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Sylvan Island is an island that is divided into 4 parts and a center. The edges represent the different seasons, and are divided by a river. The center is where Sylvan City is.


In Sylvan City, there's an abundance of grass and trees, with some people having made gardens. There are also various lakes around the town, and the river around the town. The core helps on mantaing the lands fertile. The seasonal areas, however, have varied ecology:

Spring Zone

On the spring zone, there are many flowers and a variety of trees. The vegetation is mostly flowers and such, while also having some lakes around.

Summer Zone

The summer zone comes with palm trees near the edge of the area, and oak trees everywhere else. There is an abundance of grass on this area, too.

Autumn Zone

This area has slightly dried up grass and trees, while still mantaining the leaves on their place.

Winter Zone

Winter zone has pine trees slightly covered with snow, while the grass is completely covered.


Sylvan City itself has a rather average temperature when clear, at 71°F at average. The climate is commonly clear, but rains are also common. The seasonal areas have varying climates too:

Spring Zone

Spring zone temperature is balanced aka warm. The climate is mostly sunny and overcast, while rain is not unheard of on this area.

Summer Zone

Summer zone temperature is mostly hot. The climate is mostly clear, rarely going beyond that

Autumn Zone

Autumn zone temperature is slighty cold. The climate is sunny, but mostly it is partly cloudy, and there are higher chances that it rains. Snow is rare, but not unheard of.

Winter Zone

Winter zone temperature is cold, even when sunny. The climate is mostly snowing and overcast, but there can also rain. Strong winds can also happen, and while other areas can also have strong winds, this area is notable in that strong winds can lift the snow and obscure vision.


Sylvan Island wasn't always a normal island. It actually was a floating island, kept afloat by an orb on the center of the island. However, it was quite empty and there weren't a lof of residents. One day, though, earthquakes started, and the island was slowly but noticeably falling. However, people started gathering on the center of the island, and found that the orb was running out of energy, so they started gathering their energy to the orb. The energy granted the orb new power, and the island stopped falling.

That orb, known as the Sylvan core, only kept the island from falling. With it's new power, it then started generating rivers and dividing the island in four diagonal sectors, which are now perpetually stuck on a season, while the center area stayed relatively the same.

Once the core finished it's changes to the island, the people started building a town on the center of the island, while also building bridges and ports to the seasonal zones. Once the town was finally built, the name Sylvan Town was given.

However, the core did attract trouble. Eggman attacked the island to take the Sylvan Core, but the people could make a stand. After a long battle, they finally drove Eggman out and successfully protected the core. However, they knew he could come back at any time. But the core took a drastic measure against it by (ironically) lowering the island to water level, presumably to prevent it from being an obvious target to any future threat.

Some months later, the island finished lowering itself. The sylvan inhabitants knew this wouldn't stop Eggman from coming back, so they were training some of its people and made an army in case something threatens Sylvan again. People also built homes and ports on the seasonal areas, presumably to invite tourists to the island.

Notable Areas

Sylvan City

Sylvan city is on the center area of the island and it is the only place that can change season. It is currently a medium city that is slightly medieval style, however, technology also exists. It is the only city on the island. The city is surrounded by a big lake, having bridges to access any seasonal area, and ports for tourists or traveling out of the town.

Sylvan Core Shrine

The center of the city has a shrine with the Sylvan core in it. It is heavily guarded as a final line of defense against someone that wishes to steal the core. The core is also viewed by the townspeople as a god.

Seasonal Zones Mines

The seasonal areas have mines that were used to get certain minerals. These minerals represented different elements, with the spring zone containing Naturite (a grassy mineral), the summer zone containing Flareite (a slightly warm mineral), the autumn zone containing Voltite (a rock that emanates with electricity) and the winter zone contains Frezzite (a white, cold mineral emanating with coldness)

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