Syeed Senpei The Hedgehog is a character created by feeltherush98and is one of his main characters. Inspiration for the character comes from various sources; most notably comic book characters such as Iron Man. He is 19 years old and also lives a 'double-life' as a superhero while being an actor on the side. 


Syeed is a red hedgehog with blue eyes. Typically, he wears casual clothes like jeans and a sweater. In some cases, he'll wear formal clothes like a suit/tie, a tuxedo, or of the like. He has a small, black nose and pointy, triangle-like ears. 


Syeed has a carefree attitude. At most times he cracks jokes and has a habit of using sarcasm. When it comes to females, he also likes to flirt a bit. Although a bit of smartass, he can adjust and be serious in situations that call for it; such as a heart-to-heart with a friend or a very serious threat to himself or his people. He loves to hang with his friends and he also loves the sense of adventure, taking on any challenge thar presents itself. He also loves combat and fighting, dedicating his life to training to be a master martial artist. 



Syeed was born to Okura Senpei (father) and Faora Senpei (mother), at the time of the Mobian-Human Civil War. He grew up on the close outskirts of Central City, and by the time he was 2 years old he learned how to walk and talk. Around this same time, however, that his mother was killed in the line of battle. When Syeed turned 4, he became to form a strong bond with the person who would eventually become his best friend, Strife Kurusaki the Fox. When he turned 5, he began being trained in martial arts by his grandfather, Okura Sr. He would dedicate countless hours to getting better and stronger. Later on, he enrolled into Central City Elementary School and became an average student, putting his martial arts training and other activities like friends and hanging out before his education. He also formed a friendship with Unleashed the Hedgehog, someone who would become a close friend of his in the future. When a group of school bullies threatened to hurt Strife, Syeed put his early martial arts training to the test and defended his friend, taking out the gang of bullies. He expected his grandfather to be proud of this feet, but his grandfather said Syeed would have to do more than just fight "playground thugs" to become a good martial artist. (More to be added)


Entering his teenage years, the civil war between Mobians and Humans was reaching it's peak. While trying to conquer Human areas of Mobius, Mobians were also having internal struggles. Crime rates were soaring and famine was a constant threat coming near. Syeed, Unleashed, and Strife noticed this. They decided to take action, Strife tasked with building an exoskeleton suit for Syeed to operate in. Strife with his superior intellect quickly completed development, and soon enough Syeed was out on the streets of Mobius fighting injustice and crime. It was at this time that he met Mia, a blue female hedgehog who quickly became his love interest. Soon after, the Humans dropped a nuke on Imoron City, a Mobian-controlled area. Syeed's grandfather was in the city at the time and this resulted in his death along with over 2 million other deaths. After this event, for a period of time, Syeed took a darker turn, his crusade for justice slowly taking a more rage filled and revenge filled turn. His first adventure ended with him facing off against the Ectomen Of War, an evil organization that had attempted to commit genocide on all Mobians. After this, he dedicated his time to solely ending the Mobian/Human Civil War. (More to be added) 

End of the Civil War and Post-Civil War

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Abilities and Powers

Powered Exoskeleton

Syeed operates most of the time in his superhero suit, also known as The Hedgehog. A powered Exoskeleton created by his best friend, Strife, the suit is almost indestructible and can withstand just about anythng thrown at it. The suit gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons. The suit also comes with an array of weapons, that can omit from all parts of the suit. Such as ray beams, missles, and can even convert a backpack flame-thrower on the back of the suit. Other weapons built into f the armor include: pulse bolts (that pick up kinetic energy along the way; so the farther they travel, the harder they hit); an electromagnetic pulse generator; and a defensive energy shield that can be extended up to 360 degrees. Other capabilities include: generating ultra-freon (i.e., a freeze-beam); creating and manipulating magnetic fields; emitting sonic blasts; and projecting 3-dimensional holograms (to create decoys). The suit is updated regulary with expanding abilities. 

Super Strength 

Syeed is incredibily durable, even without the suit. He has survived blast and attacks (gun shots, knives, ect) that would kill any normal Mobian. He can lift punch so hard that he's able to make even minor dents in the toughest of metals and machines. 


Syeed is growing as one of the greatest martial artist in not just Mobius but the entire galaxy that surronds Mobius, and he is at almost peak Mobian physical condition. He has traveled the galaxy acquiring the skills needed to aid in his constant adventures and battles against evil. Syeed has the ability to function under great physical pain, and to withstand telepathy and mind control. Due to his galactial training, he was also able to master most of his basic five senses. 


Although very wealthy, Syeed is not exactly the smartest person in combat. I.E, he rarely ever uses stratergy unless forced, he can sometimes fall for even the most minor distractions, and he can sometimes brag *too* much while in battle. He also doesn't really have any regard for his surronds and can cause severe damage to the areas he battles in. He can also be deceived very easily.

Appearances in Games/Films

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Appearances in Roleplays 

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