get them from a person who has them, or by some amazing stroke of luck, find it. Many ancient treasures contain these stones.

Possible Creation Origin

There is an alternate legend to how these stones were made. Some speak of a massive creature from the Elemental Plane of Earth was investigating Earth's natural ley lines when the crystals in his body reacted with the massive amounts of energy he was working with, causing them to become enchanted. He then exctracted the crystals from his body, and studied them.

He leanred that these stones could connect, or synchronize with a particular force, living or nonliving, to give it special powers. Soon, he learned how to make these crystals, and started to slowly make hundreds and hundreds up until he was killed by a being from the Elemental Plane of Wind who feared that the Earth Elementals would use this power to defeat the Wind Elementals.

The power was then scattered among the winds of Earth, never to be seen again. Until Humans found it. When human hands found these stones, thousands more were created by mages who learned their secrets.


To use a Synchro stone, a person must hold the stone in their hand and "synchronize" with it, allowing the stone to empower them. The stone then orbits around them slowly, as they transfer power to the user. The stone can be moved around at will, but cannot go more than 4 feet away from the user without the user losing its benefit.


Snychro Stones can be fused into a being through a painful proccess that in the end allows the user to permanently get their abilities. This can be very useful, but can also increase the chances of side effects occuring from their power.

To fuse someone with a stone, the person who wishes to fuse with the stone must concentrate for 12 hours, not be interrupted by anything. In this time, the stone they wish to synchronize with must be near them. They must focus on the stone for twelve hours, slowly synchronizing themselves with the stone.

At this point, they are synchronized with the stone, and can use it's power remotely, as long as it is near their person. If the stone is floating, they can control it's movement. To fuse the stone with their being, the synchronizer must place the stone on a part of there body where they wish to fuse it (usually, this will be there chest, arms, or forehead).

The fusing process itself is beyond painful. The stone literally carves its way into the skin by burning and healing rapidly with Synchro Power, until it's implanted in the skin. Some larger or irregular shaped stones may be unable to be placed in certain places, and as such are a pain to place. However, after being bonded, they are virtually indestructible, being able to withstand 100 tons of force with no problem.

The proccess usually ends with the user (now one with the stone), fainting from the extreme pain, which is compared to having your internal organs being ripped out. After they wake up, they will feel the unpleasent sensation of being drunk (wonder what's so bad about that? Ask a glass of water.) for as much as ten days. A good portion of the user's abilties will be impeded during this time.

After this however, the user will gain power the power of the Synchro Stone they fused for the rest of there lives, regardless if they are sleeping, unconcious, or awake. This also prevents the stone from being stolen or destroyed. The user will also have there body flow with Synchro energy constantly, causing them to stand out from others in terms of power given off by their being.


Removing a Synchro Gem was long fought impossible, but there are several methods of this. First is removing the part of the body the gem is connected too. This does NOT sever the link the gem has with it's master, however. Second is, obviously, killing the one bonded to the gem. Third is through a powerful force or a force that manipulates souls. Soulweaving is an excellent example of this.

In some practices, a spell is set on the stone to explode or lose power if the person they bonded to dies.


All Sychro Stones share a certain number of properties. First off, all stones can only synchronize to beings with a conscience. They can be integrated to practically any being however. When floating, they are absurdely hard to break. Additionally, they are also very hard to even hit, as they will avoid any solids or energy blasts while floating.

Some people use Synchro stones as a focus for there powers, channeling energy blasts or spells through the stone. Said enhanced powers are noticeably stronger. They can also be directed as rays, beams, or cones should they be capable of doing so.

Normal Synchro Stones

There are numerous "normal" Synchro stones. These stones each have a unique color and shape. Each color has the same shape as every single stone of that color.

Color Power Level Basic Shape
Clear User survive with no food or water for ten times longer than normal. Orb
Blue Increases one's analytical powers (Intellegence) Cube
Red Increases Physical Power. Pyramid
Green Increases movement speed (regardless of method). Rhombiod
Yellow Increases one's Stamina and Endurance Spindle
Turquoise Reflex and Dexterity increase. Pentacle
Magenta Heat and Cold Resistance Trapezoid
Pink Fast Healing/Slow Regeneration Crescent
Purple Increases mental and physical focus to increase energy restoration. Ovoid
Brown Know exact altitude in accordance to Sea Level Disc
Orange Sense poisons in 20 meters Crescent
White See through illusions Orb
Black Meld into Shadows. Teleport via shadows 180 Feet/day  Pyramid
Amber Minor Magic/Power amplification


Scarlet Bonus to accuracy Rhombus
Crimson Create a powerful Barrier of Synchro Energy 3/Day Rhombus
Peach Survive without air for ten times longer than normal Disc
Grey Skin/Clothing/Armor becomes stronger and lighter because of Synchro Energy. Trapezoid
Metallic Grey

Weapon becomes stronger by Synchro energy.

Navy Blue Sense Energy Pentacle
Lavender Infravision Orb
Blood Red Protection against Mind Effects Spindle
Iridescent Green Increases all round stats slightly Prism
Copper Telepathy/40 Feet Spindle
Bronze Teleport total of 1000 miles/day Orb
Silver Absorb 3 energy based attacks/day  Rhombus
Gold Reflect all forms of projectiles 5% of the time. Disc
Platnum Absorb elemental attack and counter with attack of equal power and opposite element 3/day

Brilliant Cut

Blue and Red Recall a weapon 10/week Cube
Pale Yellow Swap Attack and Defense for up to 15 minutes 3/ Day Pentacle
Green and Yellow Total control over how loud your noises are. Orb
Red and White Activate a random effect 3/day Cube

Elemental Stones

A rarer version of Sychro Stones are the Elemental Sychro Stones. These contain a raw elemental sample of the corresponding element inside them. They are hard to make because of this, but more worth the effort. They tend to have extra effects that make them highly effiecient. They all are Emerald Cut in shape. They will always give a good resistance bonus in their element (+25) and a small resistance (+15) to the elemental opposite.

Stone Power
Fire Gain moderate control over fire. Gain resistance to fire and ice damage. Use Scorching Veil 3/Day
Ice Gain moderate control over Ice. Gain resistance to Ice and Fire damage. Use Cold Knell 3/Day
Water Gain moderate control over Water. Gain resistance to Water and Lightning. Use Hydro Shape 3/Day
Lightning Gain moderate control over Lightning. Gain resistance to Lightning and Water. Use Lightning Sheild 3/Day
Earth Gain moderate control over Earth. Gain resistance to Earth and Wind. Use Earth Entropy 3/Day
Wind gain moderate control over Wind. Gain resistance to Wind and Earth. Use Butterfly Effect 3/Day
Light Gain moderate control over Light. Gain resistance to light and Darkness. Use Holy Rain 3/Day

Gain moderate control over Darkness. Gain resistance to Darkness and Light. Use Waking Doom 3/Day

Multiple Stones

As a general rule, a normal person should never have more than three stones at once. However, having more is not a bad thing if the user's power is high enough. The power of individual stones do not stack unless enough are gathered. The total effect of most of the stones are equal to the square root of the number of stones owned. So four stones gives twice the effect, and nine stones gives thrice the effect and so on. Additionally, some bonuses are hard capped, being impossible to boost past a certain point.

Having too many stones stones are brought together, a person may suffer from Synchro Overload (see below).


Synchro Tolerance Syndrome

This happens when a person gains far to many of a single stone (such as the Magenta stone or the Grey Stone) they start to get abnormal effects. For example, too many Grey Stones could take so much weight off something that it has detrimental effects on it. For example, it might become really easily to lift someone up because their skin weighs so much less.

It seems to be impossible to gain resistances to become completely immune to something.

Synchro Overload

If someone is exposed too much Synchro Radiation, it will cause abnormal effects. These not only include more severe cases of Synchro Tolerence Syndrome, but also power madness. The user might go crazy from the amoutn of power they have, and seek to do nothing but get more Synchro Stones. This can get even worse it they have integrated them into their bodies, as the process is very hard to reverse.


If you want your character to use one of the stones please ask on the Talk Page.

Lucinda the Angelfox - Turquoise Stone

Blitz the Echidna - White Stone

Charlotte the Arctic Hare - Peach Stone

Thrush the Dragon - Copper Stone

Mae the Succubus - 4x Pink Stones, 4x Copper Stones, and 1 Green and Yellow Stone

Silencia the Hedgebat - Red Stone

Noire the Cat - 4x Red Stones

Other uses


The Synchro stones can be integrated into more than just flesh. In non-conscious beings, such as constructs, it is possible to work the stone into the body of the construct. This gives it the said abilties of the stone. Additionally, a weapon can be worked into a weapon or peice of armor to add their abilties to it. These are uncommon practices, but are still done from time to time.

Additionally, it may be possible to make a construct entirely out of these stones. If so, however, it has never been done. Why? For starters, it would require thousands and thousands of these stones to make. In return, the "Synchro Golem" would have immense power, and likely be a dangerous foe.

Additionally, it may be able to make a weapon or set of armor, but it would likely be the same as the Golem. It would be very controversal to do this however.

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