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Sylvia the Dark Ranger (Original)

Sylvia in her 'original' outfit.

Biographical Information


Romantic Interests
  • Sylvanas(Real name)
  • Dark Angel
  • Pesky ranger(By Cam)
Team affliction
Physical Description
  • Dark Elven(Banshee)
  • Hedgehog(Mobian)
Gender Female

Elven Form

  • Dark purple skin
  • Dark golden eyes
  • Pale blonde hair

Hedgehog Form

  • Dark purple fur
  • Dark golden eyes
  • Pale muzzle
  • Black markings

Ranger Armour

  • Dark purple-blue top
  • Lighter purple skirt
  • Dark purple cape with black markings
  • Pale silver-gold shoulder plates with gauntlets


  • Pale blue top
  • Light purple skirt

Main Weapons

  • Silver Bow /w arrows
  • Two curved ranger blades
  • Jeweled dagger
Super Forms
  • Arcane Ranger(Time-Space form)
Alternate Forms
  • Aryia Silverstar('Hero' disguise)
Theme Song
Angel of Darkness --anime

Angel of Darkness --anime

Main Theme

  • Archery
  • Swordsmanship

Sylvia the Dark Ranger is a outgoing and adventurous villain. Being very determind, she will stop at nothing to complete her goals. She is a undead hedgehog-elf, with purple fur and dark markings.


Sylvia is a very determind girl, and will stop at nothing to complete her goals. When wanting revenge, she will do anything to fufill that. She is known to be quite harsh to the ones she hates, which makes her feel isolated. She fears that she is the only one of her kind, and hopes to find someone similiar.


Sylvia has dark purple fur which posseses strange black markings. Her eyes are a dark golden colour, making her unique from her own kind as a mobian.When she's in her dark elf form,she keeps the colors of her eyes and skin,but her hair is pale blonde instead of purple.


When she was younger,she live a normal mobian life with her mother and father,unaware of her family secret.Then one night,both her mother and father was killed by a unknown person.She was founded crying by her parents' bodies by fellow dark elves,who felt sorry for her lost,took in their group and trained her in weapons and her family history.Over the years,she trains hard,dosen't matter is she's in elven form or mobian,she was the top of her class and was given her own weapons,a bow with arrows,two ranger blades and a jeweled dagger.Then one day,as she was away from the village,the same man that killed her parents came with some others and killed everyone.When she returned,she found her whole village destroyed,and the drying village elder told her that the man hates their kind,and wants all mythical being destroyed and warn her that others will harm her.She sets out to find those who killed her clan and get her revenge.

Allies, Rivals and Enemies


  • Kraid the Shadowed One


  • Rience the Demon


  • Summers


Kraid the Shadowed One

On a moonlight night, they both met, and after talking, grew to like eachother. Kraid offered her to stay at his manor and offers to help her with her misson. Years later the two got together and started a family.

Rience the Demon

She was out alone when she meet him, the two started out as friends. But then Rience started to have feelings for her, but she was also loved by Kraid. After she chosed Kraid, he decides to be both their rival.


She was out with one of her scouts when she felt a dark presnece, there, she saw Zel as he was opening a portal to his home, but her scout made to much noise when he caught on fire, so she knocked him out. Aftr the two talk,Zel invited her to his home, while there, they both worked a plan to overthrow their leaders, they soon depart as they shake hands.




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