Sync is a combat type robotic echidna created by Jimmy the Wombat.

Sync the Robochidna
3 months (chronilogically)

27 (physically)
Jimmy the Wombat (creator)
Blowing things up, his robotic abilities.
His creator, water.


Sync was originally yellow and had no facial features, only blank white eyes. He was then given the appearance of a light blue echidna. He escaped the labratory before he was given clothing. He wears tattered clothing he finds laying around. He has orange eyes.


Since he was created for combat, Sync has many fighting abilities. He can extend his limbs to reach opponents from great distances. He has the ability to fire small beams from his palms, but they are normally only for distraction. He can deploy missiles from his forearms. He has a rocket installed in his feet that allow him to move around quickly. He can also use his rockets to increase the power of his kicks and punches. He also has the ability to open up his chest to reveal a red orb , which is his life source, he can fire a huge beam from the orb but it takes a long time to charge and it leaves him unable to move for a long period of time. He only uses this attack as a last resort.


Due to his lack of common knowledge Sync can be naive. He also has a cruel and ruthless side as he was corrupted before he could be finished. He was infected with some type of virus before Jimmy could complete him, which caused Sync to become evil. He lacked a care for others, deciding that destroying people was better than befriending them.


Sync was created by Jimmy the Wombat. He was corrupted by a virus that turned him evil. He escaped the labratory before Jimmy could fix him. He ravaged through many different towns causing destruction. He wanted to destroy Jimmy for making him a corrupt being. When Jimmy finally found him they had a fierce battle. In the end Sync used his last resort attack, wiping out the entire town they were battling in, Jimmy was nearly killed but he burrowed underground just in time to dodge the attack. Sync thought he had destroyed Jimmy, he then flew off to an unknown location, plotting on who else he would destroy. Jimmy decided that re had to destroy his own creation.


Jimmy the Wombat (hates Jimmy for creating him as a corrupt being)


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