Sylaeus the Thorny Devil

Sylaeus himself

Sylaeus is a thorny devil and

my fursona.


He is very similar to NightFreak in virtually all ways. He can be very stupid and act weird. Chances are if he barely knew you and something happened he'd use you as a sheild. He can also act stupid and weird and rarely ever totally serious. He's never really seen action often but will fight if he needed to. Otherwise he's basically fun-loving and sometimes a great friend.


His powers are new to him so he is unaware of all his powers.

Love Life

Sylaeus is in a relationship, however NightFreak is single.


The name of his dragon is syconal and like sylaeus has just discovered his powers. Like other members of the Claw of syconal his dragon can talk and he can join bodies with his rider. He is also very agrssive with a short temper leading to him yelling and blowing fire alot. His powers are the elements[fire earth water etc.]
Syconal the Dragon


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