Sylvia is the daughter of Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. Unlike her parents, Sylvia was born in the then-present time of 2001. Silver and Blaze gave birth to her after deciding that the past was better to live in. Sylvia also possessed the ability to control ice, but didn't discover these powers until 2013. In 2015, it was learned that her powers came from eating ice cream. Sylvia has a huge appetite for ice cream and will try to have some whenever possible, though this does result in her belly getting larger from eating too much of it.


Sylvia resembles her mother, Blaze with the exception that she doesn't have her hair tied in a bandana and that her fur is in a light blue. She also has hedgehog quills on her back like her father. She wears a light gray small shirt and skirt that shows of her belly. She likes how the cool air feels on it.


Sylvia is very sweet and gentle. She has a huge craving for ice cream and just the thought of ice cream will make her hungry.


After she has devoured ice cream, she can use the powers of ice, just as her mother could use the power of fire. Unlike her mother however, Sylvia considers her ability of ice to be a gift.


If Sylvia hears the word "ice cream", her belly will immediately growl from the sound of it, resulting in herself wanting to have some.


  • Despite the fact that she is Silver and Blaze's daughter (Of whom are silver and lavender respectively), Sylvia is a light blue color. The color could come from her ice abilities.
  • During the seventh season, Sylvia has gotten a lot of attention among certain fans. As a result, a fanfic special about her called "Sylvia the Ice Cream Heroine" came out in 2016.

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