Syfe is second in charge of the Mekators, and is the strongest specialist that the Mekators have to offer.


Syfe has the attitude of a stuck up snob to put it flatly, and acts as if he is in charge of the Mekators. He belittles everyone and makes sure they don't forget his 'superior rank' in the Mekator organisation. Syfe's best friend is Yamor the Rock-bot. The only reason for this that nobody knows is becase during Yamor's last upgrade, he had placed a chip in him which would allow Syfe to fuse with Yamor and gain his powers over his own. Syfe rivals Crucifer the Demon, this is because ever since Crucifer had joined the Warhogs, their power grids keep getting harder and harder to penetrate for information. Syfe is a bad guy and is leader of the two man Search squad with Sybe the Robo-tech.


Syfe is a bulky and thick hedgehig looking android. He has metal brick-like shoes with markings on them, and a iron-red plate over his metallic muzzle. He has a three tube mohawk, with two tubes sticking out of the back of his neck. His wrist braces resemble that of two thick, sharp, black gears. His eyes are pur black, except for a glowing blood red cross in each eye.


Syfe batlles with speed and precision, letting his powers of the shadows and illusions o do his dirty work for him. As well as having powers over the shadows and illusions, Syfe specialises in creating the fears of his opponents to cause them to mentally break down on the battle field. If that doesn't work, Syfe uses his superior long range fighting capabilities that he put in himself, as well as being able to change into close combat fighting when needed. Syfe has super speed, and universal code and language cracking capabilities.


  • Long range combat
  • Speed and shadow abilities
  • Code cracking and language abilities


  • Large opponents
  • Oppenents who base attacks on pure strength
  • Defense based opponents



  • Yamor the Rock-bot


  • Crucifer the Demon


  • None so far
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