Sydney the hedgehog is a purple hedgehog who's weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. She always had a taste for revenge, but isn't very good at it. She has some interesting back-story, mostly because she was a human before she became a Mobian.


Sydney is a usually quiet, sarcastic girl who isn't afraid to say she dislikes somebody if the bother her enough. She loves to make people laugh with her quick-wit and sarcasm and loves to hang out with friends. She also likes to help Sonic stop Eggman from taking over the world. She says it's an, "enjoyable passtime". She is a kind person who helps people when she can. When she was human, she longed for adventure, and loved to solve mysteries. However, she can be gullible and easy to trick, and sometimes speeds right through things, so she might miss some things. She is an easy, go-with-the-flow type of person.

She can be hostile, especially if she is threatened. She is known for holding grudges and not being easy to forgive someone unless she wants to. She doens't get along with people she finds annoying, stupid, or clueless. She is also the non-girliest person someone would ever meet. She hates makeup and skirts, and will begrudgingly wear a dress if it's required.

Even though she may be quiet, her art and writing are loud and meangingful. She also enjoys singing to her favorite rock and metal music. She is a very modest person but can't help herself if she brags.

She is also very loyal to her friends and doing good. She'll protect her friends to the last, bitter breath, and hopes that they'll do the same for her. She hates criminals and criminal activity, and will try her best to stop them.

Sydney can be lazy at times, and also very clueless when someone points something out to her. She says she has, "a fifteen second attention span" and can't stay still in one place. She does have great hearing, however.


Sydney is a purple hedgehog with two quills sticking out of the back of her head, which are held up by a gold ring. Her muzzle is short and ghostly white. The inside of her ears are pink and her eyes are dark brown. She wears a turquise, long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, white gloves which are held in place by gold rings (which really aren't there for anything other than decoration now that she escaped the scientists). She wears worn,, white-and-light-blue sneakers. The tan quiver on her back is always stocked to the rim with arrows, with usually some sort of valuable at the bottom.


Most of her life before her capture is unknown. It is inferred that she lived a normal life with her friends before that day.

Sonic Destiny

Sonic Destiny is Sydney's game debut.

Sonic and Tails are walking trough Emerald Forest, a forest where all trees were emerald green. They spotted a lone cherry tree, and saw some fruit on it. As they went to go pick it, they saw that someone was already there. Sonic and Tails were about to leave, when Sydney spotted them. She apoligized, and shared some fruit with them. Then, the ground was shaking, and a huge airship rose out of the ground. Eggman introduced himself to Sydney, who didn't listen to half of it. Sydney reached into the bag of fruit and pulled out a leather backpack. She grabbed a bow and some arrows and took a fighting stance. However, Eggman grabbed Tails in a tractor beam. Sonic attempted to rescue him, but a gigantic robot appeared out of nowhere to stall him long enough for Eggman to make his escape. Sonic and Sydney fought to robot with ease. Sonic told Sydney he was going to rescue Tails, but Sydney said she wanted to come along. Sonic was reluctant at first, but he agree as long as she didn't get in the way. The duo head in the direction Eggman went. As they were running, Sydney asked who Eggman was. Sonic explained how he tried to conquer to world over and over, but, "now he's gone too far".

Afterwards, they run into Shadow. He explained that he was looking for Sonic. He wanted to battle him, and Sonic agreed. Sydney asked who Shadow was, but before Sonic could answer, Shadow began the battle. Sydney joined the battle, even though Sonic told her not to. Shadow, having a Chaos Emerald, is able to use Chaos Control. Sydney, not knowing about Chaos Control, continued to attack with no different results. She gets infuriated, calling Shadow a coward for using Chaos Control to teleport, and transforms into a demon-like form. She is able to sense where Shadow will teleport to, and attacks him with great results, although she nearly kills Shadow. However, it takes a great toll on her, draining her of most of her power as she returned to normal. Shadow gave them the Chaos Emerald for deafeating him. Just as soon as Shadow was about to leave, they all heard Tails' plea for help. Sonic and Sydney ran as they followed the sound of Tails' voice.

Eggman's ship malfuntioned and he had to stop in a clearing to fix the problem. Sonic was about to rush into the clearing, but Sydney stopped him, saying they need to think first, otherwise they'll just get caught. She comes up with a plan, saying she'll make something explode using an arrow, and that way they can sneak in. Unfortunatly, Eggman knew they were there, and used another giant robot to capture them. At Eggman's mercy, Eggman commands the robot to fling them far away, so,"they won't bother him anymore". The robot does as it was commanded, and Sonic and Sydney were flung threw the air. The two thought that it was the end, but Sydney turned it around with a new transformation. She had wings in this tranformation, and she grabbed Sonic's arm and flew him back to that clearing, where Eggman was gone. Sydney thought they should rest because they've been running around all day. Sonic asked her about those transformations she had that day. Sydney sighed and said, "I knew I had to tell someone eventually."

Sydney starts out saying that she was a human before, and she was walking home from school with some friends when someone grabbed her, threw her in a van, and drove away. The kidnapper was a scientist that was part of a group of scientists who needed a test subject. They wanted to create a femele counterpart of Sonic. However, the transformation went horribly wrong, and Sydney became the purple hedgehog she is today. A side-effect of the transformation is when she's infuriated, she becomes the demon, Demona, while when she needs it most, she becomes the angel, Angela. Sonic is shocked, but tries his best to hide it. The two get thier strength back and a note flies out of nowhere. Sydney read it. "You hedgehogs better bring the last Choas Emerald or else! Bring it to this location: Skyrock Cave. -Dr.Eggman" Sydney knows the place of the Skyrock. She said it's a huge rock that points up towards the sky. The point where you start climbing is called Skyrock Cave. Sonic doesn't know where the last Chaos Emerald is, but Sydney reaches into her backpack and showed the emerald Shadow gave them. Sonic completely forgot about it. The duo then set off to Skyrock Cave.

Once they reached Skyrock Cave, Sonic was scared, because if they were flung back, they would land in the ocean. Sydney teases him, saying he was a scardy-cat,which Sonic protested saying he was a hedgehog, not a cat. When they entered the cave, Sydney had a bad feeling, but she tried to be brave. The two heard Eggman's voice, but they didn't see him. All of a sudden, Sydney got knocked out. Before Sonic could do anything, he got knocked out, too.

The two regained conciousness in Eggman's airship.They were in a cell with chains around thier ankles. In front of them(outside the cell) were the seven Chaos Emeralds. Sydney was astonished. She never saw anything like this before in her life. But again, before Sonic could explain what the emeralds are, they were knocked out again. This time, they were chained up with the Chaos Emeralds surrounding them. Eggman then appeared and Sydney complained to him for whacking them in the back of the head. Eggman, ignoring her, explains that the emeralds are connected to the two hedgehogs, and that kind of power can make someone invincible. Sonic, changing the subject, asks why he needed Tails. Eggman explains that he tried to get some answers out of him. He wanted to know what is the secret to getting the Chaos Emeralds' true power. However, Tails refused to co-operate, and Eggman threw him in a cell. He then threatened them if they don't use the Chaos Emeralds', he'll make them. Sonic refused, and so did Sydney. Eggman then pushed a button. and lasers pointed all around them. Sydney was freaking out. Then the lasers fired an electric laser that caused pain to Sonic and Sydney. Sonic told Sydney to resist it, and eventually the lasers will cut through the chains. Sonic's plan worked, but the duo fell to the ground, exhausted and hurt. Sydney tried to convinced Sonic to use the emeralds, but he refused to let Eggman have power. However, Tails was watching the whole thing, and told them that thier hearts must be united. They two were on the edge of fainting, however, but that seemed to unite thier hearts, for they both have the same intention to stop Eggman, and would sacrifice everything they had to stop him. They transformed into Super Sonic and Super Sydney, and were able to take out a whole army of robots. All that was left was Eggman.

However, Eggman had one more robot left; Metal Sonic. Sydney was confused as to why Eggman would create a copy of Sonic. The hedgehogs fought Metal Sonic, but he was harder to beat than they thought. Sydney said that she can't take much more of the fight, but still fights hard. Finally, after performing a combo super blast, Metal Sonic was defeated. Eggman left, not kowing the ship was still on auto-pilot. Still in super form, they freed Tails and left the ship. Then Sonic and Sydney blasted the ship so it wouldn't crash into civilization. They all hovered down and out of super form. Sydney was drained of her power since it was her first time in a super form.

Sonic Destiny 2: Metal Sonic's Rise

Sydney is on Angel Island fighting with Knuckles. He keeps attacking and lands a hit. However, Sydney's fighting skills have improved since the last game, and she defeats Knuckles with ease. He says that he won't let anyone steal the Master Emerald, but Sydney just laughs and says she never wanted to steal it, but she just wanted to ask him how to get off the island. Knuckles asked how she got there, and Sydney replies that she got whacked in the back of the head and she woke up in a clearing. Knuckles has no clue, but he tells her that there is a way down, put she has to jump. Sydney froze with fear, but jumps anyway, only to be caught be the Tornado. After landing, Tails explains that he can't find Sonic, and Sydney replies that he could be anywhere. Sonic then walks out of the bushes, saying that he just grabbed a bite to eat and then he went looking for Tails, saying he saw some supisous activity from Eggman's old base that he blew up in Mystic Ruins. The trio head over there to find out the place was taken over by Metal Sonic. Then, some old robot designs walk out of a secret entrance and attacked. After successfully beating them, a security drone watched the whole thing, and went to report to Metal Sonic.

Meanwhile, the team comes up with a plan to sneak in and stop Metal Sonic from taking over the world. However, the door will only open with a secret phrase, which Sydney says is cliche', even for a tough robot. Tails couln't crack the code, so Knuckles appears and tells them that he knows the phrase, but Sydney has to finish thier fight. Sydney reluctantly agrees and beats Knucles easily. He then tells the group the phrase is, "STHM". After Sonic recited it, the three thank Knuckles and enter the facility. They see old, broken, rusted robots locked away. Then it turns pitch-black, and the group are attacked by robots. Unable to see, the group is defeated and are brought to Metal Sonic with thier hands in shackles. Metal Sonic explains how Eggman always throws away robots, and they are left to rust. Metal Sonic gathered all these robots and is creating a robot army to take over the world with. He created a machine that transforms living creatures into robots, also known the Roboticizer. Metal Sonic is about to test it on Sonic, Sydney, and Tails, when the facility starts to shake. A warning siren says to evacuate, and the robots leave the trio for dead. Tails is able to cut the rope with a sharp edge, and he unties the others with a sharp, broken piece of metal. The three then leave in the nick of time before the facility explodes. The group dicuss how Metal Sonic was revived. Sonic points out only Eggman would know. Then they set off to find Eggman.

The group finds Eggman repairing some machines when they tell him about Metal Sonic. Eggman says he had no idea about Metal Sonic. He exclaims that twelve robots are behind them, then he throws an orb on the ground, which releases a gas that makes the group fall asleep. They wake up in a cell, which Eggman reveals he revived Metal Sonic to destroy Sonic and Sydney, and he wanted to use a robot army to rule the world. After explaining that Metal Sonic is now invincible, he releases Sonic and Sydney to battle Metal Sonic.

However, Metal Sonic is invincible, and manages to defeat both Sonic and Sydney. Sydney gets infuriated once more, and transforms into Demon Sydney, who is under the complete control of a crazed she-demon named Demona. She attacks relentlessly, and defeats Metal Sonic. However, she also attacks Sonic. Sonic, freaking out, yells at her saying what's wrong with her. Demona explains that sometimes, the enities that can transform her into the different forms can take over her entire free will. After taking another swipe at Sonic, Demona explains something about power, and that power is the true key to the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman is laughing in the background as Sonic is helpless because he deosn't want to hurt his friend. Sonic keeps trying to reach Sydney's will, trying to see if her soul can win over the demon's soul. The she-demon says that it's no use trying to stop her. However, Demona froze, and she reverted back to Sydney, who fell on the ground soon after. Sydney was okay, but Metal Sonic saw this as a time to strike. However, Sonic pushed her out of the way and took the blow. As Metal Sonic was about to deliver the final blow, Sydney tackled him and, since they were in an airship, flung him off the edge, along with herself.

Sonic could only watch helplessly as his friend fell, however she transformed into Angel form, and she was able to survive, while Metal Sonic fell, but was resued by security drones. She flew up back to the ship, and she landed next to Sonic. Eggman tried to flee, but Sydney shot an arrow at his Egg Moblie, making it malfuntion, and Sonic spin-dashed into the hovercraft, making it fall. Eggman then decides to run for his life while Sydney and Sonic just stand there, laughing at Eggman. Afterwards, Sonic, Sydney, and Tails all leave the ship, while Knuckles wants to know what happened, for he saw Sydney and Metal Sonic fall from the Egg Flier. The game ends with Sonic, Tails, and Sydney explaining what happened.

Sonic Side Stories

This game is about different characters' stories, some boring, some strange, some epic. Sydney has a role in one called, "Saving the Life of a Friend." Most of it is cutscenes, and there are mini hub worlds that you can explore. There are also diiferent levels from swimming to the bottem of the ocean for a rescue mission, to fighting security drones to protect a friend.

It starts out with Sonic and Tails at the harbor. Sonic was telling Tails that there was a Chaos Emerald at the bottem of the ocean. With Sonic's fear of water, he couldn't go down there to get it. The two friends said goodbye to each other, and Sonic ran off. Tails, however, wanted to get the Chaos Emerald himself. When jumped into the water, with Sonic watching from behind a building (he heard Tails muttering to himself). Sonic then ran off again. Tails, meanwhile, saw a submarine that belonged to Eggman. The submarine got to the emerald first, but Tails attempted to get it himself. However, it was too late, and the submarine was gone. When Tails tried to swim up to get air, the seaweed wrapped itself around Tails' tails, restricting Tails from reaching the surface of the water. Eventually, he lost a lot of air, and became unconsious, almost drowning.

Meanwhile, Sonic was returing to the harbor with some things. Sydney and Knuckles were with him. Sydney was tellinga story from her days as a human. They saw bubbles on the surface of the water. which disappeared soon after. Sonic, remembering he saw Tails jump into the water, panicked at the thought that his best friend is drowining. Sydney took action and leaped into the water to rescue him. She slashed the seaweed with her nails, and she swam as fast as she could up to the surface. She put Tails down on the harbor, with sailors surrounding them. Sydney snapped at them, telling them to beat it, and they left, curious. Tails stirred softly, indicating he was still alive, much to everyone's relief. Sydney rumaged through Sonic things he bought at the store, and pulled out some medicene. She said it wasn't enough to heal Tails, so she sent Sonic and Knuckles to get her more medicene. When they ran off, Tails woke up.

He asked where he was and what happened. As Sydney explained his near-death experiance, she saw his eyes get heavier and heavier. She felt his forehead and told him he had a fever. Tails tried to get up, but Sydney told him to relax, saying moving will only make it worse. She gave him so herbs to eat, saying he'll feel better later. However, the herb is bitter, and Tails pops up in disgust, but after complaining his head hurt, he fell asleep right there in the harbor. Sydney then took him to her house. She put the sleeping Tails on her couch and put a blanket on him. Then she started to prepare some soup for the both of them after he woke up.

Unknown to Sydney, Sonic and Knuckles were attacked by security drones and imprisoned by Eggman. After that, Cream comes barging in Sydney's house, scaring her. As Sydney recovered from her shock, Tails' eyes opened to slits. Then Cream screamed that Sonic and Knuckles were missing. She runs to Eggman's base to see Sonic and Knuckles' hands tied up. Eggman then explains that since Tails' IQ rivals his, he's going to drain his brain of all his knowlage and memories; including his memories of his friends. Sydney was up in the ducts (which were very roomy) and heard everything. She then decided to protect Tails no matter what the cost.

Later, security drones arrive at Sydney's household, saying they were under arrest. Since Sydney told Tails about what Eggman was going to do, she ordered him to run upstairs, saying that the drones were after Tails, not her. Tails obeys and before he runs upstairs, he silently tells her to be careful. Then the drones broke in. Sydney was heavily outnumbered, and Tails was watching the whole thing from a break in the boards on the ceiling. He was worried, but he stayed upstairs. Then, Sydney was tackled by a drone, and she crashed into her cabinet, spilling food everywhere, and knocking her out cold, or so it seems. Tails ran downstairs, and was able to fight off the robots (mostly because Sydney wore them out). Then, Sydney got up in shock that Tails could defeat all those robots in his state. Then the two run off to save Sonic and Knuckles.

When they entered Eggman's base, They saw Sonic being interrigated by a robot. They kept yelling at each other relentlessly, and Sydney shot it with a arrow. Sonic was surprised, but he was happy that Tails was alright. Then an alarm went off, but the three were already searching for Knuckles. When they found him, he was tied up. After releasing him, the four ran for a exit. Making it out alive, Tails' fever started to flare up again. Sydney offered to take him home to Tails' workshop, and Sonic and Knuckles were talking saying they (Sydney and Tails) liked each other. Sydney and Tails, hearing this, blushed and got angry at Sonic and Knuckles for "even bringing that up!" Sydney, at her age, doesn't want to even consider a relationship, while Tails seemed to have developed a small crush.

New Genesis

Sydney will play a role in New Genesis, being a love interest for Tails, and being a little sister figure for Rayla Lynx.

Relationships with Other Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a good friend of Sydney's. When Sydney is on an adventure, Sonic is normally related to it. Sonic wasn't so sure that Sydney could handle trying to beat Eggman, she proved him wrong by sticking with him through it all. Sonic has respect for Sydney, and understands that she can't control herself when Demona takes over. He treats her like a sister, but they don't have a close relationship like Soniic and Tails do.

In Sonic Blast, however, Sydney is major rivals with Sonic at first. She blamed him for her transformation, and she attacked Sonic the first time she saw him. however, thier just friendly rivals now. Like Sonic and Knuckles, the two fight sometimes, but they normally stop after a while.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is a great friend of Sydney. Unknown to her, Tails seemed to have devoloped a small crush on her. Sydney also has a liking to him, but not in the games. Sydney saved Tails from drowning, in both games and comics(that her creator made). Normally, she is seen next to him most of the time. She respects him a lot, and she shares his young personality. She also helps him in creating his machines and weapons, even though she doesn't know what she's doing half the time. She just has to listen to Tails' instructions.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knnuckles is a friendly rival in Sydney's eyes. When they fought on Angel Island, Sydney easily beat Knuckles, who thought that she was going to steal the Master Emerald. After that, they apoligized to each other, and they parted ways. Knuckles isn't hostile towards Sydney anymore after the fight. However, every time Sonic and Knuckles fight, Sydney does a facepalm, showing that she doesn't want them to fight.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sydney is not fond of Shadow at all. She will work with him if the world is at stake, but other than that, she still holds a grudge against him for using Chaos Control during thier first battle. Shadow doesn't like her, either, thinking she will turn on them at any minute. They hold no respect for each other, and they will try to avoid each other at all costs.

Kristen the Tiger

When Sydney was a human, she and Kristen were best friends. They haven't seen each other since Sydney's transformation. When Kristen was transformed, Sydney went to rescue her. They are best firends, and they work well together really well. They will fight each other if nessesary, though. They are both crazy, and they have the same defects when they get infuriated.


Angela is Sydney's mentor, who occasionally possess Sydney in times of danger. They share a good relationship. Although Angela's form is a human, she perfers the form of a blue-gray, winged wolf. Sometimes she can separate this wolf form from Sydney so the two of them can communicate.

Interactions With Other Characters


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (great friend)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (good friend)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (also rival)
  • Kristen the Tiger (best friend)
  • Aries (Sonic Starlight)
  • Virgo (Sonic Starlight)
  • Leo (Sonc Starlight)
  • Angela (mentor)


  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles the Echidna (friendly rival)
  • Rouge the Bat


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Metal Sonic
  • Taurus (Sonic Starlight)
  • Demona (arch-enemy)


"What? HA! You think I'm after a gigantic gem? You must be mal de la cabeza! I just need to know how to get off this floating island!" - Sydney after Knuckles tells her that no one will steal the Master Emerald

"Okay, you smacked us in the back of the head, we get it!"- Sydney after Eggman starts to talk in Sonic Destiny

"I knew I'd have to tell someone eventually."- Sydney beginning her story of her past

Super Sydney: "Sonic, I don't know if I can take much more of this!"

Super Sonic: "Just hang in there! I think we almost got him beat!"

Super Sydney: " Whatever you say! " - Super Sydney talking with Super Sonic in the battle with Metal Sonic in Sonic Destiny

"Huh? Oh! I'm sorry. Did you want to pick some fruit? I didn't realize that anyone else would be here." - Sydney's first words to Sonic and Tails when they first met.

"You don't get it, do you? I would be home with my friends and family if it weren't for you. I woudn't be this if it weren't for you. If you hadn't come to this part of the world, we wouldn't be fighting to the death. Don't you get it? You ruined my life Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sydney screaming at Sonic in Sonic Blast.

"I don't get can I read this? This is ancient stuff, written in another language entirely, and I'm from the twenty-first century! Honestly, I don't even understand what any of this means..." Sydney wondering how she can read the text in Virgo's diary in Sonic Starlight

"Good lord, you're a baka." -One of Sydney's favorite lines.

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